Secrets of the Chambers

Silent Secrets

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Written By: Pinkstranger

Chapter 2- Adam’s Dream

The darkness surrounded him. He couldn’t even see his own hand, but he could feel the glove wrapped around his skin. He knew he was morphed.

“Rocky! Aisha! Anyone?!” He called into the midnight skies. He slowly moved forward throwing his hands out in front of him to feel for anything.

“He’s coming!” a voice called. Adam instantly recognized the voice as Aisha’s.

“Aisha! What’s going on?” He called after her. He could hear footsteps running from him. “Where are you guys going? What’s going on? Someone talk to me?”

“Kat, hurry up! You can’t save him!” Tommy voice called.

“I have to try!” Kat’s Australian accent drifted over the night air. Adam continued to feel his way toward the voices. “Come on Adam, come on out.” Kat commanded.

“Kat! Get out of there!” Rocky screamed.

Suddenly Adam’s vision turned on. Kat stood before him standing next to a boulder. He didn’t understand why, but he felt hatred for her. “Get out of the way Kitty-Kat.” Adam sneered. He knew that he had not chose to say that. What was going on?

“No! Adam this has to stop!” She said. Her crystal blue eyes showed no fear.

“You shouldn’t be so brave, it will get you killed.”

“Leave her alone!” Billy said coming up behind Kat. Tommy was right behind Billy.

“How could you betray us Adam?” Aisha said moving in front of Tommy. She was crying. “You were my best friend.”

“I guess you were wrong.” Adam smirked as he spoke. In his mind Adam knew that he was not controlling this. He wanted to know how he had betrayed them, to tell them that he would never betray them.

“How could you Adam? What could Zedd offer you that Zordon couldn’t?” Rocky said taking his spot next to Billy. He’s eyes full of hurt and anger.

“Immortality!” Adam spoke. No! That wasn’t him! He didn’t want to live forever! He didn’t want to betray his friends, his mentor. “I’ll give you a chance to save yourselves. Join me or die!”

“You may have destroyed Zordon and our powers, but we will never join you!” Tommy spoke up. “I’ve been evil once and I will never go again.”

“Have you forgotten the power, the rush of evil?” Adam spat.

“Have you forgotten the feeling of good, knowing you saved someone?” Aisha questioned.

“Foolish rangers!” Adam said drawing his weapon. Katherine was the one to break free of the others and moved toward him.

“Adam, I’ve been in your shoes. Please don’t do this!” She cried. Her eyes showing fear for the first time since Adam had seen her. “You’re not evil, just like Tommy and I were not evil.”

“You’re wrong Katherine. I am evil, this is no spell. I made the choice of my own free will!”

“No!” Katherine cried as she tried to grab Adam into a hug. The others watched in horror was Adam sank his weapon into her back. Katherine screamed as she fell to the ground at Adam’s feet. “This isn’t you Adam.” She coughed as she struggled to stay focused. “I forgive you.” She whispered so that only he could hear. She felt herself let go and let the breath escape her lips. Her eyes showed no emotion as they glazed over.

“No!” the others screamed as they watched Adam murder Kat.

“Kat!” Aisha screamed. Adam looked up at them. Kat’s forgiveness had fallen on deaf ears as he stepped over her body toward the others. They stood their ground.

“We won’t run!” Tommy said. Billy and Rocky nodded. Aisha however, started moving behind Tommy.

“That is foolish, you will end up joining that little pink push over. Has anyone noticed how both pink rangers think they can solve everything by being kind?” He said sarcastically.

“We won’t let you win.”

“Ahhh… But I already have. I have done what no other had done.” He said raising his weapon still covered in Kat’s blood. “I have killed a ranger. Not come close, I have done it. I have also destroyed Zordon and your powers.”

“You’re a monster!” Aisha yelled.

Adam laughed as he took off his helmet. “You might be right about that.”

“Adam, please don’t.” Rocky begged.

“Didn’t you just see what begging me will do?” Adam pointed to Katherine. “You’ll be joining her or you will join me.”

“Might as well kill me, I will never go back.” Tommy said stepping forward. Adam smirked as the fearless leader stepped towards him.

“My pleasure.” Adam replied with a cold voice. Inside Adam was screaming No! He wanted to run back and check on Kat. He prayed that she wasn’t dead. He couldn’t control his own body. He could feel the hatred grow as Tommy stepped forward. “Got one question for you Tommy. Will you want to spend eternity with Kimberly or with Katherine? I can easily have Kimberly here for you.”

“Leave Kimberly out of this!”

“Oh, so you want Kat?”

“I… Go to Hell Adam!” Tommy screamed as he pulled his pocket knife out. Before Adam could move he felt the blade sink deep into his body. He felt the warm sticky substance cover his body. Yet he was laughing.

“Have you forgotten? Zedd gave me immortality!” He laughed. He pulled the blade from his chest. “You on the other hand are not!” He sneered as he plunged the knife into Tommy’s chest. Tommy began gasping for breath.

