Secrets of the Chambers

Under Enemy Fire Part 5

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Written By: Pinkstranger

This chapter contains a brief sexual interlude, consider yourself warned!

“Tommy trouble in the park!” Adam’s voice carried over the communicator. Tommy grumbled as he struggled to find the right button in the dark.

“I’ll be right there.” He told Adam. “I thought I was all done with this.” He said to himself. Tommy quickly got out of bed and morphed into the red zeo ranger. He teleported to the park. Rocky, Adam, Andros, T.J. and Carlos were already there. Kevaris was really dealing them a tough hand.

“Look who finally decided to show up. How is your lovely son, Thomas?” He sneered.

“You leave Jared out of this!” Tommy hollered.

“Just asking a civil question,” Kevaris said. With that he pulled our his sword and advanced toward Tommy. The two men proceeded to fight, until a blinding flash of pink took Kevaris down to the ground. Tommy stood there stunned.

“What the hell was that?” Andros inquired was he and the others moved next to Tommy.

“Look, a new ranger!” Rocky exclaimed pointing to a figure next to a tree. The others turned to see a pink ranger standing there. She looked similar to the zeo rangers except where the zeo rangers had gold she had silver and where they had White she had black. She moved toward the rangers.

“I am here to help you. Kevaris must be taken down.” She told them. Her voice was soft almost a whisper.

“Who are you?” T.J. asked.

“I am the pink Light Star Ranger. So far I am the only one of my kind.”

“You don’t have a team?” Rocky quipped.

“No, it is just me.”

“Aren’t you going to tell us who you are?” Tommy asked. He was very curious to know who his new ally was.

“All will be revealed in time.”

“Have you pathetic rangers forgotten about me?” Kevaris asked as he regrouped himself.

“Please, allow me.” The pink ranger stepped forward. “Pink Star Storm!” She called to the heavens. A bright pink light began forming in the sky above the rangers. Them it suddenly began to send streaks of lightning at Kevaris. After about six shots Kevaris cried out in pain and then disappeared in a puff of black smoke.

“That was incredible!” Carlos spoke up. The pink ranger just turned around to face them. She showed no emotion.

“I must take my leave, but I will return.” She disappeared in a flash of pink.

“That was just freaky!” Adam exclaimed.

“Yeah I know.” Tommy added. “I wonder who she really is. I would like to know who it was that just saved our asses.”

“Who knows, but she did say that is would all be revealed in time.” Andros replied. “We just have to trust that she is really here to help us.”


“Daddy!” Jared screamed as Tommy walked onto the bridge where Ashley and Cassie were entertaining the children. Tommy smiled and ruffled the boy’s blonde hair. “I really hate it when you do that!”

“Oh really?” Tommy reached down for the boy and picked him up. He turned his son upside down in his arms.

“Daddy! No! Please put me down!” Jared laughed.

“Okay, but that is marked as my point. So let’s see... Jared, three and Daddy, ten. I’m winning!”

“Come on daddy, I’m a little kid. I should get double points” The boy argued.

“I’d still be winning.” Jared stuck his tongue out at Tommy and Tommy, in turn, stuck his tongue out at Jared.

“Tommy sometimes I swear you are worse than these kids!” Kimberly said from the doorway.

“Hey Kim. I thought that you and Jase were going to stay at home. Why are you here?” Tommy asked.

“Well, after the last couple of fights, Jason decided that with our baby on the way it would be safer here.”

“Makes sense. How’s Aisha? Any signs of delivering that kid soon?”

“Well she’s been having little shots of pain all day, but Alpha said that they’re not labor pains. So I guess nothing than.”

“Okay, keep me posted. I want to be here when Rocky becomes a father.”

“Uncle Rocky is going to be a daddy?” Jared’s voice startled Tommy. He had been so caught up in his conversation he forgot Jared was sitting on the floor next to him.

“Yes. Remember Aunt Aisha is going to have a baby?” Jared nodded. “Uncle Rocky is the baby’s daddy. Like I’m your daddy.”

“Oh, okay.” Jared seemed convinced enough. “Daddy can I asked you a question?”

“You just did Jared.”


“Okay, what’s your question?”

“Where do babies come from?” Tommy’s eyes grew wide. Kimberly began laughing. Ashley and Cassie just smiled and leaned in closer.

