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Written By: Pinkstranger

He hit the mat hard. He shook his head as he pushed himself back up. “Point!” Jason called out.

*She won’t win this match. I won’t loose to a girl.* Before he could make another move Trini took him down again.

“Point, that’s end. Trini wins.” Jason called out again. “Great job Trini.”

“Thanks Jason.” she smiled. She walked over to the man on the mat. “Here.” She said as she stretched out her hand to help him up. He looked a bit embarrassed as he accepted her hand. He glanced at her smiling face. Why hadn’t he notice how pretty she was before. “You know you should learn that it is okay to be beaten by a girl. I may have won this match but you may win the next. You don’t have to be the best all the time.”

“I knew that, but it’s just I haven’t been beaten by just one girl ever before. I’ve been beaten by a couple teamed against me.”

“Not all girls are weak little things that can’t fight for themselves.” She spoke with a tiny hit of harshness. She was obviously making a point about something.

“I know that…”

“No you don’t!” She said shaking her head. “You have been doing that for a long time, even toward the end of your ranger years?”

“I didn’t mean…”

“I know, you didn’t mean for it to seem that way. You just couldn’t help but want to protect all the girls.”

“Yeah.” He stared into her dark brown eyes. Why wondered yet again why he hadn’t noticed before how pretty she was. He eyes seemed to be sparkling like stars in the night sky. He glanced down at her lips. Why did he have the sudden urge to claim those lips as his own. “Trini… I was wondering if maybe… well maybe you wanted to go to dinner sometime?”

“Dinner? Me and you?”

“Yeah, I mean I owe you, you did win. I was thinking that I could take you to dinner.”

“Oh. You want to take me to dinner for winning.” He thought it might have been his imagination but he saw disappointment in her eyes. “Sure dinner would be good.”

“Okay, I’ll pick you up at six. Does that work for you?”

“Yeah, six it is.” She smiled. Somehow he knew it wasn’t a genuine smile.

“Great, I’m gonna go shower. Thanks for the match see ya later.” He smiled as he walked off to the locker room. Kimberly left Jason’s side and walked over to Trini.

“I know you like him.” She said straight out. Trini looked down at her smaller friend in surprise. “It’s oh so obvious. Why don’t you tell him tonight?”

“He doesn’t like me that way.” She sighed.

“You might be surprised. I’ve known him longer than you and I can tell he is trying hard to hide something. I think he is hiding his feelings for you.”

“Why… Why would he hide them?”

“Because he doesn’t think you like him.”

“Are you sure?” Trini asked.

“I’m not sure of his feelings, but I know he is hiding something and he only does that when you are around.” Kimberly smiled. “I’ll help you get ready for the dinner date tonight. You’ll wow his socks off.” She giggled. The girls took off to go do some shopping before six.

Kimberly stepped back from Trini. She looked gorgeous. Kimberly had fixed her hair so that it was all pulled up and partially hanging down and curled into ringlets. “He’s gonna be speechless.” Kimberly commented. Trini looked at herself in the mirror.

“I sure hope so.” She smiled. The doorbell rang. “Oh my, he’s early.”

“He must really like you. He wasn’t ever on time for me.” She teased. “I’ll get the door so you can make an entrance.” Kimberly took off to answer the door.

She opened the door to see him standing there. “Kim, what are you doing here?”

“I was talking to Trini while she got ready. Come on in Trini was just finishing getting ready.” She stepped aside and let him in. “You’re early for once in your life Tommy.”

Tommy shrugged. “I know Trini had always been very punctual. I didn’t want to make her change her ways for me.”

“You like her don’t you.”

“Sure I do, she’s one my best friends.”

“I mean you like her.”

“Wha.. How did you… Why do you say that?”

“I saw the way you looked at her after she beat you today.”

“Oh. Does she know?”

“You’d be surprised at what she has to say about that.”

“Say about what?” Trini asked as she entered the room. Tommy turned to look at her. His eyes grew wide.

“Trini, you look… Just wow!” Tommy gushed unable to complete a sentence.

“Just wow? How come you never said that to me?” Kimberly teased. Trini blushed slightly.

“So what were you two talking about?” Trini wanted to know. Kimberly giggled.

“Go ahead and tell her Tommy.” She said as she backed toward the front door.

“You leaving already Kim?” Trini asked.

“Yeah, Jason and I have plans for the night. See ya.”

“Bye.” Both Tommy and Trini replied. Tommy turned his attention back to Trini after Kim shut the door.

“Trini, I…”

“I like you.” Trini blurted out before she knew what she was saying. Her hand shot up and covered her mouth.

“You do?”

“Yeah.” She mumbled through her covered mouth. Tommy grinned.

“That’s great, I was so scared you didn’t.” Trini dropped her hand to her side.

“Why do you say that?”

“Cause I like you too. I just realized that today when I looked into your eyes.” Trini didn’t know what to say. She just stood there grinning. Tommy closed the distance between them. He took her hand. “So what do you say we call this our first date rather than me owing you?”

“I’d agree.” She said happily. Tommy began moving closer to her lips. Before either of them had time to think his lips pressed to hers. The kiss was tender and sweet. Tommy pulled away from her and looked into her dark orbs.

“Shall we go to dinner?”

“Dinner would be great Tommy.” Tommy held his arm out for her. Trini graciously took his arm and he lead her out the door. They got in Tommy’s jeep and headed off to dinner and toward their new found relationship.

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