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Bonds of Pink

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Written By: Pinkstranger

Mike watched Tiffany sleep. He gently placed a hand on her swollen belly. *I can't imagine what Leo must be going through. If anything ever happened to Tiffany I don't know what I would do.* Mike sighed and got out of bed, careful to not wake his sleeping wife. He went downstairs and went outside. He eyes glanced up at the stars.

"I know I never speak to you, but please god. I only ask one thing of you. Please, please don't let Kendrix die. We have lost her twice now and I don't think any of us can handle it again." Mike prayed. He hadn't prayed to God since his and Leo's father died in a car accident. As far as he knew Leo hadn't either. Now he was praying for one of his best friends, his brother's love. He remembered how Leo was the first time they lost Kendrix. He couldn't bear to see him like that again.


"Leo are you in here?" Mike called into the darkness of the megaship. Ever since the astro rangers had left Leo had locked himself up in the megaship.

"Go away!" Leo hollered. Mike still could not see where he was but at least he knew that he was here.

"You can't hide away forever." Mike called back. He heard some shuffling to right of him. "Leo please, come back to us. We lost Kendrix, we can't loose you too." Leo emerged from the darkness. His emerald green eyes were red and swollen.

"Why did she have to do that?" Leo cried. "Why did Kendrix have to die?" Mike didn't know how to answer him. He remained silent. Leo spoke again. "I never got to tell her that I love her!"

Mike wasn't surprised, he had known Leo loved Kendrix for a long time. "I know Leo, but wherever Kendrix is she knows too. She wouldn't want you to be hiding from us, she would want you to live. Leo, you need to let her go. She's gone and there is nothing any of us can do." What happened next took Mike by surprise. Leo threw out his fist and made contact with Mike's jaw.

"Don't ever say that, I will never let her go! I loved her! I won't forget her!" Leo was angry. Mike saw that his hand was still balled up in a fist and it was shaking.

"I didn't say to forget her Leo, I said that we need to move on. We will never forget her but we can't cling to the past." Leo didn't say anything, he just turned around and walked back into the shadows.

"I'm not ready to move on." Leo said coldly.

End Flashback...

Once Karone had joined the team, Leo began to move past Kendrix's death. When Kendrix had come back, Mike had never seen Leo so happy. "How can you do this to them?!" Mike called to the heavens. "They have been through so much!"

"Mike?" A soft voice called from behind. Mike turned to see Tiffany standing on the porch.

"Honey, I'm sorry if I woke you up." Mike said as he rushed to her side.

"You didn't," She whispered. Mike saw the pain in her eyes.

"Oh my god! The baby!"

Kai and Hannah...

"Kai, come to bed." Hannah called from the bedroom. Kai reluctantly left his seat and went into the bedroom. "You wanna talk about it Kai?"

"No." Kai simply replied. Hannah gave him a look that just said 'yeah right'. "Really, I'll be okay." *Who am I kidding? I'm not okay, Kendrix is dying. We're loosing her all over again.*

"You know that I am here for you." Hannah said as she kissed his check. Kai nodded as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. "I'll be here to help you through this." She said, but then she got a look in his eye. "Kai, what are you hiding from me?"

"Hiding? I'm not hiding anything." Kai said quickly. A little too quickly.

"You're lying. I know your lying because you answered with a question before saying 'nothing'."

"What? I'm not lying."

"You did it again!" Hannah pulled away from Kai. "I know you are hiding something from me. I know you have been hiding it since we started dating." Kai sighed. He had to tell her about being a power ranger and about Kendrix's death.

"Han, what I tell you, you have to promise to never tell a soul." Hannah nodded her head. "My friends and I are... were the power rangers." Hannah gasped but didn't say anything. "I was the blue ranger, Maya the yellow, Leo the red, Damon the green, and Kendrix the first pink ranger."


"Yeah, I'm getting to that. Mike joined our team later on as the magna defender. We were a great team, but we were not ready to face the psycho rangers. The astro rangers came to our rescue. However, we didn't destroy all the phsycos. Phsyco pink survived our attack. She went after the savage sword and Kendrix and Cassie went to stop her." He paused to see if Hannah was still with him. When he was sure she was he continued. "During the fight Cassie's morpher got knocked off. Phsyco pink plunged the savage sword into her morpher. The sword absorbed the power and then began draining Cassie of her life force. Kendrix destroyed that savage sword, returned Cassie's power to normal. But the consequences were not all good. Kendrix was killed in the explosion that followed the destruction of the sword."

"But Kendrix is alive."

