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Fanfic Guidelines

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These are the guidelines for submitting fanfics and the basics that I will be looking for when I select them to be posted.

Rules for submitting
1. Copy and paste your fanfic onto an e-mail. DO NOT use attachments or anything along those lines. I may not have the same programs as you thus I won't be able to read them.
2. Please rate your own fanfics. I acept all ratings, however I will put up a warning on R rated fanfics. If I disagree with your rating I might change it, but that is a rare occation.
3. The subject of the e-mail should always be the title of the story. Any e-mails I recieve without a subject will be thrown out!
4. Please tell me what you would like to be listed as in the author section at the end of your fanfic. Also what color you would like to use as I seperate authors by color ^_^  Please try not to use the same color as other authors.
5. I will e-mail if your fanfic is selected to be posted. Be aware that I might have a lot to get though or that I might be busy with something. Please allow me a week to get in touch with you.l If I have not try e-mailing me or resubmitting your fanfic
Guidlines of Fanfics
- No cross-overs accepted. (i.e. Power Rangers met Scrubs)
- Be sure to include a disclaimer with your fanfic.
- I will accept fanfics in chapters, however the chapter must be complete. If you have not submitted the next chapter within a time span of six weeks I will e-mail you to find out how it is going. If you are not continuing your story I will pull it off my site.
-Sequels are always welcome, but the same review will take place. I may take the first, but not the second for any given reason.
Those are my guidelines, feel free to submit any time!
Just as a warning I am a huge Katherine fan so any fanfics doing some Kat bashing will not be posted. Sorry, but I feel she gets enough that I will not take part in it. will post thim.

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