“Well... You see Jared... Um... “Tommy stuttered. He didn’t know how to explain this to a four year old.

“Mommy said that when a man and woman love each other they have a baby together.” Jared started.

“What else did mommy tell you?” Tommy asked.

“She said that when they love each other, their love creates the baby.”

“That’s right. Very good Jared.” Tommy almost sighed with relief when Jared answered his own question.

“But daddy, how does their love create the baby?” Cassie started laughing so hard that she nearly fell off the chair. Kimberly left because she was about to pass out from laughing so hard. Ashley still remained silent, she just sat there smiling.

“Well, Jared... their love... well...” Tommy wanted to try and change the subject.

“You really don’t know a lot about this stuff do you daddy?” Tommy heard laughter coming from behind him. He turned around to see Jason, Andros, T.J., Adam, and Rocky standing there. Kimberly must have told them about what Jared asked.

“No I guess not, sorry buddy That was something your mommy knew.” Tommy sighed.

“It’s okay daddy, mommy told me that not very men knew about that stuff anyway.” Jared left his fathers side and went back to where Clark sat. Ashley now began laughing lightly. Cassie fell out of her chair, but continued to laugh. Tommy got up knowing that his face was most likely as red as his shirt. His walked up to the men still standing at the door.

“Daddy, where do babies come from?” Rocky teased in a high pitched voice.

“Knock it off!” Tommy warned.

“You’re not very smart are you daddy?” Adam started in.

“Okay enough is enough!” Tommy exclaimed.

“Come on Tommy, that was the funniest thing I have ever seen.” Jason laughed. “I wish Kimberly had had her camera. She said the look on your face was just priceless.”

“I didn’t think it was too funny. At least Kat told him something. I didn’t know how to explain it. I kind of like her explanation.”

“Yeah, it’s kid rated and the truth.” Rocky replied.

“It’s better than the cabbage patch story or the stork story.” T.J. added.

“Tell me about it! I can’t believe that it took me twenty years to figure out that I wasn’t grown in a garden and then my mom and dad came and picked me!” Rocky joked. Everyone laughed.

“Good one Rocky. I like that joke.” Adam laughed.

“Did you come up with that one on the spot?” Carlos howled.

“I wasn’t joking.” Rocky said straight faced. The other stopped laughing.

“Really?” They asked in unison.

“Naw, gotcha!” He hooted as he took of running down the hall.

“Man I thought he was serious there for a second.” T.J. said.

“You never know when he’s talking about things like that. It might really take him that long to figure that out.” Tommy replied. The men just shook their heads and headed for the cafeteria.


The pink light star ranger sat on a bench in the park. She stared up at the stars. She sighed. They’re so beautiful from right here. I wish I could stay longer.

Her thoughts than drifted back to the fight from earlier. She recalled how stunned the rangers had been when she approached them. Then she thought about how she had taken down Kevaris. Her thoughts then drifted to the red zeo ranger. He looked so good. She had seen him with his son before. The little boy was so handsome and The father... She felt butterflies in her stomach at just the thought of him. She admired everything about him. His lips, his smile, his laugh, his muscles, his... just everything. There was only one problem she found. It was the look in his eyes. Even when he was happy there seemed to be a hint a sadness. He had lost someone dear to his heart. She knew about the lost love of his life and she want to go to him. She wanted to kiss his every hurt away, but would he take her? She didn’t know, but she could dream.


“Guys! Let’s do this thing!” Tommy ordered. The alarms onboard the megaship were going off. DECA told the rangers that Kevaris was just outside the city. The rangers teleported to the coordinates that DECA had given them.

The rangers present were Tommy, Adam, and Rocky for the zeo team. Tanya had been taken off duty because she was pregnant. Andros, Carlos, T.J. and Cassie. Ashley was told to stay and watch the kids so that the pregnant ladies didn’t go crazy.

“Where are you Kevaris?” Carlos called out. His voice echoed off the canyon walls.

“He won’t come out if you keep that up!” A female voice called from behind the rangers. They turned to see the pink light star ranger.

“Why do you say that?” Andros asked.

“Because he is waiting until the most opportune time. He’s waiting until you’re vulnerable.” She answered.

