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Under Enemy Fire

Written By: pinkstranger

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Rated PG 13 for Language


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the ranger characters, they all belong to Saban. You know the whole drill. With that said, happy reading.



“Kat! Kat! Are you hearing me?” Aidan Jones said from the front of the conference room. Kat popped her head up to meet Aidan’s deep green eyes.

“Sorry Mr. Jones. I was just thinking about what I was going to do with Jared tonight. Won’t happen again.” Her lovely Australian accent had faded over the last few years. She had lived in London for the last four years with her son Jared. He was her whole life. Jared was three years old now, but his father had yet to see him.

“It’s alright. It’s already five o’clock, so let’s call it a day. Everyone have a good night.” Aidan said to the group seated around the table. “Kat could I just speak with you for a few minutes, please?”

Kat hated talking to the boss alone but she reluctantly agreed. When the room cleared out Aidan closed the door. “Kat I just want to say that I know how hard is for you to see me as president of this branch. I mean I’ve only been here for what a month and you’ve been here for two years. I also know that I have an opening for the vice-presidency in this building. Mr. Dublin was let go for personal reasons with the company. I’ve been looking over all the employees whom headquarters believes are qualified enough. You’re my choice if you want the job.”

Kat was speechless. She just stood there shocked. She finally managed words, “Are you sure you want me? I mean vice president, me?”

“Yes, you.” Aidan laughed.

“You bet Mr. Jones I would love the job. When do I start?”

“Monday and you may call me Aidan.”

“Wow! Thank you so much1 I just can’t believe this is happening.”

“Well, you have a good night Kat and keep up all the good work.” Aidan then left the room. Kat gathered up her stuff and headed for the garage. I can’t believe they choose me! This is the best day of my life! She thought to herself as she unlocked her car. My hard work has finally paid off. Wait till I tell Tanya!


Kat walked into her apartment at six o’clock. “Mommy!” Jared screeched down the hallway. Kat wrapped her arms around her son as he jumped into her arms. “Sarah and I were just playing a game.”

“Oh really, what game is that?” Kat beamed.

“We’re playing power rangers. She’s the evil person and I’m the red ranger!”

“Which red ranger honey?”

“The zeo ranger. I think he is the bestest of them all!”

“Honey he was the best.”

“That’s what I said. He was the bestest of them all!”

“Okay Jared whatever you say.” Kat laughed. Sarah came out of the back room where Jared and her had been playing. Her fiery red hair was down and her deep brown eyes seemed to glow. “Which villain are playing?”

“One you’ve never heard of,” Sarah smiled almost eerily. Kat wondered what was getting into her. She was scary tonight.

“Try me,” Kat challenged.

“Kevaris.” Sarah replied with a slight smirk. Kat’s eyes widened, she knew who Kevaris was. How can Sarah know who he is? Why is she smirking at me that way?

“Jared, go get washed up for dinner.” Kat set Jared down on the ground. He took off for the bathroom.

“I know your dirty little secret Kitten,” Sarah whispered.

“Your not Sarah, I know how you are too.”


“I though you were locked up Kevaris.” Kat sneered.

“I have returned to settle a score and to finally take you as mine.”

“Leave me alone!”

“Face it Kitten your mine!” The fake Sarah transformed into a man just over six foot with dark hair and dangerous ice blue eyes. He moved closer to her. Kat tensed knowing he would try to attack her.

I thought my fighting days were over! That’s why I moved here, to get away from my past and all the evil! How did Kevaris know where to find me?

“Scared yet!?” Kevaris sneered.

“Hardly!” Kat hollered.

“Mommy!” Jared’s voice called from the bathroom. A giant zombie like creature walked out of the bathroom carrying the small boy. Kat knew that the creature was called a dember and that Kevaris had complete control over them.

“Do as I say Katherine or your son dies!”

“You dirty son of a bitch!”

“My, my, my, my. What a mouth you’ve got there Kitten.”

“I’ve got more than that for you Kevaris.”

“Dembers! Take Katherine back to our hideout. Leave the boy!” Dembers surrounded Kat. She knew she couldn’t fight them all off her. She let them capture her. As they lead her away she looked back at her son. He’s brown eyes were wide with fear.

“Jared! Call Aunt Tanya! Tell her it’s time to wake up! Remember Jared ‘time to wake up’!” The dembers lead Kat through a portal she could no longer see her son or her home. Jared was gone.

Please Jared remember what I said to you.


The telephone at Tanya and Adam’s house was ringing off the hook. “Hello?” Tanya answered in a sleepy voice.

Aunt Tanya!”

