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Written By: Ultra Sonic

Chapter 3-Pay ups, drop offs, and brotherly chats

There’s always a chance

A tiny spark remains

And sparks turn into flames

And love can burn once again

“I’ll be around”

Performed by Hall & Oates

(Originally performed by the Spinners)

From Our kind of soul


“So, is that it?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Kat said as she zipped up her backpack and hitched it on her shoulders.

“All right, then let’s head downstairs.” Tommy said as he picked up Kat’s beach bag with one hand, and her suitcase with the other.

“Tommy, you don’t have to carry those.” Kat said when she saw him holding her bags.

“And let you carry all these bags by yourself? No way.” Tommy replied.

Kat couldn’t help but smile at that. “Well, thanks.” she said as she picked up the keys to her room and headed out the door with Tommy following close behind. Shortly after spending some time at Hayley’s cyberspace Kat decided to head back to DAYS INN so she could gather her things and check out of the hotel. Tommy went with her so he could lend a hand and give her a ride to her suite and then the apartment.

“So how was your stay here?” asked the receptionist.

“Well, in a word…interesting.” Kat said as she and Tommy exchanged smiles.

“Well, that’s good to know. Okay, let’s take a look here…” mumbled the receptionist as she typed in something on her computer. Once she was done the total price appeared on the screen.

“All right, the total bill is $405.67.”

Kat then pulled out her credit card which the receptionist took, read her signature, and swiped it through the machine. As the transaction was being processed the receptionist then noticed Tommy carrying Kat’s bags (minus her backpack).

“Oh, I didn’t know that you had company while you were staying-”

“Oh, I didn’t.” Kat said.

“I actually live here in Reefside.” Tommy answered. “She’s an old friend of mine and we ran into each other just a few days ago. I figured I’d come by and help her with her things since she was checking out today.”

“I was just staying here until I found an apartment which, thanks to Tommy and his few ‘acquaintances’, I have.”

“Well, well, looks like it is a small world after all, isn’t it?” asked the receptionist rhetorically as she handed Kat back her card and hit the button to print out the receipt and the signature paper.

“Guess so.” Kat said as she looked back at Tommy.

“Okay, here’s your receipt, and I need you to sign this here.”

Once Kat signed the paper the receptionist took it and wished Kat the best of luck here in Reefside. Kat bade her thanks and then she and Tommy headed out to the parking lot where Tommy’s jeep was.

“So how much of a stink hole is the apartment?” Tommy asked.

“Actually, it’s not that bad.” Kat replied. “Just needs a whole lot of dusting, painting, and it’s really the sinks that have it bad. Other than that, not much else.”

“Yep, sounds like a candidate for a makeover to me.”

“Oh what, when you had your house built they painted it wrong?” Kat asked as Tommy gently put the bags that he was carrying in the back seat of his jeep.

“Oh, yes.” Tommy replied as he walked over to Kat’s side of the jeep and unlocked the door for her to get in.

“I mean, they practically painted the interior walls apricot instead of light blue, and when I asked them as to what the hell happened they looked into it and found out that oops! Somebody had flubbed the order and had accidentally put in an order for apricot (which was a color that was going to be for somebody else’s house) instead of my order. Luckily though they went back and redid the whole thing, and at no extra charge too, (thank god).” Tommy said as he walked back over to his side, unlocked his door and got in.

“Oh yeah, what’s the street address again?”

“55 W Bullard Ave..”

“Right,” Tommy said as he turned on the ignition to the jeep.


The drive there was pretty placid, with occasional talks about little things and Tommy’s bad memory, plus listening to some music that actually had a melody and a rhythm. Luckily though the apartment complex wasn’t too far away so it didn’t take very long.

“So is there a bed in the bedroom or is the whole thing barren?” Tommy asked once they turned on Bullard Ave..

“Stripped bare.” Kat replied. “Luckily though I have a sleeping bag which I can use, so…”

“But with all that dust on the floor-?”

“Don’t worry, I asked the landlord if he had a broom that I could use to sweep up the floor. Fortunately he did and right after I paid him the money I swept it as best I could. Or at least that way I could put something on it and not kick up a mini-dust storm.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” Tommy said as he found a parking space and pulled into it.

