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Take Me Back

Written by: Pinkstranger

Tommy stepped off the plane in Florida. He still couldn’t believe he was here. After talking to Kat on the phone he had made up his mind that he was going to get Kimberly back. Kat and Tommy had mutually decided to just be friends after she moved to London. Tommy confided in her the most. Jason might have been his best bro but Kat understood these things a little more than he did.

Kat had told him that she knew he was still in love with Kimberly and that he needed to confront her and tell her that. He needed closure if anything, mostly he needed her.

Tommy walked outside, after finding his suitcase, and hailed for a cab. He knew that Kimberly would be at the gymnastics studio. The cab ride was uncomfortable for Tommy, he never really like riding in cabs. Finally after what seemed like a year, the cab stopped in front of the studio. Tommy had learned from Trini that while Kimberly still participated in the Pan Globals and was an Olympic hopeful, she preferred to teach gymnastics to young children.

Tommy walked inside. The air was cool and comfortable compared to the hot, sticky air from outside. He went over the reception desk. “Excuse me, is Kimberly Hart in today?”

“Yes, she is just finishing her classes for the day. Shall I call her?”

“No, that’s okay. Is it alright if I go see her or does she have to come up front?”

“You may go back once you check in.” the young woman smiled at Tommy. She handed him a clipboard and instructed him to write his name down and who he was visiting. He did that and handed it back to her.

“Is it alright if I leave my suitcase here? I just came from the airport.” Tommy asked.

“Oh sure, just bring it behind the desk. I’ll keep an eye on it.” Tommy did as she said and thanked the young woman again.

Tommy made his way to the gym. He spotted Kimberly on the balance beam and a group of young girls watching her with wide eyes. Kimberly did a back flip off the balance beam and stuck her landing perfectly.

The young girls clapped. “Okay class that is everything for today. I’ll see you all Tuesday. Have a good weekend.” The girls said their good-byes to her and quickly took off to the locker room.

“That was amazing.” Tommy said as he came up behind her. Kimberly didn’t turn around, she knew who it was.

“Hi Tommy.” She said barely above a whisper. She finally found the courage to turn and face him. Her eyes widened. “Thomas Edward Olive! What did you do to your hair?!”

“I cut it.” He stated.

“I can see that! Why?!”

“Needed a change.” he shrugged. “Kimberly, I came here to talk to you.”

“I kind of guessed you would eventually. We didn’t really talk the last time we saw each other.” She replied.

“Kim, why.. Why did you… I mean we were…”

“I know what you want to know Tommy. I wrote the letter because there really was someone else that I wanted to have a try with. Things didn’t work out because I realized that I would never stop loving you. Then I went with Jason back to Angle Grove and I saw you and Kat…”

“I guessed her and me was the reason you didn’t really talk to me.”

“I’m so sorry Tommy, I…”

“No Kim, I’m the one that should be sorry. I let you go without a fight. I guess part of me wanted that too. I wanted a try with Kat.”

“How are things going?”

“We’re just friends now.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be it was mutual. She helped me realize that I still love you.”

“You still… Love me?!”

“Yes, Kim. I always have and I always will.”

“I love you too Tommy!” Kimberly exclaimed. Tommy walked over to her and hugged her. As he let go of her she grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him down to her lips.

“I wanted to do that the last time I saw you.” she grinned. Tommy grinned too. “So where are you staying?”

“I haven’t got a hotel room yet. I came here right away.”
“Good, you can come stay with me and we can ‘talk’ some more.” She said as she pulled him down again.

“I’m so glad to have you back Kim.”

“Good to be back.” Kim replied as they walked out hand in hand.

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