Secrets of the Chambers

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Black Thunder Shadows

Written by: Ultra Sonic
Rated: PG-13

Chapter 1-Power Reflections

You know there’s something you need

Right here and now

To fill the space inside of yourself…

The compulsion to count the percentage of time

Spent between two lovers

Can turn an hour into a crime

And all the good times suffer

Though you know it’s only jealousy

You can’t help but be

Haunted by your passion

Possession Obsession

Performed by Hall & Oates

From the album Big Bam Boom


O.K. Well, it’s now 8:31, so let’s check on that early morning traffic, Linda...?”

The radio buzzed on some of the cars’ radios as the traffic moved down the interstate. It was still a little early in the morning, and the morning rush hour was in full force. However, at the same time it was running smoothly enough that there wasn’t any bumper-to-bumper traffic and fortunately, to one young, blond-haired woman of 27, the traffic was just perfect.

It’s steady, yet moving slowly. She thought as she looked out the bus window towards a passing sign that said REEFSIDE: 3 miles. She then rummaged through her backpack and pulled out a folder that had a stickie note attached to it.

Cosmos Dance Academy

301 Jackson Blvd.

Reefside, CA 94546

Katherine Hilliard smiled to herself. Teaching dance was actually a new venture for her. For the past 9 years she had been performing in many numerous plays, musicals, and many other productions. She even had the chance to be a choreographer for a Beauty and the Beast play at one of London’s theatre’s last year, which had been a child’s dream come true for her.

In fact, it was that experience that made her realize that she did have a natural teaching ability and would make a great dance teacher. It was also around this time that she had begun to consider moving back to the U.S., or more specifically, California. As much as she had enjoyed being at the Royal Academy all these years, California did hold many memories for her; some good, some sad. Plus, there was something in the back of her mind that had been nagging at her for quite some time now. Kat couldn’t put her finger on it, but it was as if a little voice in her mind was telling her that she might be making the right choice if she went back to California. Kat always was one to trust her instincts, and seeing as how she was considering moving back to the states, she decided to go with it and began mailing resumes to several dance schools in California to see if there was a teaching position available.

For a while since she sent the resumes she hadn’t gotten back any responses. However, a few weeks later she had received a letter from a dance school in Reefside called Cosmos that had an assisting teacher position available and was wondering if she would like to schedule an interview with them. Kat had said yes and notified her fellow co-dancers, some of which she had formed friendships with, that she had finally received a response from a dance school in America for her to teach, thus meaning it was time for her to leave. Her friends were sad to see her go, but they supported her decision and wished her the best of luck, telling her that if she ever chose to return, she would be welcome.

By the time she had received the acceptance letter, Kat had already packed half of her things and kept the other half unpacked in case nothing happened. Right after she received the letter she then packed the rest of her stuff, and headed out on her scheduled flight to California, which fortunately, was two days later. Unfortunately the airport at Reefside was still under construction so the airport closest to Reefside was Mariner Bay International Airport. It was still a long ways away from Reefside, but compared to other airports, it was as close as you could get. Once Kat got off the plane she then took an express bus that would take her to Reefside.

So far, the ride there had had been quite pleasant, with an occasional stop at restrooms and 7-Elevens, but in all, quite placid.

Kat then put the folder with the stickie back in her backpack and pulled out her scrapbook, even though she knew it wouldn’t be long before she got to Reefside.

Still, there’s no harm in killing time somehow. She thought as she opened it. Since she was a little girl, Kat had gotten to work on a scrapbook that had all of her most treasured memories in all kinds of media: photos, notes, drawings, anything that she liked she put in. Even when it looked full, Kat would always find a way to add a new page to it and put new memoirs on it. In a way, the scrapbook was like a timeline to her, a timeline that gave her a sense of continuity between who she was now and the wise old woman she might become.

As she flipped through some pages she then came to a photo of a young man with long brown hair leaning against a tree smiling at the camera. Next to it was another picture of the same young man with Kat leaning on his shoulder.

Kat sighed. Even though she hadn’t seen Tommy in nine years there wasn’t a day that went by that she didn’t think of him, even though it was less frequently. There would be times that, before she would go to sleep, she would reflect on the times she and Tommy had together. Granted, they weren’t as long as she had wished, for they had only been dating for several months before they would pass on their powers and then go their separate ways. Leaving for London was the hardest thing she had to do, but Tommy had said to her that she would be giving up an incredible opportunity if she didn’t go. After she spent what felt like hours locked in Tommy’s arms she had reluctantly went on the plane to London. For a long time after that, she would always wonder if all she really did was turn her back on the one thing in her life she treasured the most.

C’ mon, Kat. Get a hold of yourself. That was years ago. She thought. Besides, you haven’t spoken to him in almost ten years. You don’t even know where he is or what he’s even doing.

The bus then began to slow down a bit as it turned from the interstate highway onto a regular highway. Kat then looked out the window and saw a sign that said REEFSIDE CITY LIMITS pass her by.

In no time at all the bus arrived at the station and everyone began to disembark. Kat picked up her backpack along with her other bag and did the same.

Still...I wonder what he’s doing...and if he’s happy...

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