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Welcome Splash

Site Updated: August 1, 2006
This is my site created to house my fanfics as well as other authors. I fell in love with power rangers when I was little. Now that I am older I still enjoy the show I just don't watch it as much as I used to. Fanficstion is the best way to take my favorite characters from the show into areas that the show didn't or couldn't take them. Enjoy the site!
Just to let you all know... I did not just disappear and leave this site to die. I discovered that I have cancer so I have been doing my treatments and trying to maintain my health. As I have finished my treatments and am starting to feel much better, I will be working on this site once again as well as my many stories that have been long awaited.
Sorry about the incredibly long delay. Hope that most of my reviewers return once I start updating again.
Oh yeah... more news... I'm getting married and expecting my first child!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!
Birthday's in August

Danny Slavin (Leo Corbett)
August 5th
Turns: 33
Pau Magasiya (Shane Clark)
August 10th
Turns: 26

Animated Mailbox Opening and Closing

pinkstranger's mailbox

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