Secrets of the Chambers

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Half Way Around the World

Written By: KAO

4. Dino Storm to the Rescue...
As Katie’s eyes closed and she started to become unconscious, she heard the cold, metal doors open and the dinosaur thing let go off her. She heard fighting and screaming and felt the tight belts around being undone and being lifted into someone’s arm. That was the last she remembered.


“The poor dear,” Tori Hanson sighed, gently patting Katie’s neck and face with a cool, wet washcloth.


“She sure is,” Hayley said.


“Isn’t she a ranger?” Conner asked.


“Yeah, the yellow Time Force ranger, Katie Walker,” Tommy said. Katie groaned, eyes piercing open and her body shooting up into a sitting position.


“Lucas,” she said, hand touching her racing heart. “He’s here. Where’s Lucas?” She looked at Conner. “I thought guys were cute at this time period?”


“Some can be,” Kira said. Conner punched Kira’s arm hard, and Kira rubbed her arm. Katie smacked Conner hard, leaving a bluish, purplish, black hand print on his face.


“Yeah!” Ethan and Trent exclaimed.


Katie got up and went outside, but it was kinda cold. She looked down to find she was in a yellow, slinky, silk nightgown with a golden tint and a matching robe that draped behind her onto the ground. She wrapped herself up in it.


“You okay?” she heard him ask. She smiled brightly, turning around.


“I am now,” she said and kissed him, he kissed back.


“I love you, Katie,” he whispered, forehead touching hers.


“I love you too, Lucas,” she whispered back.

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