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More Than Friends

Written By: Pinkstranger

“Okay so tell me the details.” Kimberly giggled as Aisha took her seat next to her.

“There are no details Kim. Adam and I just went to a movie. We’re just friends.”

“Sure you are.” Kim rolled her eyes.

“Whatever Kim, we have been best friends since we were six. That’s not going to change.” Aisha replied as the teacher walked into the room. Kim didn’t say anything more but she detected a hint of disappointment in Aisha’s voice.

After a long day of school the gang gathered in the juice bar. Adam and Rocky were sparring on the mats while the other four sat at their usual table. Billy was helping Tommy with his algebra homework while Kim and Aisha worked on their history report.

“Come on man, why don’t you just ask her out?” Rocky asked as he blocked a punch from Adam.

“I can’t. What if she says no? Then our friendship would go down the drain.”

“How do you know she will say no?”

“I don’t.”

“Then why no ask?”

“Rocky!” Adam rolled his eyes as he brought Rocky down with a sweep of his feet. He smiled and extended his hand to his fallen friend.

“Dude just ask her.” Rocky said. Adam rolled his eyes and let go of Rocky’s hand. Rocky fell back to the floor and watch Adam walk away. “Not cool man!”

“You deserved that.” Adam said as he looked back at Rocky. “Just let it go.” he joined the others at the table. Rocky followed within moments.

“Nice job out there Adam.” Kimberly commented as Adam took his seat next to her. Aisha just smiled and looked back down at her book. Adam watched her for a moment before turning his attention to Tommy.

“Tommy, you should show me that awesome spin kick move you did the other day.” Adam said. Tommy looked up from his book and gave Adam and grateful look.

“Sure man, we can work on that right now if you want.”

“Tommy , you should finish your math.” Kimberly protested. Besides trying to help Tommy stay on time, Kimberly’s current project was making sure Tommy did his homework. He just didn’t have any interest in school and she was determined to see him graduate with her.

“Come on Kim, just a little spar and right back to the book.” Tommy pleaded. He knew it was pointless to argue with his girlfriend. She was set in her ways and stubborn as a mule.

“Math first Tommy. You are going to pass this class.” Kim said sternly. Aisha giggled under her breath.

I would never treat Adam like… Adam! I must really be stuck on him. We’re just friends. Why would I compare him and me to Kimberly and Tommy? Aisha thought to herself. Rocky noticed her far off look.

“Aisha, you okay?”

“Huh? Oh yeah… I’m fine just thinking.”

“About what?” Kimberly chided.

“Nothing important.” Aisha replied.

“Aisha, anything you think is unimportant.” Adam said. Aisha looked up at him. The look in his eyes was genuine. Was it her imagination or did she see.. love?

“Thanks Adam.” Aisha said barely above a whisper. For some reason as she stared into his eyes she felt her breath leave her body. Her heart fluttered, but as quickly as the feelings had come they disappeared. She shook her head slightly and looked back down at her history book.

Adam took a deep breath before speaking. “Aisha can I talk to you for a minute?” Aisha looked up at him and smiled.

“Sure.” She said setting her book down on the table and standing up. Adam lead her over to a corner.

“Aisha I was wondering if… well… if maybe you wanted to… I don’t go out for dinner with me?”

“Adam Park! Are you asking me out?” Aisha giggled.

“I’m asking you to dinner, you know as friends.”

“So this isn’t a date?” Aisha said. Disappointment laced into her words.

“Do you want it to be?” Adam asked, hope filling his voice.

“So long as you do Adam.”

“Aisha I would love nothing more than to go on a date with you.” Adam smiled. He was filled with a sense a relief. He meant to give Aisha a hug but she moved at the same time and their lips brushed each others. Both Adam and Aisha gave a small gasp.

“I’m so sorry Aisha.” Adam quickly apologized.

“Don’t be sorry… I rather enjoyed it.”

“You did?”


“Then can I kiss you for real?” Adam asked as their eyes locked. Aisha didn’t say anything. She just wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her.

Kimberly swatted Rocky’s arm and pointed at Adam and Aihsa. “Look, they finally got together.”

“It’s about time.” Rocky mumbled. “I’ve been trying to get them together since junior high.”

“Good for them.” Tommy commented looking at Kimberly. “Maybe the four of us should double date sometime.”

“Negative Tommy, I think they should be allowed the time to get to know each other and explore their newly formed relationship.” Billy cut in. Kimberly laughed.

“Don’t worry Billy I was going to say the same thing.”

“I wasn’t meaning like today or anytime soon. Maybe for prom or something.” Tommy replied. Rocky smiled as the new couple came back to table.

“You two look so cute together.” Kimberly said.

“I always said that you two were more than friends, but would you listen to me?” Rocky teased. Aisha and Adam shared a look before sitting down. Rocky had been right the whole time. They were more than friends.

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