“Jared, why are you calling us so late? Where’s your mommy?” Tanya asked.

“She was taken away by some monsters. Mommy told me to call you and tell you that ‘it’s time to wake up!’ Yup that what she told me to say. I remembered it just right.”

“Okay Jared. Is there some one with you right now?”

“No I’m all alone.”

“Jared can you go into your room and stay there I’ll get someone to come check on you. Don’t open any doors unless they give you the secret password.”

“Ooooooo. I love playing the password game. What it the password? Wait! I want to pick the password. It’ll be…Mr. Teddy!”

Tanya laughed, Mr. Teddy was Jared favorite stuffed bear. “Okay honey, remember unless they say ‘Mr. Teddy” don’t let them in.”

Okay Aunt Tanya. Bye-bye.”

“Bye Jared.” Tanya hung up the phone. Adam was awake by this point.

“What did Jared want?”

“Kat’s in trouble. She told Jared to tell me that it is time to wake up.” Tanya said. Adam let out a low whistle. Both knew that it was the code to get the rangers back together again.

“I didn’t think Kat would be the one to start the chain, but we have to help her.” Tanya started. “You go to Kat’s place in London and get Jared. Be sure to use the magic password we came up with. It’s ‘Mr. Teddy’ I need you to go there morphed. Jared will be so excited that a power ranger came to help him. I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Okay, I’m on the way.” Adam nodded. He went to their closet and took out a small chest. He opened it and removed his zeonizers. He morphed and teleported to London. Adam landed right in front of Kat’s door.

Adam rang the doorbell. “What’s the magic words?’ Jared meek voice called from behind the big oak door.

“Mr. Teddy!” Adam called out in a chuckle. The door flew open reveling the blonde haired boy.

“Wow! Aunt Tanya got a power ranger to come help me! Not just nay power ranger either, one of the zeo rangers!” Jared exclaimed.

“Come on I’m going to take you to your Aunt Tanya. Just hold my hand.” Adam stretched his hand out to the three year old. Jared took hold of Adam’s gloved hand not knowing that it was his Uncle Adam.

God Kat! What did you get yourself into? I just hope that we can get a few answers before it’s too late for you.


“Okay class, today we’re going to be learning about how to date a fossil. Before any of you wise guys ask, no you don’t just go ask it out.” The class went into a huge uproar. “The dating that I mean is telling how old it is.” Tommy Oliver explained. Before Tommy could say anything more another teacher popped his head inside the door.

“Sorry to intrude, but Dr, Oliver there’s guy down at the main office to see you. He says it’s urgent.”

“Okay then, class I want you to study the worksheet I just handed out to you I’ll be back in just a minute.” Tommy headed down the hallway towards the main office.

Before he even reached the office he could hear who was waiting to see him. “Rocky?!” Rocky jumped at the sound of his name. He turned around and let a huge smile cross his face.

“Well, Hi ya. Long time no see Tommy!”

“What do you want, I’m in the middle of a class.”

“I’m just following order buckaroo. Adam sent me here after you. Seems that the chain has been started.”

“Huh? By who?”

“From what I understand by Jared.”

“Who’s Jared?”

“Kat’s little boy.”

“Kat has a son?”

“Yeah well, I guess that you wouldn’t know being that you never call anyone. Anyway Kat’s in trouble, she was kidnapped right in front of poor little Jared. I’m here to bring you in.”

“Maybe I don’t want to go.” Tommy said flatly. Who am I kidding? I need to be there, this is Kat after all. I have to protect her.

“Sure you don’t, and pigs can fly.” Rocky said sarcastically. “I can see through you. You want to be there for Kat. I can see your still in love with her. I also know that she is still in love with you.”

I can’t believe that she still loves me! This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! “She choose to leave me, why should I still care for her?’

“Tommy stop lying to yourself. You still care about her and I’m sure that you want to be her knight in shinning armor once again.”

“Oh really?” Who has he been talking to? He seems to know what is going through my head right now.

“Tommy if you don’t come by your own free will I’m afraid that I’ll be forced to use a different tactic.”

“What time?”


“But my class!”

“Family emergency! Take care of it now!” Tommy sighed. He couldn’t remember Rocky ever being so pushy or confident.

“I have to leave right away. Something has come up. A family emergency.” He told the secretary.

“No problem Dr. Oliver. I can get a substitute for you. I believe that Mr. Kendall is available at the moment.”

“He’ll do just fine. I’m going to go tell me class and gather up my stuff.”

Tommy walked back to his classroom to find all his students sitting in their seats and reading silently. Kira was the first to notice his return.

“So what was that about Dr. O?”

