Secrets of the Chambers

Cast/Character List

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Still looking for pics and info on some actors.
Coming Soon- Friend/Foe List!!!!

This is a complete credit list as to who played which ranger
Click on the Actors name for Bio and Pic

Character Name

Actor/Actress Name


Adam Park

Black Mastadon Mighty Morphin Ranger (2nd)
Black Frog Mighty Morphin Ranger
Green Zeo Ranger
Green Desert Thunder Turbo Ranger (1st)

Aisha Campbell

Yellow Sabertooth Tiger Mighty Morphin Ranger (2nd)
Yellow Bear Mighty Morphin Ranger

Alyssa Enrile

White Noble Tiger Wild Force Ranger


Red Astro (Space) Ranger

Anubis "Doggie" Cruger

John Tui

Shadow Ranger (SPD)

Ashley Hammond

Yellow Dune Star Turbo Ranger (2nd)
Yellow Astro (Space) Ranger

Billy Cranston

Blue Triceratops Mighty Morphin Ranger
Blue Wolf Mighty Morphin Ranger

Blake Bradley

Navy Thunder Ranger

Bridge Carson

Matt Austin

Green SPD Ranger

Cam Watanabe

Green Samurai Ranger

Carlos Valerte

Green Desert Thunder Turbo Ranger (2nd)
Black Astro (Space) Ranger

Carter Grayson

Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger

Cassie Chan

Pink Windchaser Turbo Ranger (2nd)
Pink Astro (Space) Ranger

Chad Lee

Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger

Cole Evans

Red Blazing Lion Wild Force Ranger

Conner McKnight

Red Dino Thunder Ranger

Damon Henderson

Green Condor Galaxy Ranger

Dana Mitchell

Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger

Danny Delgado

Black Iron Bison Wild Force Ranger

Elizabeth "Z" Delgado

Monica May

Yellow SPD Ranger

Eric Myers

Quantum Ranger

Ethan James

Kevin Duhaney

Blue Dino Thunder Ranger

Hunter Bradley

Crimson Thunder Ranger

Jack Landors

Brandon Jay McLaren

Red SPD Ranger

Jason Lee Scott

Red Tyrannosaurus Mighty Morphin Ranger (1st)
Gold Zeo Ranger

Jennifer (Jen)

Pink Time Force Ranger

Joel Rawlings

Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger

Justin Stewart

Blue Mountain Blaster Turbo Ranger

Kai Chen

Blue Gorilla Galaxy Ranger


Pink Wild Cat Galaxy Ranger (2nd)

Katherine "Kat" Hillard

Pink Crane Mighty Morphin Ranger (2nd)
Pink Zeo Ranger
Pink Windchaser Turbo Ranger (1st)


Yellow Time Force Ranger

Kelsey Winslow

Yellow Lightspeed Rescue Ranger

Kendrix Morgan

Pink Wild Cat Galaxy Ranger (1st)

Kimberly "Kim" Hart

Pink Pterodactyl Mighty Morphin Ranger
Pink Crane Mighty Morphin Ranger (1st)

Kira Ford

Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger

Leo Corbett

Red Lion Galaxy Ranger

Lucas Kendall

Blue Time Force Ranger

Max Cooper

Phillip Jeanmarie

Blue Surging Shark Wild Force Ranger


Yellow Wolf Galaxy Ranger

Merrick Baliton

Lunar Wolf Ranger

Micheal "Mike" Corbett

Magna Defender

Rocky DeSantos

Red Tyrannosaurus Mighty Morphin Ranger (2nd)
Red Ape Mighty Morphin Ranger
Blue Zeo Ranger

Ryan Mitchell

Titanium Ranger

Schuyler "Sky" Tate

Chris Violette

Blue SPD Ranger

Shane Clarke

Red Wind Ranger

Sydney "Syd" Drew

Alycia Purrott

Yellow SPD Ranger

Tanya Sloan

Yellow Zeo Ranger
Yellow Dune Star Turbo Ranger (1st)

Taylor Eathardt

Yellow Soaring Eagle Wild Force Ranger

Theodore Jay Jarvis "T.J." Johnson

Red Lightning Turbo Ranger (2nd)
Blue Astro (Space) Ranger

Tommy Oliver

Green Dragon Mighty Morphin Ranger
White Tiger Mighty Morphin Ranger
White Falcon Mighty Morphin Ranger
Red Zeo Ranger
Red Lightning Turbo Ranger (1st)
Black Dino Thunder Ranger

Tori Hanson

Blue Wind Ranger

Trent Fernandez

Jeffery Parazzo

White Dino Thunder Ranger

Trini Kwan

Yellow Sabertooth Tiger Mighty Morphin Ranger


Green Time Force Ranger

Waldo "Dustin" Brooks

Yellow Wind Ranger

Wesley "Wes" Collins

Red Time Force Ranger

Zack Taylor

Black Mastadon Mighty Morphin Ranger


Silver Astro (Space) Ranger