Kat’s apartment was on the second floor so Kat and Tommy had to go up a flight of stairs. Now Kat didn’t have to worry too much, since she was carrying only her backpack, but Tommy had a little trouble since he was carrying a bulging suitcase and a beach bag.

“Tommy, are you all right?” Kat asked as they made their way up.

“Yeah, don’t worry. I got it.”

“You’re sure?”

“Trust me, I do.”

A minute and a half later they arrived at the door to Kat’s apartment and Kat quickly fished out her key so she could open it. Once she did she then reached for the light switch and turned it on.

“Oh, you can put those right there.” Kat said gesturing to the bags Tommy was holding and pointing to his left side.

“Whoa,” Tommy said as he looked around the living room and part of the kitchen.

“So what do you think?” Kat asked.

“Y’ know, for an apartment that’s dusty and cobwebby, it doesn’t look too bad. In fact it actually looks pretty good.”

“Oh, believe me; it’ll look good once it’s all fixed up.” Kat said as she put her backpack on a small dining table that while it had been there for three years, it was still in pretty good condition, although it could definitely use some oil.

“That’s for sure.” Tommy said in agreement. “So, are you going to sleep in the bedroom or…?”

“The room’s still too dusty for me to sleep there, unfortunately.” Kat replied as she came up to where Tommy was. “But I’ll see if I can try and fix that tomorrow.”

Tommy gave a small smile as he nodded in agreement. Once again he found himself staring right into Kat’s sapphire eyes and Kat was doing the same likewise.

For the next few seconds they pretty much stood there staring at each other, not really knowing what to say or do. As their eyes stayed locked with the other’s Tommy found himself taking a step toward her-or was it Kat that took the step? He wasn’t really sure, but the one thing he did know was that he found himself moving closer to Kat ever so slowly.

The two were almost within arms’ length when all of a sudden their stomachs grumbled. Tommy then blushed and chuckled a bit only to find that Kat was pretty much doing the same thing.

“So…hungry?” Tommy asked sheepishly.

Kat nodded.

Tommy then reached into his cell phone and turned it on. “Oh yeah, uh-is there anything that you’re in the mood for or…?”

Katherine shrugged. “Not really. Just so long as it’s not Burger King or Wendy’s.”

Tommy smiled. “All right.” He said as he dialed the number for Pizza Hut. “Hello? Pizza Hut? Hi, this is Tommy and I’d like to place an order…”


17 minutes later, the pizza arrived and Tommy and Kat sat down by the kitchen table (which fortunately had two chairs) to eat. Before they did Kat went to her suitcase and pulled out a small radio so they could listen to some music while they ate.

“So just out of curiosity, do you ever cook dinner at your house?” Kat asked jokingly.

“Well, if I can whip up something without burning it beyond recognition, then yeah.” Tommy replied as he took a bite of his slice. “I mean, the closest thing to dinner that I can make is roast-beef sandwiches and my own version of Subway’s Cold Cut Combo. Everything else is usually either Pizza Hut or Chinese.”

“Well, then I’d say it’s probably a good thing that I did move here.” Kat said teasingly.

“So I take it you brushed up on your cooking some more while in London?” Tommy asked.

“Mm-hm.” Kat said. “So once we get this place fixed up stick around. I’ll show you a cooking tip or two.”

As far as Tommy was concerned he had no problem with sticking around, and it didn’t even have to be with learning how to cook better. Just being in the same room with Kat and talking with her would be more than enough.

After they were done eating Tommy then took the pizza box and put it on the counter by the sink.

“I’ll take it to the garbage can outside when I leave.” Tommy said as he took his seat across from Kat.

“Thanks, Tommy.” Kat said. “So…how has your dancing been over these years?”

“Well…” Tommy began. “To be honest, I’m not really sure. I haven’t really done any dancing of the sort since I don’t know when.”

“Well, how about if you show me what you got,” Kat suggested.

“Right now?”

