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This Page lists all the updates to my site

August 14th- Okay, this site is finally updated. I'm glad to say that I am back for good!! August B-day's posted on front page as well as a new banner. I've gone and updated ages in actors profiles. I'm also going be trying to catch myself up to Mystic Force on the actors list. In the fanfiction page I've added quite a bit.. I just suggest you go check it out. Also a new story is in the works there. I am still waiting on the chapters so there is nothing to really read for you, but I have read them and I like this story thus far. Quite an unexpected couple appears. Highly suggested that you read it!! I've also got the sequel to Ultra Sonic's Black Thunder Shadows and DT Express posted now too. Anyway, I promise that I will not let this site fall again. I will try my best to be sure the monthly updates are done. With that Catch you on the next update!!
Febuary 27th- Wow, holy cow! I didn't realize I had been off for this long. Well I changed the homepage to March b-day's and stuff. I updated a lot of fics and I even added a new one. Ultra Sonics DT Express. This is the sequel to Black Thunder Shadows, which may I add, is finally posted as finished. It's been done for a while but I finally got around to finishing the post on here. Enjoy and I promise to not let things go for so long! Later Gater!!
October 18th- Okay been a long time since I had an update, I've been really busy with school, a new job, and a new boyfriend. Anyway, I changed the look of the whole site. Hope everyone likes this new look. Check out the Bio's each actor has a different look to their page. I am excited by this news I was added to the links list on Tablets of Destiny. That has been my favoirte site for a long time.  I also finally went and updated Lady in Red's Cabin Fever, Ultra Sonic's Black Thunder Shadows, as well as some of my own stories. Bonds of Pink, Be Mine, and Nightmares. I also posted a new story written by me, Silent Secrets. Swing by the Fanfics page to check them out. And as always please drop me a line.
August 11th 2005- Birthday's for August posted on home page and new chapter for Ultra Sonic's Black Thunder Shadows was added. Not much to say, but I won't get a chance to update for a while. I'm moving and I won't have internet for a while. so with hopefully I will get a lot of my stories done since I don't have to worry about updating my site or the stories on Well Until the next time, everyone take care and Enjoy what I do have done on the site.
July 29, 2005- Added a new story by a new author. I'm sure many people have already read this on I added Ultra Sonic's story Black Thunder Shadows. Totally Kat and Tommy shippness. YAY!!! Nothing else new to report. Watch for more coming soon. I'm working on all my stuff and a new story in the making, even though I said I wouldn't. Oh well, when you got a good idea work with it. ;)
July 3, 2005- I created a new page for my site! A Love Shrine dedicated to Tommy and Kat! YAY! I might add more pages for other couples but for now just Tommy and Kat. Also a new story is posted written by me (of course) Be Mine is a collection of a lot of short stoies I have been sitting on for a while. Enjoy and everyone have a Happy 4th!!!!!
July 1, 2005- Updated, Bonds of Pinkand Nightmares. Added a new story of mine, If Something Should Happen... COMPLETED KAO's Half Way Around the World and and update on Lady in Red's Cabin Fever. New Birthday's posted for July. If you want your b-day posted just send an e-mail with your name, age and birthday to Thanks all
June 15th 2005- New Author added to my site. Lady in Red. Her story is Cabin Fever. I also posted a new story by KendrixAmieeOliver You're Worth It All And a new story by me, Nightmares. Check out the cast/character list. I finally added SPD to the list and I changed a few Bios.
May 29th 2005- New Chapter added to Bonds of Pink. The chapter had been posted on for a while but I just got aroudn to adding it to my own site. I added a new story of mine, I Will Remember You. It's my first songfic so please let me know how I did. Also added a new story by a NEW AUTHOR!! Yea!!!! Someone besides me! Well go check out Half Way Around the World written by KendrixAmieeOliver. This is just the start of this story. Also posted another story by KendrixAmieeOliver Don't Lie to Me
May 12th 2005- New chapter added to Bonds of Pink and a new site added to the links page. The site is run by my new friend Myriah Crane. This is a great site with great stories. Go check it out
May 4th 2005- Major overhaul to this site. Added new story to fanfics and a new chapter to Bonds of Pink. Actor information and pics posted for most of the actors. I'm so excited by this new look for the site! ENJOY!

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