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Shooting Star

Written by: Pinkstranger


Billy looked over at her. She was his whole world and she didn’t even know it. He silently cursed himself for never telling her. *Why do I have to be so chicken when it comes to women? Well one woman at least.*

“Look there’s a shooting star!” She exclaimed. She looked back at Billy. She closed her eyes to make a wish. *I wish he would love me the way I love him.* “Billy?”


“Do you ever wish you had a girlfriend?” Billy froze not sure of how to answer that. If he said yes she might try and set him up as she had done before. If he said no she might think… Billy didn’t want to know what she might think.

“Sometimes.” He finally answered. He looked into her eyes. “Mostly I wish I had you.” He finally blurted out.

“You… You like me?” She asked. *I can’t believe this! My wish is coming true!*

“Yes, I have for a long time. I’ve just been to too shy to tell you. Even after you left the team. Did you know none of us were the same after you left?”

“I had heard as much from the others.” She replied.

“You were my heart and soul for the team, I don’t know about the others but you were to me anyway.”

“Oh Billy.” She said as a tear escaped her eye. Billy reached over without thinking and brushed it away. When his fingers touched her check she felt like she was on fire. Sensations rushed through her. As he pulled away she could still feel his hand on her cheek.

He wasn’t going to tell her, but when his fingertips touched her cheek he felt.. Well the best way he could describe it… Electricity.

“Billy? Will you… Will you kiss me?” She asked. He saw her cheek turn bright red. He reached out and put his fingers under her chin. He tilted her face towards his.

“Are you sure?” He asked. She nodded. Billy began closing the gap between their lips. At first he just brushed his lips over hers. Not a real kiss. He just wanted to see what she would do.

A small gasp escaped her throat. He smiled and went back to her lips. He pressed his lips to hers in a small kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss. He even dared to try and explore her mouth with his tongue. He was surprised when she tried to do the same.

They stayed that way for a while until the need for air broke them apart.

“Wow.” They both said. She rested her head on his shoulder and his arm wrapped around her waist as they looked at the stars. “I love you Trini.”

“I love you to Billy.” Trini replied as Billy kissed her forehead. They were finally together and nothing would ever tear them apart.

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