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Pranks, Presents and Future

Disclaimer: Don’t own them, don’t sue, not making any money out of them. Yadda, yadda, yadda. If I was would I be sat at a computer at 9:30pm writing FANfiction?

Author notes: Huge great big thank you to everyone who has replied and everyone who has put up with the fact there hasn’t been an update since August. Yep, I’m a bad author, a very bad author. School just got hectic and it won’t be easing up until the summer so updates will be much less regular I’m afraid. Once May and my exams are done though I’ll have the whole summer to dedicate to writing. So if you can keep holding out and keep being patient I promise I will reward you well. I think we’re only about 3/4 chapters from the end actually.

Thanks: Same thanks as always to Ren who makes me feel so guilty for not writing. Also, for prodding and poking me to write the damned thing despite me just wanting to run away and hide for being such a bad author. I owe you big time babe.

A.N 2: This hasn’t been beta-ed yet but I’m posting it anyway since it’s been so long since the last update. It’s going to get sent of to Kris for beta-ing and it’ll be changed when I get it back. I doubt the storyline itself will change. She’ll just make my crummy wording and grammar a lot better. Thanks Kris!

Early the next morning Tommy and Jason stood side by side, still half dressed, with last night’s conversation not forgotten but pushed to the back of their minds for now. They were standing outside the door to Billy and Zack’s shared room minutes away from getting revenge over last nights “prank”. Nodding to each other they pushed open the door and ran in yelling.

In the utter confusion, terror and panic Zack jumped up and sat upright on the top bunk – needless to say he managed to crack his head on the ceiling in the process whilst poor Billy, who had the bottom bunk, got such a shock he rolled right out and landed at Jason and Tommy’s feet.

Tommy quickly moved to the other side of the room and grabbed his own green canvas one and Jason’s red sports bag. Both were packed to the brim with their clothes which they were very relieved to have back.

“What was that for?” Asked Zack rubbing his head as Kim and Trini entered the room behind Tommy and Jason.

“For last night,” Jason simply stated taking his bag from Tommy.

“Look, guys, things have gone too far,” Tommy knew he had to be diplomatic in the way he handled this. Any more pranks and someone was going to get hurt, “We keep carrying on the way we are and one of these pranks is going to end up in someone getting physically hurt as well as emotionally. Are we all agreed?”

“Agreed.” Came the chorus from the group. No one liked the way things had been heading; it was just that everyone had to have the last say.

“Right well I’m going to go get changed into something else since I now have the pleasure of having my clothes back,” Jason grumbled jokingly before cracking into a grin, “Oh, yeah, who’s going into town today?”

“I said I’d take Kim in,” Tommy answered remember today was the day they were going the birthday shopping, “Keys are on the table, right?”

“Right,” Replied Jason with a nod of the head before he left the room.

Once he was out of ear shot Tommy said one final thing to the group before retuning to his room to change as well, “We’re supposed to be giving Jason a birthday to remember for good reasons, not bad!”

Tommy’s POV

Well that showed them. Seriously, this isn’t going to be one pleasant seventeenth birthday for Jason if it keeps going at this rate. Speaking of the red boy... okay that was a sight I did not expect to be greeted with. Yep calm down Tommy. He was only pulling a t-shit out of his bag. Just because he has a cute ass that you got a good view of when he bent over there doesn’t mean you like him like that. He’s your best friend. He’s your Bro, your room mate for god’s sake.

Yeah, who am I kidding? Man, I’ve got it bad. I haven’t even had a steady boyfriend before and I getting kind of obsessed over a straight guy. Yeah him and Kim, match made in heaven once she finds out I’m gay. Well, maybe once they find out I’m gay and I have beaten the crap out of me. Yeah, Trini may have reassured me but what can I say? I’m a paranoid cynic.

Okay maybe it would be a good idea to move out of the doorway and stop staring at the space where Jason’s ass had been. Yeah he’s looking pretty worried now, no wonder. Okay, lets just keep moving, eyes down and just don’t look at him again or you’ll start staring. God, listen to me, I sound like one of those crazed, psychotic fan girls at school who keep going on about how much they would love to see the red ranger out of that uniform. Now you see where he gets his ego from, don’t you?

“So, you reckon you’ll be okay in town with just Kim?” Do I detect a hint of jealousy? No chance. I’m hearing things… someone call the men in white coats get them to come lock me up. It is official I’m going insane. Next I’ll be hearing voices in my head… wait I already am.

“Yeah, me and Kim will be fine. It’ll be good to spend some time with her,” Get any ideas of me and her ever becoming a couple out of her head nice and early. In a kind and polite way of course, I’m not out to hurt her.

“Yeah, I’m sure it will be…” He trailed of before leaving the room. Okay, if I didn’t detect a hint of the uttermost jealousy there I am going mad. He must be jealous that I’m spending time with Kim and he’s not. I have an urge to tell him it’s because of him but I can’t ruin the birthday surprise everyone’s worked so hard on planning.