“What do you mean vulnerable?” Tommy inquired.

“Like just as you decide he won’t attack at all, but I know he will.” She turned her back to them.

“Why don’t you tell us who you are?” Rocky asked. She remained silent. The rangers stood there in silence waiting for her to answer.

“Rocky, your wife is in labor.” She said.

“How did you know my name?”

“Did you hear me? Aisha is in labor!” She whirled around to look at Rocky.

“Yeah I heard you my wife is labor. Wait! Aisha’s in labor! I’ve got to go!” Rocky teleported back to the megaship.

“How did you know that?” Andros asked. “I’m telepathic and I didn’t know that.”

“I’m not telepathic I just have connections.”

“What kind of connections?” Carlos prodded.

“Duck!” She screamed before pulling out her blaster and firing. They heard something hit the ground. They turned around to see a dember laying on there.

“Cursed pink ranger! I will get you!” Kevaris’ voice echoed around them.

“Come and get me!” She called back.

“Fine!” Kevaris appeared just in front of the pink light star ranger. The two of them pulled out their swords and proceeded to attack each other. Just as the other ranger decided to go help her a swarm of dembers attacked. They struggled against the zombies to get to the pink light star ranger. She wasn’t fairing too well against Kevaris.

“Get out of there!” Tommy yelled to woman. “He’s too strong for you!”

“Stay out of this Tommy!” She hollered back.

“ Yes Thomas. Stay out of our fight!” Kevaris snickered. Tommy watched in horror as he knocked the pink light star ranger to the ground. She didn’t get back up.

“Well, I think one ranger down is enough for one day. I’ll take my leave.” Kevaris said and he disappeared in his usual way. The dembers disappeared as well.

“Come on,” Tommy ordered as he lead the way to the fallen pink ranger. He was the first to reach her and he turned her over into his arms.

“Is she alright?” Carlos asked as he approached Tommy.

“She’s breathing, but I want to know how she stayed morphed. If one of us were taken down like this we would have demorphed.” Almost one cue the woman’s limp body began glowing a shimmering pink. Then her suit disappeared. Tommy gasped at the blonde woman in his arms. She looked just like his beloved Katherine.

“She’s dead! We buried her, I saw her body with my own eyes!” Adam exclaimed. The other rangers were speechless. They all stood there in silence staring at the familiar woman in Tommy’s arms.

Suddenly she let out a low moan. Her eyes began to flutter then they flew open. Her crystal blue eyes stared into Tommy’s chocolate pools. She smiled. “Hi,” she said weakly.

“Is that all you can say? ‘Hi’ She just came back from the dead and all she says is ‘Hi”!” Cassie joked.

“Katherine?” Tommy asked almost afraid he was dreaming.

“Yes.” She whispered.

“Oh my God! It really is you!” Tommy cheered. He wrapped his arms around her. Then he pulled back and looked into her eyes again. Before he knew what he was doing he pressed his lips to her luscious red lips.

“Um... Tommy shouldn’t we be getting back to the megaship?” Andros commented.

Tommy broke the kiss and nodded his head, never losing eye contact with Katherine. He was terrified that if he blinked she would disappear.

“We rally should get back, after all Aisha is in labor.” Kat suggested.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot that’s why Rocky isn’t here!” Adam admitted. The small group teleported back to the mega ship.

“Adam, go get some blankets, Carlos get some warm water, Kat go set up the basinet in the corner over there... Kat! Oh my god! Kat! Your... I can’t... You’re... I can’t believe that it’s really you!’ Kimberly threw her arms around Katherine. “Oh my gosh! Can you help with Aisha?”

“Yes I sure can. Then, I think I need to explain a few things.”

“Great!” The two women ran into the med room where Aisha was delivering her baby.

“Did I hit my head on something or did I just see Katherine running down the hall with Kimberly?” Jason asked as he walked into the room where the other rangers were sitting.

“No, she really is here.” Andros said. “She said that she would explain everything after she’s done helping with Aisha.”

“Man! This day can’t get any better. Aisha and Rocky are about to become parents and Katherine is back!’ Adam sighed as he leaned back against the chair.

“You’re telling me,” Tommy laughed. “No way can this day get any better!”


“Congrats Rocko! You’re a daddy now! So what did you and Aisha name him?” T.J. asked.

