Secrets of the Chambers

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A Love Shrine: Tommy Oliver and Katherine Hillard

This Page is Dedicated to the best couple that ever exsisted! Tommy and Kat!
Not only are they great together, but they are the only couple to be credited as getting married. (Excpet I don't know what to make of Dino Thunder) I just wish that more people would see what a great couple they are.







Kat's been captured by someone from her past. Can the ex-zeo team pull together and rescue her in time? Rated PG-13

Even though there are now five rangers, Mesogog has no intention of backing down, and with Elsa's help, he plans a way to force their hand. And just when things couldn't get anymore complicated, a dear friend of Tommy's unexpectely returns... 
Written by: Ultra Sonic       Rated: PG-

Tommy and Kat spend a night alone and come to some conclusions about their relationship. R!

Sequel to Black Thunder Shadows. The holidays have arrived and Kat with help from Tommy and his students has begun to settle into her new life at Reefside. But with Christmas drawing near, will ashes of love burn once again? PG-13
Written by: Ultra Sonic





Kat and Tommy are the only couple credited to being married in the future.

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