“I’m leaving for a while class. A family emergency came up and I have to go. Mr. Kendall is on his way.

“Oh man! Not Dr. Kendall!” one the boys in the back groaned. Tommy chuckled to himself. He was like a younger version of Skull. He even had a the chunky friend who could pass for a young Bulk. School really hadn’t changed too much.

Tommy gathered his belongings and headed out the doer. Rocky was waiting for him just outside. “Rocky where’s your car?”

“Um… I didn’t drive.”

“You teleported?!”

“Hey! It’s an emergency Tommy! Or should I say Dr.!”

“That’s not fair Rocky, I worked hard to get that title. Don’t you dare make fun of it!”

“When did you get to be so mean to your friends Tommy?”

“I’m still nice, since when did you get to be so pushy and cocky?”

“When I finished law school.”

The two men walked to Tommy’s black jeep silently. It’s been too many years, everyone has changed. Including me. I wonder who Kat is with now. She would never have a child without a father.


Tommy pulled up in front of his house. Rocky followed him inside. Tommy sat down at the computer terminal and began typing in something.

“I just wanted to let you guys know the real reason I had to leave town. When the zeo rangers went our separate ways we decided that we might be needed once more. We came up with a special code. When this code was used it meant that we had big trouble and that only the zeo rangers could fix it. The code has been started. Katherine, the pink ranger, was kidnapped. Her son sent the code unknowingly to Tanya. I don’t know when I will return, but I will keep you guys posted as I get further information. I’ll be in Angel Grove. Remember, not a word to anyone.” Tommy uttered into a microphone. Rocky guessed he was making a recording for someone, but for whom he didn’t know.

“You about done there Tommy?” Rocky questioned.


“Then we should get going. Where are you hiding your zeonizer?”

“I kept it in the lair, follow me.” Tommy lead Rocky through a door leading to what seemed like a basement. Tommy placed his hand on a strange table and the wall opened up reveling a cave. Rocky noticed all the equipment, most of which was the same as what used to be in the command center.

“Tommy, your not done rangering yet are you?”

“How could you tell?”
“Most of this equipment is the same as what was in the command center. So I guessed you’re either trying to still be a ranger or your mentoring a new team.

“Actually it’s both. I started a new team. I meant to be the mentor, but things heated up and I stepped in as the black ranger.”

“I knew you would never be done. I guess Kat saw that too, but just later than the rest of us.” Rocky mumbled. He hadn’t meant for Tommy to hear it but Tommy did.

“What the hell does that mean Rocky?!”

“I didn’t mean anything by it, it’s just that… well… I’ve heard the girls talk about you. Kat said that she finally woke up and saw that you would never be over the powers. She said that you would never settle down because there will always be evil. She thinks that your going to end up killing yourself the same as Zordon. You’re trying so hard to be just like him and all of us worry about you. Kat always hoped you’d trust the new teams to take on the bad guys and that you’d come home to her, to your son.”

Tommy gasped at the last sentence. “My son?!” Tommy spat out.

“Yes Jared is your son Tommy. After Kat realized that you’d never come back she made us all promise to not say anything to you. She didn’t want to force you into anything. She said that if you came home she’d tell you, but you never did.”

“I have a son,” Tommy whispered to himself. He couldn’t get over it. “He’s have to be three or a little over three, right.”

“He turned three last month. June 14th to be exact.”

“What’s his full name?”

“Jared Thomas Hillard.”

“Kat used my name!” Tommy choked out.

“Yes, now Tommy we really have to get going.” Rocky pointed to his zeonizer. Tommy knew that it meant to hurry up and find his.

Tommy quickly retrieved his zeonizers from the closet. He strapped them on and walked over to Rocky. “Okay, lets go.” The two men teleported out of the lair right into Tanya and Adam’s living room.

“Well, well look what the ape drug in!” Adam laughed. “Long time no see Tommy, or do you go by Dr. Oliver now?”

“It’s still Tommy, anyway what’s going on? Rocky showed up at my class and said Kat was in trouble and that my son started the chain.”

Your son?! Rocky you told him?!” Tanya gasped. Rocky silently shrugged.

“It slipped. He asked me about Jared and I accidentally said it. “

“I would have found out sooner or later. Why didn’t anyone tell me? I would have been back here so fast.” Tommy huffed.

“Kat wanted you to come home on your own. She didn’t want to be responsible for you never fulfilling your dreams. She didn’t want it to be the reason you two weren’t happy in the future.” Adam explained.

“My dream had been to settle down and have a family with Kat. I would have been there if I had known.”

