Secrets of the Chambers

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Black Thunder Shadows

Written by: Ultra Sonic
Rated: PG-13

Chapter 10- Reflect chats X 3

Felectro was growling to himself as he, the White Ranger clone, and Elsa entered the main room of the island fortress.

“May I be so straightforward as to ask what had happened out there?” Mesogog asked calmly with a demanding undertone.

Elsa kept a stony expression on her face as she tried to think of the best excuse she could muster. Unfortunately though, she couldn’t think of any. So she said the only thing that could come to her mind.

“We had the odds in our favor, Lord Mesogog.” She said. “Unfortunately it seemed that the Rangers got crafty at the last minute.”

“And almost got the best of you, even of you as well, Felectro.” Mesogog supplied as he glared at the hybrid, who had his head semi-lowered.

“The only reason they had their lucky shot was because the Black Ranger saved them at the last minute.” Felectro said. “Nothing more.”

Mesogog frowned as he glared menacingly at Felectro. “I have heard that many times before, and the end result that I always get is remnants of destroyed experiments.” He then snarled. “Why should I expect anything different now?”

“The Rangers may have gotten a breather thanks to their teacher, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get a similar chance next time.” Elsa replied confidently. “Next time will be completely foolproof.”

“Interesting you should say that, considering the fact that you had been so caught up in making one puny human a hostage that you let your guard down. So much to the point that you not only allowed a civilian to attack you, but you allowed her to get the better of you.” Mesogog pointed out. “And it wasn’t even a Power Ranger.”

Elsa lowered her head in disgust. Just hearing about the scuffle she had with the blond woman were enough to make her want to hit something. Then when she heard Mesogog say that the civilian wasn’t even a Ranger, she quickly let her anger drain away as a look of realization crossed her face and she raised her head to face her leader.

“Actually, my lord, I’m not so sure of that.”

“What do you mean, ‘not sure’?”

“About the civilian.” Elsa answered. “When she first attacked me I was caught by surprise, but as she fought me her moves were very accurate and precise; almost…Ranger-precise.”

Mesogog huffed. “Are you sure by chance you weren’t completely caught off guard?”

Elsa clenched her fists for a moment before answering. “Absolutely not, my lord.” She said steely. “As I said before, the woman’s moves were too precise to have been moves learned from self-defense classes, and usually a normal person would have kept their distance or run off. She didn’t do anything of the sort. Instead she stood her ground.” A stern look then crossed her face.

And I would have been able to give her a permanent lesson had that miserable Black Ranger not interfered.

Mesogog paced around his flunkies for a while, then as soon as Elsa was done he then turned and faced her.

“Are you implying that the woman you fought was probably an ex-Power Ranger?”

Elsa locked eyes with her master. “Master, you know I don’t presume…”

“Elsa,” Mesogog said threateningly. “You know I don’t like to repeat myself. So for the second and last time, answer the question.”

Elsa grumbled. “Maybe.” She replied.

Mesogog hissed and he walked away from Elsa and then turned to face her.

“Whether she is or was one, you had your guard down none the less. If the next time you almost get defeated by a civilian, I won’t wait for that person, Ranger or not, to defeat you. I will personally drag you out of the fight via invisiportal and do it myself. Understand?”

Elsa grudgingly shook her head. “Yes, my lord.”

“Good.” Mesogog then walked towards the main doors that led to his chambers. “Make sure that you three get the job done next time, and eliminate anything or anyone that gets in your way.” he said as he disappeared into the doubled doors.

As Elsa saw her master disappear she then turned around and faced Felectro and the White Ranger clone. “Let’s prepare for the next strike.” She said.

As she and the others walked to a planning table the fight with the blond woman flashed unconsciously in her head. Elsa mentally fumed to herself as she unconsciously replayed the fight in her mind, but then as she thought about what Mesogog had said before he left she then began to smirk.

Ranger or not, I just hope that, for her own sake, that bitch doesn’t get in my way again.


Katherine stepped into her hotel room with a Taco-Bell bag in her left arm. As she closed the door and locked it she then placed the Taco-Bell bag on the small table and her backpack on her bed. As soon as she did that Kat then walked over to her table so she could have her makeshift dinner of one Chalupa supreme, and a small Sprite. Once she was done Kat then put the wrappings back in the brown Taco-Bell bag and placed in the trash. She then walked over to her bed and collapsed down on it in exhaustion. As she glanced up at the ceiling she found herself reflecting on what happened today: Her arriving in America again after nine years…her showing up at Reefside which, to her felt like a twin sibling to Angel Grove for some reason…her going for the job interview and getting it on the spot…her not only witnessing a monster attack, but getting dab smack in the middle of it as she fought off a few of those disgusting lizard-creatures…to her trying to save a boy’s life by going mano a mano with some woman…to her almost getting her life cut off short only to have it saved by a tall, mysterious Power Ranger in black.

