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Watch Over Me

Written by: Pinkstranger

He watched Trini sleep peacefully in the hospital bed. *Why didn’t I drive her home? If I had been driving she wouldn’t be in here right now?* She had insisted that he not leave his party, but when his cell phone rang he left anyway.

He shook his head. When did she become so stubborn? He stood and walked over to the window. They had been dating for nearly three years and he had yet to propose to her. He had been carrying the ring around for five months already.

He watched the lights of the city for a moment before turning back to Trini. To his surprise she was watching him.

“Hey, I thought you were asleep.” He said.

“I was.” She said.

“Well you should get some more sleep.”

“Don’t blame yourself. I was being stubborn, I shouldn’t have been driving in this weather.” She stated. He shook his head.

“No, I knew better than to give you the keys anyway. Now please get some rest. That way you can get out of here faster.” he teased.

“I’ll try.”


“Promises me something.”


“When I fall asleep again, you won’t leave.”

“I’ll never leave you Trini.”

“I know, I just had to hear you say that.”


“Hmmm?” she replied as she closed her eyes again.

“Marry me?”

“What?” she looked up at him again.

“I love you and I want to be with you forever. Please say yes.”

“Of course I will marry you.” She said as tears gathered in her eyes. He took the ring from his pocket. “Been planning this long?”

“Five months.” He grinned as he slipped it on her finger. He bent down and kissed her.

“It’s so gorgeous.” she said admiring the ring.

“Not nearly as pretty as you.” He said. She smiled at that. He sat down in the chair and took her hand again. “I love you Trini.”

“I love you too Zack.” she said as she drifted off to sleep again. Zack sat there watching over his bride-to-be as she slept.

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