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Cotton Candy

Written by: Pinkstranger

Laughter rung through the air at the local carnival. Everyone was in a good mood. All the ex-rangers had their special someone in their arms. Except for two of them. Jason looked longingly at the couples. Life just wasn’t fair, why couldn’t he have the girl of his dreams.

He quickly glanced over at her. He dark brown eyes shinning. He sighed, she would never be his.

“Hey anyone want to ride the roller coaster with me?” Rocky asked. Kat’s eyes sparkled.

“Tommy and I will go with you.” She volunteered. Tommy didn’t seem like he minded at all. He did almost anything Kat wanted to do anyway.

“We’re in.” Adam said after discussing it over with Tanya.

“Rocky if your going, you know I am going.” Aisha said taking Rocky’s hand.

“Any need to ask us?” Angela spoke for her and Zack. Zack nodded his head agreeing to go.

“I know I’m not one to enjoy such frightening rides, but Kim wants to go, so I will go too.” Billy quipped in. Everyone was still surprised to see Kimberly and Billy as a couple.

“I’m don’t feel like it bro. Go have fun.” Jason replied as he sat down on a bench. He was surprised to see her come and sit next to him.

“I don’t feel like going either.” She said smiling back at Jason. The others said good-bye and went to get on the roller coaster.

“Would you like some cotton candy?” Jason asked. She agreed and they walked to the snack bar together.

“Jason, can we split one. I can’t eat a whole thing alone.”

“Sure, whatever you want Trini.” Jason said. Trini grinned as Jason purchased the candy. They walked back to the bench they were sitting at earlier.

“I love cotton candy.” Trini said as she stuck a piece in her mouth. Jason watched happily as she licked the sticky candy off her fingers. “What?” Trini asked as she noticed the grin on Jason’s face.

“Nothing, you just look so cute when you eat cotton candy.” Jason said. He wanted to tell her that she looked cute all the time, but he chickened out.

“Well, you look cute with some stuck to your chin like that.” Trini laughed. Before Jason could move to get rid of it she reached over and wiped the strand of candy off his chin.

Jason felt like his skin was on fire. Without thinking Jason reached up and took her hand in his. Trini smiled as she realized he was leaning closer to her.

“Trini, may I kiss you?” Jason asked. Trini nodded her head. Jason pressed his lips to hers. The kiss was brief but electrifying.

“Mmmm. You taste like cotton candy.” Trini replied. Jason smiled.



“Would you like to go… I don’t know… On a date with me?”

“Yes!” Trini responded without hesitation.

“Great.” Jason sighed. “I’ve wanted to ask you out for so long.”

“I know. Zack told me that you liked me.”

“He did.”

“Yeah. He never told you that I like you?”

“No. I guess he can keep some secrets.”

“Hey, I can keep secrets.” Zack said as the others walked back up to the new couple.

“Yeah, there is one that I know you will never tell.” Trini said. The others smiled knowing what she meant.

“I was wondering how long it would take for you two to get together.” Kimberly said. “Trini has liked you since junior high.”

“You have?” Jason asked.

“Yes,” Trini said as she blushed.

“Hey, Tommy. Can we get some cotton candy too?” Kat asked as she noticed the snack in Jason’s hand.

“Sure kitten, whatever you want.” Tommy replied as he wrapped an arm around Kat and lead her to the snack bar.

“Well, Jason care to share some more ‘cotton candy’ with me?” Trini laughed. Jason grinned as he kissed her again.

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