“Steven Mitchell DeSantos!” Rocky announced proudly. He was holding his newborn son, showing him off to all the guys.

“That’s one beautiful baby Rocky.” Tommy commented.


“Good thing he looks like Aisha!” Adam joked.

“That’s not fair. I have looks.” Rocky made a hurt face that everyone laughed at.

“Yeah, they’re all funny,” Andros added.

“Boys, I think that baby Steven needs to rest. Besides Kat needs to do some explaining.” Kimberly said as she gently took the baby from Rocky and carried him into Aisha’s room.

“Let’s go to the conference room,” Carlos suggested. The group nodded and headed to the room. When they got there Kat was already seated at the big table. She gave a slight nod as they walked through the door.

Once everyone was there, minus Aisha, Kat began. “First off let me say that this is not permanent. I was sent back to take down Kevaris. Once he is defeated I must return.” She hated the looks that they all gave her. “This was not my choice. If it were, I would have returned a long time ago to stay.”

“That’s not fair! Kendrix came back and got to stay!” Cassie was the first to say anything.

“Kendrix’s return and my return are two very different situations. She was resurrected by the powers of the quasar sabers. I was sent back to deal with an old foe.”

“Where did you get the light star powers?” Tommy asked. Katherine couldn’t look him in the eyes, she hated telling him she couldn’t stay.

“Zordon gave them to me. He said they were once used on Eltar. He wanted me to use them to defeat Kevaris.”

“So there’s no chance that you can stay?” Rocky sighed.

“I’m afraid not.”

“What about Jared? Do you want to see him?” Ashley piped up.

“I’m afraid that I cannot. He wouldn’t understand that I can’t stay with him. Besides if I saw him it would make leaving again so much harder than it already will be.”

“Were you even going to tell us you were back?” Tommy choked out. Kat remained silent.

“No,” she barley even whispered.

“I think that you’ve explained enough Katherine. You should get some sleep.” Andros ordered, “:I think all of us could use some sleep, especially after today’s events.”

“Good idea, good night everyone.” Tommy said as he stood up and walked out of the room. He didn’t look back to see Katherine slump into a chair and start crying.


Tommy rolled onto his side and glanced at the clock on his nightstand. “Damnit to hell!” He yelled as he sat up. He stared out the window. She should have come to me sooner. I can’t believe that she wasn’t even going to tell me! I don’t want get too used to her being back, it’ll just hurt ten time worse when she leaves again.

Tommy sighed. He had left the meeting over three hours ago and had spent two of those tossing in his bed. It was no use he couldn’t sleep. A knock at the door snapped him out of his daydream. He crawled out of bed and went downstairs to answer the door.

He opened the door to see Katherine standing there. “Tommy.. I... I’m sorry if I woke you up. I just.. Well.. I... I should go.” She turned to leave, but Tommy grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him. He pressed his lips to hers. She was tense at first, but then began melting into his embrace. She parted her lips to give him full advantage to her mouth. He explored her mouth his tongue and was surprised when she began exploring him.

He pulled back from the kiss, “Kat, we really should move inside before someone sees us.”

“Yes,” Kat said breathlessly. Tommy picked Kat up off her feet and walked inside. He shut the door with his foot and headed toward the stairs. Kat kissed his cheek as he climbed the stairs with her in his arms. “I’ve missed you so much Tommy. You have no idea how long I wanted to see you.”

“About as much as I have wanted to see you.” He smiled. She blushed. She forgot that he felt the same way as she did.

Tommy walked into his bedroom and gently laid Kat down on the bed. “I’ve wanted you like this for so long, nearly five years Kat.” Tommy admitted.

“Shhh, we are together now. That’s all that counts.” then she kissed him with another head spinning kiss. He moved over her on the bed. He began undoing her blouse as they kissed. She pulled off the tank top he was wearing, breaking their kiss for only a moment.



“I love you.”

“I love you too.” She said as he gently entered her. They moved together as one until they were to tired to move. Then they fell asleep together as the sun began to rise.

“I wish you could marry me Kat.” Tommy whispered against her ear as he drifted off to sleep. Kat heard him say that, but pretended to be asleep. Tears silently rolled from her eyes onto the pillow beneath her head.

So do I Tommy, so do I.

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