“Why not? Well, unless you have work to grade back at your house…”

“Oh, no, I don’t.” Tommy said. “In fact, sure, why not?”

As if it was almost on cue, a ballad began to play off the small speaker of Kat’s radio. Kat and Tommy then got up and went to the space in the middle of the apartments’ kitchen. Tommy put his left hand around Kat’s waist and held her left hand with his right while Kat did the same with her opposite arms. Once they were in place they began to sway back and forth as the lyrics began to echo in their minds…and unconsciously…their hearts.

I had some problems
And no one could seem to solve them
But you found the answer
You told me to take this chance
And learn the ways of love, my baby
And all that it has to offer
In time you will see that love won’t let you down

You said that you loved me
Said hurt only came to pass me
It sounded so convincing
That I gave it half a chance
And learned the ways of love, my baby
There is so much love inside me
And all that I have I give my all to you
All, all my loving

And all this love is waiting for you
My baby, my darling
And all, all my love is waiting for you

I had some problems
And no one could seem to solve them
But you found the answer
So I gave it half a chance
And learned the ways of love, my baby
And all that it has to offer
And all that I have I give my all to you
All, all my loving

And all this love is waiting for you
My baby, my sugar
And all, all my love is waiting for you

Tommy kept a solemn face as he danced along with Katherine, though he couldn’t help but look at her face every few moments and give her a warm smile. In fact, as he danced with her he couldn’t help but be…comfortable? Elated? Happy?

Well, whatever it was he was feeling right now, it was a feeling that he hadn’t really felt since he saw her leave on that plane to London all those years ago. That had pretty much been the most heart-wrenching moment for him, almost. Not even when he had said bye to Kimberly or when he got “The letter” had be felt so depressed in his life. Later when he talked to Jason about it he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe…just maybe…he let “The one” go.

In a lot of ways, I didn’t think in a million years I’d ever see her again. Man, does fate have a way of throwing you a curveball. He thought as he unconsciously began to lose himself bit by bit.

All this love is waiting for you
All this love is waiting for you
And baby all, baby all this love is waiting for you
My sugar, my baby
And all this love is waiting for you

Oh, I love how you make me feel this way
My love is getting stronger everyday (my baby)
And after all I went and put myself through
I found that all I really needed was you (my darling)

As the sun has it’s place up in the sky
I love you so dearly
And all the same, there’s no need to wonder why
I need you, please hear me

Say you really love me, baby
Say you really love me, darling
For I really love you, baby
For I really love you darling

Say you really love me, baby
Say you really love me, darling
‘Cause I really love you, baby
For I really love you darling

Say you really love me, baby
Say you really love me, darling
‘Cause I really love you, baby
Sure enough I love you darling
Say, say you love me…

“Well, I have to say, you did pretty good.” Kat remarked as the song ended.

“Thanks.” Tommy said.

Once again the two found themselves staring right into each other’s eyes. Tommy then quickly snuck a peak at his watch before he found himself drawn back in again. Unfortunately (or fortunately) resistance was futile as he then looked from his watch back to Kat’s angelic face.

“I…” he couldn’t get the words out. It was almost like his jaw had been numbed at that moment. “It’s getting late. I should go.”

Even though he said it, and even though he knew he had to, Tommy didn’t want to, and Kat could tell.

“Do you have to?” she asked, not knowing that she had said it out loud.

“Afraid so.” Tommy said reluctantly.

Kat looked down and nodded a bit before looking back up at Tommy. “All right.” she said as she saw him walk over to the counter to pick up the empty pizza box. Once he walked back to where she was Kat then walked with him to the door.

“Oh yeah, what time does your class end tomorrow?”

“4:00, more or less.” Kat replied.

“All right. Well, if you want I can pick you up at around that time and then we can come here, see what needs to be done and then go get the supplies we need.”

“Yeah, that’d be great.” Kat said. “But what about Conner, Ethan…”

“If I know them, they’ll head to the cyber café (like I do) right after school lets out and wait for me to show up.”

“Oh, okay.” Kat said. “Well…have a good night, Tommy. And thanks for the help.”