Sigh, well I suppose the sooner I go the sooner we can get back. After all Kim and Trini need to bake the cake, Zack and Billy said they would decorate and… well me, I have to keep Jason occupied from after dinner until midnight. I know what I would like to do to pass the time but no way is it ever going to happen. Okay, yeah, can’t think like that. Erm, okay… Monsters, fighting… fighting monsters with Jason… No! Not going there, erm, Rita, yep, that did the trick. Right time to get ready and get going, sooner we go the sooner we can start putting Jason’s birthday plans into action.

Regular POV

Quickly checking his appearance in the mirror on his way out of the room, Tommy sauntered out of the room and into the kitchen. He had never sauntered before in his life but today he felt like it for some reason.

Kim stood up and smiled across to him, “Ready to go? We can grab some breakfast in town.”

Nodding Tommy said his goodbye to the gang; took the car keys from Jason and headed out the door with Kim. They buckled up and drove the short distance to the nearest town predominantly in silence. That was unusual for Kim but it was the first time she had been alone with Tommy and she was feeling a bit shy.

“So where to first?” Tommy asked as he climbed out of the battered, red jeep. There weren’t many shops in the small town but there were more than he had anticipated. All of which were open despite it being relatively early on a Thursday morning.

“Convenience store for groceries and cake ingredients first?” Kim suggested, to which Tommy nodded. Soon the pair began walking across the road to the small grocery store discussing exactly what type of cake Kim and Trini would be making and how they would stop Jason from suspecting anything.

After about twenty minutes hunting down all the ingredients in the small store Tommy and Kim emerged to place the goods in back of the jeep. Turning back around to face Kim, Tommy noted she had a slightly flushed complexion but thought better of it than to ask.

“Now we need to decide on what to buy him for a present,” Kim said sighing dramatically for effect. It was going to be hard but Tommy had had an idea.

“I think I saw the perfect store on our drive in. Come on, let’s go look,” He grabbed her hand and began to drag her up the street, a deep crimson blush spreading through her pale complexion.

“Tommy, let go of me! Tommy, where are we going! To…”

Kim trailed off as they stopped abruptly outside of a store which had large manikins in the front windows. There were two – one female, one male. The more feminine one wore a skirt and jacket whilst the male one wore trousers and a jacket. All the clothing, however, appeared to be made of… leather.

“A leather store?” Kim asked to an empty space as Tommy had already pushed his way though the door forcing Kim to go in and find him, “Tommy what are we doing in here!”

Tommy turned his back to the young girl at the counter to talk to Kim, “Think about it Kim. You know what Jason’s like. Total biker in the making, right?”

“Right… and?”

“Well he’d love a leather jacket, don’t you think? We’ve got over one hundred dollars so I’m sure we could find him something he would like. Or do you think he’d hate it?”

Kim gawped at the now slightly embarrassed Tommy. He had been so sure Jason would like it and now he wasn’t so confident. Kim on the other hand couldn’t believe how amazing Tommy’s idea had been. Secretly she was kicking herself for not thinking of it earlier.

“Tommy I think it’s a great idea. I can’t quite believe I didn’t think of it myself… we’ve just got to try and get the perfect one now.”

A smile lit up Kim’s face until the sales girl coughed loudly causing her to jump, “Excuse me but can I help you?”

“Erm, no thanks, I think… my friend would prefer to look on his own…” Kim answered as Tommy wandered off down the back of the store looking through the racks of clothing.

“Fine by me, just felt I should ask. Could do with something to else to do other than this” The young woman indicated to the sketch pad in front of her which was filled with random doodles, obviously the product of boredom.

“Slow day… Rene?” Kim asked noting that the girls name badge read Rene and, deciding to be polite, called her by it.

“Try a slow week!” She answered with a smile as she leant across the counter wearily.

Kim laughed slightly with the girl as they both took to watching Tommy at the other end of the store.

“Boyfriend?” Rene asked simply.

“Nope, just close friends,” Kim replied, “We’re looking for a friend’s birthday present actually. A group of us came up to one of the cabins for a few days during spring break.”

“Sounds good, I’m just working here over Spring Break too, I came to visit my Aunt and this is where I get stuck. Mind the job has some perks…” Rene trailed off tilting her head slightly as Tommy bent over to pick up the jacket he had just knocked to the floor.

Kim’s eyes followed hers and soon both their eyes darted away when he stood, matching smiles spreading across their faces as they fought the temptation to giggle.

“What?” Tommy asked somewhat perplexed.

Dodging the questing easily Rene answered with one of her own, “That the one you want to buy?”

Seeming to forget his own question Tommy moved up the store with a leather jacket in hand until he reached Kim’s side. “Might be. What do you think, Kim?”

“I’d need to see it on to be sure,” She answered forcing Tommy into the garment. It hung horribly loose on his shoulders and swamped him slightly. A perfect fit for Jason.