Looks like when I said that Tanya and I would have a lot to talk about, I wasn’t kidding. Kat thought to herself. No sooner did she think that did she remember something.

Speaking of which… She thought as she reached for her backpack, which was right beside her. As she opened one of the small pockets she rummaged through it until she pulled out a small phone book. Kat then opened it and flipped through the pages until she came to Tanya’s phone number. She then reached for the phone that was on the bedside table and dialed the number.

“I’m never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm, though it’s easy to pretend, I know I’m not a fool…”

28 year-old Tanya Sloan was at her apartment washing the dishes as Brian McKnight’s version of “Careless Whisper” floated from her CD player in her living room. Luckily though the music wasn’t blaring off the walls so she was able to hear the phone ring. She put down her glass as she dried off her hands and walked over to pick up the phone.

“Hello?” She asked.


“Oh, hey Kat!” Tanya said enthusiastically. “What’s up girl? It’s been a while since we last chatted.”

“I know.” Kat replied nostalgically.

“So tell me, how’d the flight go?” Tanya asked earnestly. When Kat was contemplating moving back to the States a year ago she had told Tanya about what she was going to do. Tanya, more than happy to talk and hang out with her best friend again, and this time on the same continent, asked if she could help out by tracking down some dance schools on the internet and sending them to her. Kat accepted, and within a few days Tanya sent her a large list of California’s dance schools via e-mail. Unbeknownst to the former Yellow Zeo/Turbo Ranger, Cosmos was on that list.

“It was great.” Kat replied. “We had to land at Mariner Bay though, but it wasn’t too bad.”

“You had to land at Mariner Bay? What happened to Reefside’s airport?” Tanya asked, perplexed.

“Well, from what I know, it seems they had to close it down because part of it was horribly trashed by some monster.”

“Whoa.” Tanya said. “Seems like in every city in California at one point, there’s always gonna be a sicko (or two) waiting to turn it into a Charcoal briquette.”

“I know, tell me about it.” Kat replied.

“So, how were you able to get to Reefside from there?”

“Well luckily Mariner Bay wasn’t too far from Reefside, so once I got off the plane I found I was able to take an express bus to get there. So I did and once I got there I was able to hail a taxi and go straight to Days Inn from there.” Kat answered.

“Did you have the interview today or is it some other day?” Tanya asked.

“Today. A while after I crashed in my room, I went to Cosmos for the interview.”


Kat stayed silent.

“Hello? You there Kat?”

“Yeah. I’m here.”

“So tell me, what happened?” Tanya asked anxiously.

“Well…let’s just say…I got it.” Kat answered cheerfully.

“You got it? On the spot?”


“Well, that’s excellent! That’s great!” Tanya exclaimed jovially. “Y’ know, I knew you’d get the job.”

“Me too.” Kat replied. “So, tell me. How have you been?”

“Well, I’ve been cutting my teeth-and some demos over here. Plus I even had the chance to work with Michael McDonald quite recently.”

“Really?” Kat asked curiously.

“Yeah. I mean, it wasn’t anything BIG, but I was able to help out with some of the Programming and I even contributed backing vocals on the one he sang with Toni Braxton.”

“Is it on that new one…Motown two?” Kat asked.

“Yeah, that’s the one.” Tanya supplied. “Although sadly I had to end up doing the programming here. However, Michael was kind enough to drop by FROM Tennessee with his wife to see how it was going, and he offered me the chance to go with him back to Tennessee to finish the programming and do the backing vocals.” Tanya sighed nostalgically. “That’s something I’m never gonna forget.”

Kat smiled. “Well, I may be no music expert Tanya, but the way I see it, it may have been a minor role to you, but to Michael, Toni Braxton and the others, it probably meant a lot to them.”

“Oh, I know that.” Tanya said. “But it was just great working with him and Toni on that song and the album itself; plus I even got a cool paycheck as a bonus.”

Kat laughed. “So, are you doing anything for Thanksgiving?”

“Well, I’m going to go over to my folks’ place for Thanksgiving tomorrow, plus I got a call from Adam saying he’ll be on his way back from Korea Friday so we’ll have our own Thanksgiving over the weekend.”