“Hey, anytime.” Tommy said as he reached over and gave Kat a hug with his free arm which almost made Kat melt to the ground.

“Well…good night, Kat.” Tommy said as he stepped out the door.

“Good night, Tommy.” Kat said as she closed the door to her apartment. Even after she heard Tommy’s footsteps fade she smiled and stared wistfully at the spot by the doorway where Tommy had been standing just seconds before.


The drive back to his house felt long. Even though Tommy’s house wasn’t far, and while it wasn’t really that long of a drive, to Tommy it felt like he had driven from Reefside to New York and back. While he mused on that a little bit, what Tommy couldn’t seem to get out of his mind was the fact that every time he was within arm’s length of Kat he wanted nothing more than to just put his arms around her and give her the most mind-blowing kiss she ever had.

What the hell is wrong with me? I mean, she just moved to Reefside a few days ago, not even knowing that I lived here and then right after I meet her again after nine years I just want to be her boyfriend all of a sudden?

And with that came a few more burning questions.

I mean, does she have a boyfriend already?…It’s been almost ten years; it’d be really weird if she didn’t at least date once during that time…but what if she’s still with him or…what if she was just being friendly back at the apartment or…oh, what am I doing? Tommy, you really need to get a hold of yourself, man. ‘Cause otherwise your brain might just explode. He then chuckled to himself. As if it wasn’t already on overload…

As soon as he pulled up near the porch to his house Tommy took the cover to his jeep and pulled it over it so the morning dew wouldn’t catch on the interior of the jeep.

Once he got in and locked the door behind him he then hung up his keys and stepped over to his bedroom, took off his shoes, and checked his answering machine for messages while he collapsed on the bed exhausted.

“One message,” said the machine. “Message 1.”

“Bro! What’s up? It’s Jason. Listen man, I’m sorry that I didn’t get a hold of you over the weekend but Emily and I had Thanksgiving over at her folk’s house, so…anyway I just wanted to call to see how you were doing but from what I can tell right now you’re probably busy with ‘work’, so when you get the chance call me, all right, bro? Okay, see ya, man.”

“End of messages.” deadpanned the machine.

Tommy smiled. “Just the person I wanted to chat with.” he said to himself as he got up and reached for his portable home phone and dialed the number.



28 year-old Emily Scott was busy putting up a wreath card-holder on the wall with Jason helping her when they both heard the phone ring.

“Go ahead, answer it. I got it from here.” Jason said.

“You’re sure?” Emily asked.

“Yeah.” Jason replied.

Emily then walked up to the counter where their portable home phone was and answered it. “Hello?”

“Hi, Emily.”

“Oh, hi Tommy.” Emily said.

“How’s it going?”

“Not too bad, just getting a few decorations out for the holidays, not much else.”

“Well that’s good to hear.” Tommy said. “Listen, is Jason there? I was wondering if I could talk to him.”

“Yeah, he’s here.” Emily replied as she walked over to Jason who had just finished hanging the card-holder on the wall. “It’s Tommy,” she said as she handed him the phone.

“Thanks Emily.” Jason said as he smiled at her and took the phone. “Hello?”

“Jase! What’s up, man?”

“Nothin’ much, bro. Just helping Emily decorate. What’s up with you?”

Tommy sighed. “A couple of things, and it’s not just the ceiling.” he answered.

“What’s wrong, your students bugging you at nauseam about midterms already?” Jason asked as he opened the refrigerator and reached for a half-pint bottle of water.

“Well, aside from Conner stressing himself out over it, not really.” Tommy replied.

“Oh yeah, he’s the red rookie, right?” Jason asked. When Tommy had first found the Dino gems he had told his best friend about them and what the possibilities could be if they were used just the right way. Jason wasn’t surprised that there were other Power sources out there but he was a little surprised when he heard that the three gems (namely the red one) had energies that were quite similar to that of his old Power coin but he gave his friend his support and told him to keep him posted. Later when he and Tommy were talking one night Tommy told him about Conner, Ethan, and Kira and how they had unknowingly found the gems and became the new Power Rangers. That didn’t surprise Jason very much; for he knew that it would have been a matter of time before the gems found their rightful owners.