“That’s just it! You didn’t know because you were gone and you never came back!” Rocky interrupted.

“Kat told me it was over. She was tired of waiting for me.”

“Bingo! Kat didn’t want to spend the rest of her life waiting for you to be ready to settle down. She moved on in her life, but had to deal with a child. She didn’t tell you because you didn’t even come back for her.” Tanya finished. Tommy understood something that he had been trying to figure out for the last four years. He knew now that it was his fault Katherine left him.

“I’m such an idiot!” Tommy sank down into the chair he was standing in front of. “Where’s Jared now?”

“Upstairs asleep. The poor boy has been through so much.” Adam replied.

“Can I see him, please?” Tommy pleaded. “Just peek in the room and then when he’s awake I want to talk to him.”

“That’s fine with me,” Tanya agreed. Adam showed Tommy to the room where Jared was staying. Tommy opened the door expecting to hear heavy breathing, but instead he heard sobbing. Tommy threw open the door to see a little blonde haired boy sitting up on the bed with his face buried in his knees.

“What’s wrong buddy?” Tommy asked as he sat down next to his son. The boy looked up at him. Tommy felt his breath catch in his throat. Jared looked just like him, except for the blonde hair. This was defiantly his son. The boy must have noticed the resemblance too, he stared at Tommy like he was seeing a ghost.

“Are you my daddy?” Jared whispered.

“Yes,” Tommy barley managed to say. Jared was so confident in himself to just ask a complete stranger a question like that.

“I saw you in my dreams. Mommy said I was silly, but I saw you in my dreams and you acted just like a daddy to me.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you before, but I promise to be a daddy to you from now on.”

“Yes! I have a daddy!” Jared threw his hands up in the air rejoicing. “Daddy?”

“Yeah buddy?”

“Are you going to save my mommy?”

“Yes.” Of course I’m going to save Kat. I need to fix this thing with our son.

“You’re a power ranger. I know you are, I saw that in my dreams too. Not just any power ranger either. You’re the red zeo ranger. The bestest of them all.” Jared stated without looking up from the floor. “I also know that mommy is the pink ranger, Aunt Tanya is the yellow, Uncle Rocky is the blue and Uncle Adam is the green.”

“How do you know all that?”

“A man in my dreams told me everything. Mommy told me that I was just being silly, But when I told her the man’s name she got a funny look on her face.”

“What was the man’s name Jared?”


Tommy stood up and sighed. “Jared I think you need to get some sleep. Don’t worry about mommy, I’ll save her.”

“Okay.” Jared curled up on the pillow and pulled the covers up to his chin. Tommy leaned down and kissed his forehead.

“Love you buddy.”

“Love you daddy.”

Tommy walked back to the living room. The others all stared at him. “Well he knew who I was, but he also knew about the rangers.”

“He’s always been interested in the pow…” Adam started.

“No! He knew that I am the red zeo ranger. He also knows about all of you and Kat. He said that a man came to him in dreams and told him all this stuff. He kept saying that Kat said he was just being silly, but then he told me who was telling him these things. He said it was Zordon.” The room fell silent. Jared had known their biggest secret all along. Why did Zordon tell such a young child?


“Well, Kitten. You’ve grown up since our last meeting, but I promise you that I have too. I intend to make you my bride and you’ll gladly say ‘I do’.” Kevaris sneered. Kat shuddered. He was too scary, she would never gladly marry him. Her heart belonged to one man, though she dare not admit it to anyone. She knew that she was still in love with Tommy.

“Think again Kevaris. I will never marry you!”

“You’re the one who is mistaken. I think you won’t be able to resist me!” Kevaris’ dembers grabbed Katherine from behind and pulled her into a chair. They strapped down her arms and legs. She was trapped. Kevaris walked toward her with an injection needle in his hand. “This, Katherine, will turn you into my slave. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to function as now, but you’ll be under my control. You won’t remember your son or your heart throb Tommy.

“No!” Katherine cried out as the needle slid under her delicate skin. She felt the whole world spinning. Her thoughts clouded up and her sight became blurry. I have to fight this. I won’t give in to Kevaris! I can’t… She never got to finish the sentence to herself. Her body shut down. She had lost her fight.

“Oh, I forgot to mention the temporary pain and then the complete shut down.” Kevaris laughed. Kat had no breath, no pulse, no life. She was nothing but a body. “It only lasts for three days then you’ll come back just as I said you would.”

The dembers took Katherine’s body to another room. The room looked more like a cave with a table in the middle of it. Katherine was placed on the table and then a pink silk sheet was placed over the top of her. This would be her “tomb” for now, until the time for her to rise came.