“That’s good to hear.” Kat said.

“Y’ know what? Why don’t you come over for the weekend?” Tanya asked. “We could hang out and catch up on old times.”

“Sorry, Tanya. I wish I could, but I start work at Cosmos tomorrow.” Kat said apologetically. “But how about a rain check?”

Tanya smiled on her end. “All right. Sounds good to me.”


“Oh yeah, one last thing, how’s the city sights?”

“Well, I have to say, Reefside is definitely interesting.” Kat answered. “And in some ways-no, make that in a lot of ways, it reminds me of Angel Grove for some reason. Particularly with what happened this afternoon.”

“What happened?” Tanya asked.

“After I left Cosmos after my interview, I was on my way to go get some lunch when all of a sudden, a creature that looked like a panther, along with some disgusting lizard-like creatures appeared and started attacking everyone.”

“Were you alright?”

“Yeah, I was okay, but when I saw one of those things get near a couple, I…”

“You just acted on instinct and fought that creature and protected the couple as though you were back in the pink armor?” Tanya supplied.

Kat sighed. “Yeah, pretty much.”

Since she was talking into a cordless home phone, Tanya went into the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. “Now I’m gonna take a guess that there was more that went down, wasn’t there?”

Kat sighed again. “Nothing gets past you now, does it, Tanya?”

“It’s called best friends’ intuition, Kat.” Tanya replied.

“Again, pretty much.” She said, answering her friends’ question. “After I helped the couple to safety, I saw the Rangers show up.”

“Well, that’s always good.”

“It’s just that not too long after they showed up, more of those lizard-creatures started showing up. From what I saw, the Black and White Rangers were pretty outnumbered.”

“So…in essence, you got a Ranger complex at that moment.” Tanya guessed.

“Look, I know it sounds crazy, but I couldn’t just…sit there. So I just went in there and helped as best as I could.” She then let out a chuckle. “I guess old habits do die hard, even after nine years.”

“And while you were doin’ that, no freakazoid tried to 86 you?”

Kat swallowed, hard. “Well, there was that woman who looked like she had stolen clothing from that Matrix movie. She was trying to take a small boy hostage, so I just acted instinctively and attacked her. She looked a little surprised, but then she struck me with some energy beam, knocking me down. I admit, she was pretty close to killing me, but then somehow the Black Ranger was able to get there and stop her.”

Tanya sighed. “Girl, you are so lucky he was able to get there in time.”

“I know.” Kat replied. Then suddenly images of the Black Ranger coming to her aid and helping her to her feet flashed unconsciously in her mind. “Hey Tanya, you mind if I tell you something?”

“Sure.” Tanya said.

“When the Black Ranger helped me to my feet, and I looked at him in his visor, I…felt something.”

Tanya’s eyes narrowed in surprise. “Okay, what exactly did you feel?”

A puzzled look crossed Kat’s face. Even she couldn’t quite place it. “I don’t know…it felt like this…like there was some connection or something.”

Tanya sighed. “Kat, are you sure you’re not suffering from T.A.S.?”


“Tommy Angst Syndrome.”

“Tanya! It’s not that!” Kat countered, even though she, like Tanya sensed that it might be.

“Are you sure?” Tanya asked slyly.

“Positive.” Kat said as firmly as she could.

“Okay Kat, whatever you say.” Tanya said. “So what happened after that?”

“After he saved my life, he went to go help his other comrades mop up. After that, they got what looked like motorcycles and ATVs and just…took off.”

“So you really had gotten a Ranger complex during all that, did you?”

Kat sighed defeatedly. “Yes, guilty as charged.”

“It’s okay. Besides, I think we all get those every now and then.”

“Definitely.” Kat said as she remembered her days as the Pink Morphin, Zeo, and Turbo Ranger.

“So did you go anyplace else?”

“No. After that I figured I’d head back here to my small suite and relax a little bit.”

“Makes sense.” Tanya replied. “Oh yeah, what time do you start tomorrow?

“At two o’ clock, but I’ll see if I can get there a little early.”

“All right. In that case I’ll let you go. Call me tomorrow after work lets out.”

“Will do, Tanya. Bye.” Kat said as she hung up. As she put the phone down she then put both her hands behind her head and stared up at the ceiling.

Are you alright?”