“Damn you!” he gasped before falling to the ground.

“That’s right curse me Tommy!” Adam laughed. Aisha and Rocky came up behind him and grabbed his arms. While Billy came from the front.

“You think you three can take me down? Without Tommy all you are nothing!” He screamed as he broke free from their grip.

“We are too something!” Rocky growled. He was fed up with his “best friend”. “You’re going down Adam, and we’re taking you there.”

“Right.” Adam rolled his eyes. He pulled out his blaster once again. “Say good night rangers!” With that he fired his weapon at Billy. Then threw Aisha and Rocky to the ground. They looked behind them to see Billy motionless on the ground. They knew there was no hope for him.

“Adam! Please!” Aisha cried once again. Adam smirked as he raised his weapon. He pulled the trigger. Aisha closed her eyes against the impending blast. To her surprise the blast never hit her.

Her eyes slowly opened and she saw Rocky laying on the ground about three feet in front of her. “Rocky!” She moved to him despite being scared of Adam. “God no! Rocky!” He was barely alive.

“Aisha, you have… have to run.” Rocky rasped out. “You’re the… last one.”

“I’m not going anywhere without you!”

“It’s too… too late… f..f..for me.”


“I lo…love you!” Rocky choked out. Aisha hugged him as he let his last breath go.

“I love you too.” she said as she gently closed Rocky’s eyes. She looked up to see Adam watching her with a smirk. “Go to hell Adam!”

“After you!” He smirked before pulling the trigger again. Aisha didn‘t even scream as the blast took her life.

“You have done it!” Zedd praised. Adam looked up to see Xedd standing on top of a boulder.

“I have only done as I promised.”

“Yes you have… but unfortunately for you, I’m not going to keep mine.”


“You will not rule Earth as I promised. Oh yes, and I’m afraid that you won’t keep your immortality either.” Zedd snarled. He raised his staff and sent a streak of energy at Adam.

Adam felt the evil energy rush through his body. It felt as if if were burning him from the inside out. He grunted against the pain. The wound from Tommy’s knife began to pulse with pain. “You tricked me!” Adam hissed. His breath was becoming weaker and weaker. Tommy had indeed left his mark on Adam, now he too would die from this.

Inside his mind Adam knew something about this was just not right. He knew he would never betray and kill his friends for anything, let alone for immortality from Zedd. He tried to clear his mind of everything that he had just witnessed.

*I’m not weak! I would never betray them!* He kept telling himself over and over. He felt his strength start to come back. Zedd let out a grunt as Adam slowly stood up. “I’d never join with you! This isn’t real!” Adam hollered. No sooner had he spoke than the wind picked up. Sand swirled around him, he couldn’t see anything.

“You saw through this Adam. Good job.” A male voice called out just and the sand began to settle. His friends stood there smiling at him.

“You have seen how Tommy and I had to deal with out feelings after being evil and for that you fear going through it too.” Kat explained.

“Don’t let your fear control you Adam.” Aisha spoke next.

“You are not weak and will never fall to Zedd or anyone else.” Rocky added.

“Carry this strength and knowledge with you Adam.” Billy finished as the group began to disappear.


Adam blinked his eyes open. He let out a groan as he sat up. “Good someone else is up!” Rocky exclaimed as he came over to Adam.

“Good to see your up too Rocky. Man that nightmare had to be the scariest one I have ever had.”

“What did you dream?” Rocky questioned. Almost instantly he regretted asking. He knew Adam would ask him the same thing.

“It was horrible Rocko. I dreamed that I was evil and I killed all of you. Well more like I murdered all of you one by one. I had joined with Zedd.”

“You would never do that Adam.”

“I know that’s what helped me defeat the dream, but I know that I fear it. I have seen how Tommy and Kat deal with their feelings and I know that I never want to deal with that.”

“Yeah, I don’t think any of us do.”

“What was yours?”

“I… umm… I really don’t…”

“Come on Rocky, just between us.”

“Promise to not say a word?”

“I promise.”

“Well… I found out my secret fear is of Tommy and Kat.”

“That makes no sense.” Adam was confused.

“I fear that they have not defeated Rita’s spell completely and that someday they will return to evil and destroy us. They wanted to rule as king and queen.”

“Man that’s harsh.” Adam shook his head. “They would never do that.”

“Don’t under estimate Rocky’s fear Adam.” Zordon cut in. “He has sensed what the rest of you have not. Deep within Katherine and Tommy lies a small seed of evil. Rita’s spell will never completely disappear but as rangers they can keep that seed dormant and learn to stay in control of it.”

“I never knew that.” Adam said. “Does Tommy and Kat know about this?”

“No, and it is for the best if it remains unknown to them.” Zordon replied.

“Okay, neither of us will tell them.” Adam replied.

“Although I am going to tell them about my fear. I have to be honest with them.” Rocky said staring at the floor.

“They’ll understand Rocky.”

“Yeah I know, but it’s not going to be easy. I just hope the others wake up soon.”

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