"I'm not finished. Karone, formerly known as Astronema, took Kendrix's place as the pink galaxy ranger. After we defeated Trakeena, we placed our sabers back into the ancient rock. The power of the sabers brought Kendrix back to us. That is the whole story made short." Kai explained. Hannah remained silent for a while. Finally she spoke.

"I understand why you never told me before, and I don't hold it against you. Now I understand why Kendrix's news was so hard for you. You lost her once already." Hannah said as she wrapped her arms around her husband and hugged him close. "I love you Kai, and I will be there for you. Anytime you need to talk I will listen."

"Thank you Hannah."

"Kai I have a question for you."


"Can we have a baby?"


Damon looked around the house. Maya wasn't home. She took off to go talk to the galacta beasts about the situation and she had yet to come home. He went into his son's room first. Jaron lay fast asleep.

Jaron had taken after Maya. He wasn't dark skinned like Damon, but he wasn't fair like his mother. Jaron was tan. His dark brown hair was naturally wavy like Maya's but he had Damon's dark eyes. He loved animals and could talk to them like Maya. Damon kissed his son's head and then went to check on Mikayla.

Mikayla was dark skinned like her father. She had very straight jet black hair, but the thing most people noticed about her was that she had her mother's bright blue eyes. That was weird but then again Maya wasn't an earthling. She had said that it wasn't uncommon to see that happen to Merinoians. Mikayla liked animals the same as her mother and brother, but she preferred to play with machines like her father. Damon had taken her to work more than once. He kissed her forehead and walked into he living room.

*To think that Leo missed all of Jessica's life.* Damon shook his head. He wouldn't give up his children for the world. Then he thought about Kendrix. *She doesn't have choice this time. We're going to loose her a third time.* He sat down on the couch to wait for his wife to come home.


"Please tell me there is a way to save her." Maya pleaded with the giant animals. The lion gave a roar. Maya shook her head. "No I wont' believe that. There has to be something." The animals were silent. Finally the wild cat gave a cry. Maya's face lit up. "Really?! Please tell me!" Maya became excited when the wild cat told her there was an old legend that could save Kendrix. However, her face fell when she couldn't understand the legend itself. "That's doesn't make any sense to me. What does that mean?" None the animals had an idea. Maya thanked them and went to talk to Jera.

"Jera, are you here?" Maya called as she approached the hut. Jera stepped outside.

"Maya! What a surprise! How have you been?"

"I'm fine Jera, but I have a problem that maybe you can help me with." Jera nodded and motioned for her to come inside. They went inside Jera's hut and sat down.

"Please tell me your problem and I'll see if I can help."

"Well my friend Kendrix is back. She is really sick and I went to the galacta beasts to see if they knew what to do. The wild cat told me an old legend but I don't know what it means."

"Go ahead and tell me. I might know what you are talking about." The wise old man said.

:Well the wild cat said that 'In order to save the kitten, five times the pink is needed. Together they must seek out the sword of savage intent.', but that makes no sense."

"Well let's break it down. 'In order to save the kitten'. Now Maya think about this. It's a play on words." Jera pointed out. Maya thought hard for a few minutes.

"Oh! I got it! Kitten, Kendrix is the kitten! Her animal is the wild cat!"

"Very good." Jera nodded. "Now take the next section, 'five times the pink is needed.' What do you think that means?"

"Hmmm.... if the first part is Kendrix the second is Kendrix too. She was the pink ranger so I think it means we need five pink rangers."

"You're doing very good at figuring this out. Now the last..."

"The savage sword!" Maya interrupted she figured it out. In order to save Kendrix she needed to get five pink rangers and the savage sword. "Jera, Kendrix destroyed the savage sword."

"What once was wrong shall now be righted. Sound familiar?"

"It's part of the legend of the quasar sabers." Jera nodded. Maya thought for a moment why Jera would bring that up. "Everything was set back to normal after we placed the sabers back. Kendrix came back to us and Merinoi was fixed. Does that mean the savage sword was returned to normal since it was Kendrix's saber that broke it in the first place?" Jera nodded again. He smiled at her.

"Maya you are a fine thinker and you will do great as the next leader of our tribe."

"Me?! Take your place?!"

"After I pass onto the next life yes, I want you to take over. You and Damon will do a great job. Please Maya, I have no children and you are the wisest choice."

"Thank you Jera, it is a great honor that you bestow on me." Maya humbly accepted. "Now I should get home before Damon begins to worry about me."

Maya and Jera said goodnight to each other and she hurried off to her house. Jera watched her as she ran off. *I just hope for your friend's sake you hurry. I feel she is far worse than anyone knows. She doesn't have much longer.*

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