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Bonds of Pink

Written by: Pinkstranger

Part 1


Disclaimer: I do not own the power rangers nor do I have permission to use them. This is for entertainmnet purposes only. Enjoy!!

She stared at the x-ray not wanting to believe what she was seeing. This had to be wrong she was healthy! The doctor had to be wrong! Even as she told herself this things she knew that it was true. There was a tumor in her brain. The doctor told her that they caught it too late and it had grown into her brain tissue, she was going to die.

A tear slid down her check. She had just got her life in order now it was going to end. She didn't know how long she had she only knew that it would end. How to tell her friends. Would they understand? Would they pity her? No! That was the last thing she wanted from them. She didn't want them to pity her. she decided to try and hide this as long as she could, but what about her daughter? Who would take care of Jessica when she gave into the tumor? Could she go to Jessica's father? She shook her head as she stood to leave.

The doctor saw her walking toward the door and called her over. She hesitated, not wanting to hear anything else from him. She finally turned and walked back to him. "You shouldn't be driving yourself anymore. I want you to get one of your friends to take you places. Please do this for your daughter, she doesn't need you to black out while driving or anything like that." She couldn't speak. She felt the walls closing around her. She wanted to tell him that she could take care of herself but the words just wouldn't form on her lips. She only managed to nod her head like an idiot and then turn back to the door.

She calmly walked to her car and got out her keys. Before she could unlock the door she was taken over by anger. She slammed her fists onto the hood of her car. the tears poured down her checks. She stood there crying holding her fists tightly for a while. She finally relaxed her hands enough to unlock her car and got in. She had to go get Jessica, she was with her friends back at the youth center. She didn't want to face any of them yet but she had to get her daughter. She reluctantly started the car and drove away from the clinic.

She parked her car in the parking lot of the youth center. She looked at herself in a mirror and quickly fixed her makeup. Finally satisfied that no one would guess she had been crying she got out of her car. As she got out she noticed a group of cars parked in the back all belonging to her friends. Not all of them were here however there were more there than she wanted to deal with. . Great! Just Great! She thought to herself. She didn't want to talk to anyone about her appointment and she knew they would ask.

She took at deep breath and put on a fake smile as she opened the door. Her friends were crowded around the usual table. From what she learned it was the same one as they used in high school. She strode over to the table to see Jessica in Jason Scott's lap coloring. Katherine Hillard was the first to notice her. "Hey, how did you appointment go"

"Fine, I won't know anything for a while. They will call me when they get the results." She lied. They all knew that she was going in because she was suffering frequent headaches.

"Well let us know when you know something. We are all worried about you." Kimberly Hart added. Katherine and Kimberly were so close as friend many just meeting them thought they were sisters. They were the ones to welcome her into their group when she first moved to Angel Grove. As time went on they discovered the three of them shared a bond that no one else in the group would know. They were all pink rangers at one point in their life.


"Excuse me can you tell me how to get to Middle Street? I just moved her and I am a little lost." She asked a friendly looking blonde she pasted in the park.

"Oh yeah that is easy enough. Go that direction until you get out of the park. That is Hillway Street. Keep going in that direction for three blocks. that is Middle Street." She replied in a soft Australian accent. "You're new here huh"


"I'm Katherine Hillard." she put out her hand as she introduced herself. They exchanged names and chatted for a few moments. "Well I hate to run but I have to go met my boyfriend for lunch. Do you know where the youth center is"

"Yes, I've been there a few times already."

"Great come there tonight and I will introduce you to my friends. Then maybe we can show you around a little before it gets too late."

"I'd like that. What time should I come"

"Let's say around five or so. We aren't too big of being punctual. If we were Tommy would have been left behind a long time ago." Katherine giggled. "Just look for me, I’ll be watching for you. See ya later."

Later that night...

"Hey, I see you made it" Katherine was up out of her chair and greeting her at the door. A short brunette followed closely behind Katherine. "This is Kimberly Hart."

"Nice to meet you." Kimberly shook her hand. The three girls stood talking before going over to the table with the rest of the group. She didn't know why but she felt an instant connection with the two girls.

Katherine and Kimberly soon found out that she was staying a motel and helped her to get an apartment. Then when they found out she was pregnant they helped her with everything. They decorated the nursery for her and put together a baby shower for her. They were the ones with her when she delivered. They were there for her through everything.

Then one day Kimberly accidentally made a referral to fighting against the clay heads, she put two and two together. She asked Kimberly straight out if she was a ranger. Kimberly was shocked but didn't deny it. She sighed with relief and said that she had been a ranger once too, the pink ranger of her team. Kimberly became excited and ran and got Katherine. She learned then that Kat had been a pink ranger too. She finally knew why she felt that connection with them when she had first met them.

- End Flashback-

She took a seat even though she didn't want to. She looked around the table at all her friends. Jason Lee Scott sat next to her. Her daughter sat on his lap. Next to him was his girlfriend, Katherine. Next to her was Kimberly. Kimberly was holding the hand of her boyfriend, Tommy Oliver. Next to Tommy sat the group clown, the ever hungry Rocky Desantos. Rocky sat next to his long time friend, the shy Adam Park. Of course wherever Adam was you could find his wife Tanya Sloan-Park. They were happily married and expecting their first baby in a few months. Justin Stewart sat next to Tanya. He was all grown up and very handsome. he was just happy to be able to chat with his friends as an adult and not a kid anymore. She sat next to Justin completing the circle of friends. There were some that weren't present at that moment though. Aisha Campbell, Zack Jones, and Billy Cranston. Trini Kwan had been killed in car accident three years before. She was never forgotten and sorely missed.

"Mommy, Jason showed me a new move today" Jessica exclaimed. "Kat told me that she would teach me to be a diver like her if you said it was okay."

"That would be good. Maybe you can get into the pan global games when you are older. Kat almost did." She smiled before adding"Kim went there for gymnastics, I'm sure if you wanted she would teach you some of that too." Kimberly smiled as she locked eyes with her.

"Can I learn everything" the little girl was so excited. Her eyes were the same color as her fathers and just as playful. Her hair was golden blonde just like hers, she truly was a beautiful little girl given the best of both sides.

"You can do whatever you want." she told her daughter. She noticed how content Jason was with the bubbly five year old on his lap. She knew a secret about Jason that she swore to never tell anyone. He desperately wanted a child, especially a baby girl. The only problem was he knew that Kat would never have a child without being married and he was too scared to ask her. So instead he played the father-like role for Jessica. "Well I think that I should get Jessica home for dinner, besides I am a little on the tired side." She stood to leave but Jason caught her arm.

"Why don't you sit here and enjoy a meal with all of us? I mean we are in a restaurant." She hesitated but finally sat back down. Jessica smiled devilishly, she loved to eat here but her mom didn't let her too much. "And if you are tired Kat and I can take Jessica for a while and you can take a nap. Even better she can come spend the night at my place and the three of us can have a small party."

"Well... I just..."

"You could use the rest you know." Katherine added. She was in on this now too.

"Okay fine by me. Jessica may spend the night. I guess I could use some rest." She smiled. This would give her the whole night to decide what to do.

"Yippee" Jessica exclaimed. She loved sleepovers.

"After dinner Jason and I will take Jessica to get some clothes and her toothbrush." Kat stated.

"Okay. Jessica you promise to behave"

"Yes mommy."

"Well I think I will go ahead and go then. I don't have much of an appetite right now." She stood from her chair and this time walked away. Katherine watched her go knowing she was hiding something. She was determined to find out what that was.

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