“Yeah, he is.” Tommy replied.

“Man, the days, bro.” Jason mused. “Those were the days.”

“You can say that again.”

“Well anyway, going back to before, what’s on your mind?”

“Well, where do I start? Umm-well, let’s just say that something cool happened a few days ago.”

“What?” Jason asked.

Tommy stayed quiet for a few seconds.

“Bro, come on. Tell me.”

“All right, I will, I just figured I’d keep you in suspense.”

“Yeah, well, you’re doin’ a good job of it. Now come on, spill it.”

Tommy sighed. “I…ran into Katherine last week.”

Jason’s eyes widened in surprise. “Get out of here, man.”

“No, seriously, man. I kid you not.” Tommy said.

“Well, what do you know?” Jason asked rhetorically. “And when exactly did all of this go down?”

“Well, unofficially it was last Wednesday. Officially it was Thanksgiving.”

“Unofficially?” Jason asked.

“Well, when I first saw her I was in my Ranger guise.” Tommy replied.

“Whoa, what happened?”

“Somehow she got into a scuffle with Elsa and Elsa was about to gut her.”

“So basically you made like the White-no, excuse me-Black Knight in shining armor and came to her rescue?”

Tommy sighed again. “Yeah.” He said as he remembered stopping Elsa’s blow just as she was about to slice Katherine in half.

“And Kat didn’t recognize you, did she?”

“No, not at the moment.”

“But as soon as you locked eyes with her part of you wanted to though, right?”

Tommy sighed. “Yeah.” he admitted, already picturing in his mind his best friend grinning at him with his near-constant smile.

“So when you met her ‘officially’ the next day what happened?” Jason asked.

“Well, everyone was having a Thanksgiving party over at Hayley’s and I remembered that I had forgotten to bring fruitcake for the party and I had told Hayley that I would.”

“Fruitcake?” Jason asked disgustedly. “Okay, just out of curiosity who the hell eats that anyway?”

“Who knows? Well, anyway I figured I’d head to Wal-Mart (since they were still open and hopefully they had fruitcake that didn’t look like it was already digested all the way through) when just as I was pulling out of the parking lot…I saw her.”

Looks like Cupid’s arrow has hit you again, Tommy. Jason thought. And this time with the heavy-duty version.

“So just between us, how did it feel to see her again?” Jason asked slyly.

Tommy sighed for what he could have sworn was the sixth time. “You want the truth?” he asked rhetorically as he then though back to when he had saved Kat from Elsa, and then when he saw her as he was pulling out of the parking lot. Almost instantly a small smile began to creep across his face. “It felt…great. I mean I’ve got other words for it, but I don’t know if they’ll really sum up how I felt at that moment when I saw her.”

Yep, he’s got it bad. “So what was she doing at Reefside?”

“Well, from what she’s told me she moved from London to teach dance over at the dance school here, so…”

“Wow, lucky you.” Jason said.

“Jase,” Tommy said in a weak protest.

“Oh, come on, man! You mean to tell me that you don’t want nothing more than to jump up and down off the walls if for no other reason than for the fact that Katherine, the woman that you have tried to forget about for the past nine years but unconsciously she keeps popping up in your head (and probably your dreams, I’m sure), is there, in the same city that you live in?”

Tommy didn’t answer, but inwardly he knew his best friend was right, because that’s how he really felt.

“You know something, Jason? Sometimes you know me just a little too well.” Tommy said.

“Well, if during these past nine years that we’ve hung out (when you’re not out of state on a dig anyway) that I haven’t seen you stare off into empty space at times or look at that picture of yourself and Kat in your wallet…I mean, if that doesn’t tell me anything, then…”

“Look, it’s just that she just moved here last week, Jason.” Tommy explained. “She didn’t even know I lived here.”

“Or that you had created your own Ranger team out of four students and that you were back in the Ranger duds again, and this time in black?” Jason supplied. “Now I trust that she knows that by now, right?”

“Yeah, she does.” Tommy replied. “But the thing is, she just moved here for crying out loud. What, I want to be the guy on the rebound all of a sudden?”