Once again the images flashed in her mind. As she saw them Katherine wondered why was the Black Ranger familiar to her for some reason. Then she thought back to the way he moved, and the mannerisms as well. Then as she put it all together it seemed a little too familiar. Suddenly a crazy thought hit her.

Oh, come on, Kat. What are you thinking? Tommy, back? In black this time? She then chuckled. Maybe Tanya’s right. Maybe you are suffering from T.A.S.



Conner wiped some sweat from his forehead as he put up another flattened box on top of a pile. Even though he, Ethan, Trent, Kira and Dr. Oliver had sorted through a great deal of stuff, there were still some boxes that needed to be emptied out.

“Okay, that’s 10 down, 15 more to go.” Ethan said as he looked at the remaining boxes that were unopened.

“Make that 11 down, 14 to go.” Trent said as he dragged a flattened box that, while empty, was still a little heavy for him. Conner then picked up one end and both guys then hurled the box onto the pile with ease.

“Now that’s what I call up and over.” Conner quipped.

“You can say that again.” Trent said.

“Good job, guys.” Dr. Oliver said as he walked up to his protégés. “I really appreciate it.”

“Hey, anytime, Dr. O.” Ethan said earnestly.

Tommy snuck a peak at his watch. “It’s 7:18 right now, do you guys want to…go home or…”

“Well, I admit, I am feeling a little bushed for tonight.” Conner said as he yawned and stretched out a little bit. “But not too much.”

“You may not be tired bro, but I am.” Ethan remarked.

“Well, take it from me guys,” Tommy said, “We were all pushed a little more than we usually were.”

“Yeah.” Ethan replied. “But…I gotta say doc, seeing all those people applaud…I mean, its like we were at a video game competition, a rock concert, the World Cup, and a big-cheese comic convention all at once.”

“I think I know what you mean, Ethan.” Tommy said. However, as he said that an image of him looking at Kat unconsciously flashed in his mind, causing him to go blank for a few moments.

“Dr. O? You in there?” Conner asked.

Dr. Oliver stayed silent.


Tommy quickly snapped himself out of it. “Sorry, guys. I must have blacked out all of a sudden.”

“Yeah, you kind of did.” Kira pointed out.

Twice now, in fact. Conner thought. Even though he could see that his teacher/mentor was trying to shrug it off as nothing, Conner had a pretty good feeling as to what might be going on in his teacher’s mind, and what, or who he was thinking about. And judging from the look on Ethan’s face, he too was picking it up somewhat.

“Again, sorry. It’s just that…I haven’t been getting much sleep lately.”

“Well, if you want, we can go.” Kira suggested.

“Oh, c’ mon, and leave Dr. O here to empty the rest of this stuff?” Conner asked rhetorically.

“Well actually, I’m gonna call it a night.” Tommy said. “Those other ones can wait for tomorrow.”

“All right, well, in that case, we’re out of here, then.” Conner said.

“Again, thanks a lot, you guys.” Tommy said.

“Don’t mention it Dr. Oliver.” Trent replied.

“Good night, Dr. O.” Kira said.

“Good night.”

“See ya tomorrow, doc.” Ethan said. “You’ll be here tomorrow, right?”

“It’s a holiday for both students and teachers, Ethan.” Tommy supplied.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.”

“Oh yeah, doc?” Conner said as he reached the stairs to level ground.


“It’s nothing wrong to think about an old friend. Or, at least I don’t think.”

Tommy sighed and gave Conner a warning look, to which Conner quickly threw his hands up in surrender. But as he headed up the stairs, Tommy could have sworn he heard his student chuckle. He then sighed and walked over to some of the “neatly” arranged paraphernalia that he and his protégés had taken out of the boxes.

Maybe it was instinct, or maybe he just wanted to spite himself by putting himself in a brooding mood, but he somehow found himself looking for the photos he had seen Conner and co. looking at earlier. Surprisingly enough they were lying right on top of his diploma.

As he started to look through them he flipped through a few of them with a nostalgic smile on his face. But then as he came to a picture of Katherine his smile faded.

Are you alright?”

Yeah, I’m just a little winded…”

It was just no use. No matter how much he tried to dismiss the encounter as just something his mind was playing a trick on him with, his heart was telling him he hadn’t been seeing things.

But, if that was her, what’s she doing here? Not that I’m upset about it, far from it, but does she know I’m living here? What brought her back here?

As those questions and more began to flood his mind, one unexpectedly popped into his mind.

Still think about her, doc?”

Tommy sighed slowly, and as he stared at the picture he then sighed defeatedly.

“At least one moment of everyday.”

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