Secrets of the Chambers

Under Enemy Fire Part 7

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Written By: PinkStranger

Rated PG-13

"Go ahead Katherine. Kill me, but you'll only be considered the bad guy." Kevaris whispered.

"Kat, we agreed to capture him and lock him up on KO35!" Andros beckoned.

"What are you going to do?" Kevaris asked eyeing the blade at his throat.

"This..." Kat said as she made a quick move and brought the handle of her dagger to connect with Kevaris‘ temple. “That should take you down and out.” She said satisfied. Tommy ran up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

“I thought you were really going to kill him.” Tommy stated.

“Me too, but something inside of me said don‘t do it.” Katherine replied. She watched as Andros contacted KO35.

“They will be here shortly, in the mean time it wouldn‘t hurt to keep an eye on him.” Andros said referring to Kevaris. “No telling how long you put him out for.”

“Good plan.” Kat said as she drew her blaster. She was waiting for Kevaris to do something. “I‘ll watch him, if he so much as moves, he‘s toast.”

“Kat!” Rocky exclaimed. The tone of his voice told her exactly what he was thinking.

“No, I won‘t kill him. I‘ll take out his leg so he can‘t fight.” She replied. The group of rangers stood there waiting for the guards from KO35.

They arrived and picked Kevaris up. He slightly groaned and everyone knew he was coming to. Kat hesitantly put her blaster away as they were handcuffing Kevaris. Her hand was still on it, but it was put away. She watched with steady eyes as the were trying to keep him standing as they handcuffed his hands behind his back.

Suddenly, Kevaris broke free of the guards and grabbed hold of the blaster from one of them. He was taking aim at Tommy. Kat didn‘t have time to think. She drew her blaster and took aim. She pulled the trigger before anyone knew what happened. Kevaris fell to the ground and Kat knew that he wouldn‘t get back up ever. Her aim was true to it‘s mark.

“What just happened here?” Adam asked still in shock. Tommy turned to look at Kat.

“You just… saved me.” he barely managed to choke out. He was still in shock that Kevaris almost killed him.

“Duh Tommy. Not like I wouldn‘t try to save you. I think Jared still needs you.” She said.

“He‘d dead.” One of the guards called out.

“I knew that he would be.” Kat said barely above a whisper.

“Well I think that we can clean this up. You guys look worn out. Go ahead and get out of here.” one of the other guards said to the crew of rangers. They all nodded and left the scene. They didn‘t get very far when they saw a very strange blue light.

“Oh no.” Kat cried.

“Kat what is it?” Tommy questioned.

“I have to go back.” Tears glistened in her crystal blue eyes.

“No!” Tommy said pulling her into a hug.

“I‘m afraid that she has to.” A male voice called from the light. They all knew that voice.

“Zordon?” Adam asked.

“Yes Adam. It is I.” Zordon’s voice responded. “I have come back for Katherine.”

“No please Zordon, let her stay.” Rocky begged.

“I’m afraid that is out of the question.”

“But you sent Kendrix back to her team.” Cassie said in Katherine’s defense. Kat rolled her eyes, she had already explained about the difference between the two cases.

“I did not send Kendrix back. The power of the sabers brought her back.”

“Can’t Kat stay for the party al least?” Adam asked.

“I’m afraid not.” Zordon noticed that Tommy had not said one word he just hung on to Katherine. He knew this was hard on all of them, but he didn’t have a choice.

“Guys, I really appreciate what you are trying to do, but let’s face the facts. I died. I’m not even supposed to be standing here.” Kat said as she tried to break out of Tommy’s grip. He held her closer. It was then that she noticed he was crying. She looked into his brown eyes. “Tommy I love you and nothing will ever change that, but I am gone. Although I will always be with you, you have to let me go. Move on with your life. Get married, have kids, take care of Jared.” She was sobbing hard now as was Tommy. She once again tried to break away from him. This time he let her go.

Kat walked up to Rocky. “Take care of Aishia and little Steven. Do me a favor and make sure Tommy gets himself a girl.” She said with a wink.

“No problem Kat.” Rocky replied. He threw his arms around her and hugged her close. He would miss her even more than that first time. She pulled away from him and moved onto Adam.

“I really wish I could say good-bye to Tanya, but I know that you will tell her for me. Take care of you family Adam and yourself. Watch out for Rocky and Tommy for me.” She smiled. She had always liked talking to Adam. He was so kind and a good listener.

“I promise you, I will Kat.” He hugged her. She broke away from him and looked to the astro rangers.

“It was fun getting to know all of you. I hope you all have a good life and take care of each other. Your friends are one of the most important people in your lives. Bye.” She told all of them and then turned toward the blue light. She began walking through the light. With every step she became fainter and fainter.

“I love you Katherine Lynn Hillard!” Tommy yelled to her.

“I love you too, Thomas Edward Oliver. Take care of Jared!” She said as she fully disappeared with the light. They all looked at each other. She was gone and this time there was no coming back.


One week later….

“Daddy!” Jared screeched as he came running into Tommy’s room. “Daddy get up!”

“What is it buddy?” Tommy asked his son.

“There is someone here to see you!” Jared exclaimed. Tommy looked at the clock on his nightstand. 7:25.

“It’s too early for this Jared.”

“There is someone down stairs for you Daddy! He says that it is real important!” Jared took hold of Tommy’s hand and tired pulling him out of bed.