“Bro, rebounds can get played into slam dunks, y’ know.”

“I know that, but…”

“Okay, I think I’ve been silent long enough.” said a voice with a sigh.

“Emily?” Jason and Tommy asked at once.

Jason then turned around and saw his wife holding up the plugged-in kitchen phone with a sly smile on her face.

“The one and only.” Emily said as she sat down by the table.

“Okay, Emily how long have you been listening in?” Jason asked.

“Oh, long enough.” Emily replied nonchalantly. “Let’s see…starting from Tommy saying that something cool happened to him a few days ago to you saying something about rebounds getting replayed into slam dunks.” She then raised one eyebrow at Jason.

“Well, he said it first.” Jason said jokingly.

“I meant it as a metaphor.” Tommy supplied.

“Relax, Tommy. I know you did.” Jason said.

“Now Tommy, going back to what you and Jason were talking about, what’s going on with you not wanting to take another chance, and I don’t think I need to spell it out for you as to what I mean.”

Tommy felt trapped. “I just…I just don’t want to pressure her. I mean, like I said before, she just moved here from London last week.”

“Tommy, here’s a question for you: Do you still care for Katherine?” Emily asked.

“Yeah.” Tommy replied.

“And would you like to see if maybe there could still be…something romantic-wise between the two of you?”

Tommy stayed quiet for a couple of seconds, then he sighed defeatedly. “Yeah, I…I guess I really would.”

“You guess?” Jason and Emily asked at once.

“All right, all right, you got me.” Tommy said. “Yes, I would.”

“Then my advise to you is to just play it by ear, and see what happens, but don’t be afraid to take a chance, just go for it.” Emily advised.

Once again Tommy stayed quiet for a few moments.

“Tommy, you still there?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I am.” Tommy replied as he suppressed a yawn. “I’m just a little tired, that’s all.”

“What did you do?” Jason asked.

“Oh, just helped Kat move out of her hotel suite and helped her move into her new apartment.”

“All right.” Jason remarked with a grin.

“But we still have to fix the place up, so she and I (and my four students) are gonna go to Home Depot and try and get some tools and paint and stuff.”

“Are you sure you’re not going to need any extra help?” Jason asked.

“I’m sure. But if anything I’ll let you know.”

“All right. Well, in that case I’ll let you go get some rest for tomorrow. Tell me how it goes, all right?”

“Will do. Take it easy, Jase, bye Emily.” Tommy said.

“Bye Tommy.” Emily said. “And remember what I said, all right?”

“I will.”

“Bye bro.” Jason said as he turned his phone off and put it on the counter.

“So Tommy’s got an extra complication besides his teaching/Ranger mentoring duties?” Emily asked. Shortly after she and Jason started dating (which was right after Jason lost the Gold Ranger powers) Jason decided to confide in her about the Power Ranger legacy and that he had been the original Red Ranger and shortly after he came back from the peace conferences he became the Gold Zeo Ranger to fill in for a Triforian named Trey who was unable to use them due to a fight he had with the Varox. At first Emily didn’t believe him but when Jason showed her his old Power Morpher along with a group picture of him, Zack, Trini, Kim, Tommy, and Billy in their Ranger costumes minus the helmets Emily’s jaw dropped open in shock, but she still listened intently when Jason told her about his body suffering from some kind of power failure and through a huge undertaking he, Tommy, and the other Rangers were able to transfer the powers back to Trey successfully. Emily then asked him if him collapsing in the juice bar that day was related to that Power failure. Jason said yes. After Jason had finished Emily was surprised, but the revelation unconsciously gave her a sense of pride and it didn't even hinder her feelings for him at all, rather it made them stronger. And it wasn't really even a matter of whether he had the power or not. In fact she later would tell Jason that as far as she was concerned, he was her hero, Ranger or no Ranger.

Jason shrugged. “I guess.” he replied.

Emily sighed and walked over to her husband and put her arms around his neck. “I guess a Ranger’s work is never done, is it?”

Jason sighed. “I guess when it comes to my buddy Tommy, not by a long shot.”

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