“That… is perfect for Jase!” Kim smiled brightly looking at the garment from all angles as she forced Tommy to turn slowly on the spot. He didn’t seem to mind, he was just glad to have made the right choice.

The jacket was made mainly out of black leather and finished at the waist. Each shoulder was a patch of deep red leather contrasting sharply with the black but matching well at the same time. All the stitching was done with red thread rather than black as well. Perfect for Jason.

“You want it then? It’ll be 130 dollars.”

“We’ll take it.” Kim and Tommy announced in unison causing the cash clerk to look at them oddly for a moment then laugh.

“Since it’s your friend’s birthday why don’t I throw in the gift wrapping for free?” The young girl beamed happily at them. She liked these two. They were cute and sweet. Would’ve made a cute couple if not for one tiny problem in that idea, which she couldn’t believe had taken her this long to spot.

“Sure,” Tommy nodded as he lent on the counter letting Kim go browse down the aisle. It may have been a leather clothes shop but it was still a clothes shop none the less.

“So, pinkie seems to have a bit of a crush. When you going to break her heart?” Rene asked idly as she began wrapping the present in the red wrapping paper Tommy had just pointed out to her as their preferred colour. Well not just present; more like presents. Tommy had spotted something behind the counter and just knew he had to get it on behalf of the group. Unfortunately all their money was going on the jacket so he quickly handed over 10 dollars and asked Rene to wrap up this second gift as well. It wouldn’t only be a surprise for Jason – it’d be a surprise for the others too.

“Excuse me?” Tommy didn’t have a clue what the hell this mad woman was going on about.

“Come on, you can’t fool me. My gaydar is fully operational and you are going to have to tell Clueless over there soon.”

Spluttering, Tommy just stared at the young women with his mouth hanging slightly agape. He couldn’t believe she was talking to him like that, or the fact she had actually known. He didn’t have some big neon sign above his head reading “I love boys” that he hadn’t noticed, did he?

“Don’t sweat it, okay. I don’t mean to be rude it’s just that I can pick up these things. Seriously, she’s oblivious, hence the reason you need to explain to her nothing can ever happen. And soon.”

Tommy looked awkwardly at the girl but showed some signs of relief that someone was at least willing to give him a slight shove in the right direction. He liked this girl. She was upfront and honest. She didn’t beat around the bush and put on a front full of lies. In some ways she reminded him slightly of his friends in L.A except she had that small glint of true compassion in her eye that made her truer than they ever were. She told the truth because it was the right thing to do, not because she didn’t care. Whilst upfront and blatant she wasn’t cocky or over-bearing either. Yes, he definitely liked this girl.

Just as Tommy opened his mouth to speak Kim appeared at his elbow, “Ready to go?”

“Sure, thanks for all your help Rene.”

“Anytime,” She answered with a smile as she watched the two leave. She couldn’t help a weary shake of the head. Men were so useless sometimes.

Once back in the car with Kim, Tommy decided to approach this in the least embarrassing way and get telling her over and done with and out of the way as soon as possible.

“Look, Kim, I just wanted to say thanks.”

“What for?” She asked, tilting her head to the side in a show of confusion.

“Just for being there, and for getting over the whole attempted murder thing so quickly. You know, just being like the sister I never had to me. You do realise this will make me just as overly protective as Jason now don’t you?”

Just because he was telling her he would never date her didn’t mean he had to tell her the whole truth now, did it? Telling her he saw her as a sister would have to thwart her ideas of anything romantic, hopefully.

“You… you see me as a sister?” She asked slowly.

“Err, yeah. Sorry, do you have a problem with that? It’s just you guys all seem like such a big happy family that it seemed kind of natural to see you and Trini as my sisters…”

“No there’s no problem with it Tommy, just wanted to make sure… Bro,” She added the friendly term in as a way of mocking Jason and Tommy couldn’t help but give a short laugh as they hugged lightly.

Putting the car into gear Tommy pulled out of their parking space happy to let the conversation drift to other things, namely Jason’s impending birthday.

“Is the coast clear?” Kim whispered from outside of the door.

She’d sent Tommy in ahead of her to check if the others were still down by the lake. They’d planned for Zack, Billy and Trini to get Jason out of the house for as long as possible so they would have time to sneak back with all the presents and party food.

Tommy nodded, “Yeah, it’s all clear. None of them are here.”

“Good,” Kim blew a sigh of relief and hurried into the house. Quickly she went to putting away all the supplies in the kitchen before hiding the presents in her room. She didn’t even seem to bat an eyelid at the fact there were two packages wrapped in red gift wrap instead of the one. Maybe she just trusted Tommy enough to know he’d picked out a little extra or maybe she really was ditzy enough not to notice. Who knew?

“You want to head down the lake and get the others whilst I start making lunch? Then after that we can put phase two into action…” She smiled devilishly and Tommy just laughed slightly before leaving the cabin.

Tonight would certainly be a night to remember.

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