“Did you open the door for him?” Tommy asked when he finally realized what Jared was saying. Jared didn’t say anything, he knew he wasn’t supposed to answer the door unless his dad was right there.

“Sorry Daddy, I forgot.”

“Well, Jared just don’t forget again.” Tommy said calmly as he got out of the bed. He quickly pulled on a pair of sweat pants and grabbed a t-shirt out of the dresser, He came flying down the stairs. A middle aged man stood in the living room. He was about the same height as Tommy and had light brown hair and startling green eyes. Jared sat on the floor talking to him. They seemed to know each other Tommy noted curiously.

“Hi, I’m Tommy.” Tommy said as he extended his hand toward the stranger.

“Aidan Jones, nice to met you.”

“What is it I can do for you Aidan?”

“Can we talk privately?”

“Yeah, Jared can you go to your room for a while buddy?” Tommy called to the little boy.

“Yes Daddy.” Jared said as she stood up and ran up the stairs.

“God he reminds me of Katherine.” Aidan said. Tommy was taken by surprise by that comment.

“You knew Kat?!”

“I was her boss in London. Anyway I need to get down to why I am here in Angel Grove.” Aidan began explaining. “I am not really from London, or earth for that matter.” Tommy became very interested in what this man had to say. “I am from Nicorla. I was sent with a group to watch the zeo rangers. Each of us had one ranger we were supposed to protect. I however, failed my mission. The one day I let my guard down Kat was kidnapped. I am here to set things right.”

“How do you think that you can do that?”

“Come to the backyard with me.” Aidan and Tommy walked outside together. Aidan pulled a small disk-like object from his pocket. “I’m sure that you heard how Kendrix was brought back by the power of the sabers. Well this little baby can do the same thing, it only works once. I can bring Katherine back, but it can never be used again. Sorry I took so long to come here with this. I had to pay a pretty hefty price to get my hands on this.”

“I really appreciate this.” Tommy said clapping his hand on Aidan’s shoulder. Aidan pressed the button in the center. The disk began glowing an eerie shade of blue then it changed to pink. Tommy had to shield his eyes as a burst of white light surrounded the two men.

When he brought his hand down, Katherine was standing there. A smile on her face and her blue eyes sparkling. “Thank you Aidan. I can’t thank you enough for what you just did for me.” Kat said as she rushed to give him a hug. When she let go of Aidan she locked eyes with Tommy. “Hi there handsome.”

“Hi yourself kitten.” Tommy said. He walked up to Kat and pressed his lips to hers. This time she was here to stay in his arms. He would never let her go again.

“How are we going to explain this to the others?” Tommy asked.

“I’m sure we will find a way.” Kat smiled. “Where did Aidan go?” She noticed that her and Tommy were alone in the backyard.

“How did he….. Where did he…?” Tommy was confused.

“I have no idea.” Kat laughed. Tommy’s face suddenly went very serious. “What is it Tommy?”

“Kat I need to ask you something.” He cleared his throat and got down on one knee. “Kat, I don’t have a ring, but you know how I feel about you. Long ago when my heart was shattered you repaired it and breathed life into me again. You became the light of my life. I was a fool to let you go once and I will never do that again. You bore me my son and I would love the chance to have more children with you. I would like the chance to be a husband. Katherine Lynn Hillard would you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?”

Kat was crying by now. “Yes!” She threw herself into Tommy’s arms. The fell to the ground kissing and crying tears of joy.

“Come on Kat, let’s go tell Jared. I’m sure that he misses you.”

“I missed him.” Tommy helped her to stand up and they walked inside the house hand in hand. They both looked at each other and knew this was the way things were meant to be.


Six Months Later……

“Kat you look absolutely gorgeous!” Tanya exclaimed. Kat was happy that her best friend could be here. She was due any day with the baby and the doctors told her that she should be in bad resting. Tanya had said that nothing could keep her away from this wedding. They had put a chair up front by the altar for her so she didn’t have to stand for long.

“Thank you.” Kat said. She admired herself in the mirror. She did look real pretty. Her gown was fashioned like a ball gown with off the shoulder straps. Her veil flowed down her back and drug lightly on the floor. She wore her golden blonde hair up with ringlets hanging down from the up due.

“Number one bride of all time!” Kimberly said. “I hate to admit it but you look better than I did.”

“I hardly believe that Kimberly.” Katherine laughed. Someone knocked on the door and Kimberly went to go answer it. Katherine’s father stood in the hallway.

“Is it okay to come in?” He asked.

“Yeah, come on in Mr. Hillard.” Kimberly stepped aside.

“Daddy?” Katherine asked in surprise.

“Honey I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy for you. When I thought you were gone forever I thought that I would just die. I held on for Jared’s sake and now I have you back again. I can never thank the power rangers enough for giving me back my greatest treasure. I hope Tommy takes good care of you and I know you will take good care of him.” He said. He leaned over and kissed her forehead. “I’ll let you ladies finish getting ready. I’ll see you in a little while honey.” Mr. Hillard walked out of room.

“You think that you and Tommy will ever tell him the truth?” Kimberly asked as she straightened her dress.

“I don’t know, we might someday.”

“Jeez, I am glad I managed to loose all that weight for this. I love Tessa, but I mean can’t there be a way to have a baby without looking like a balloon?” Kimberly joked. The women all laughed.

“Well, at least you are almost back to normal.” Aisha pointed out. “I mean look at poor Tanya.”

“Hey poor Tanya heard that.” Tanya laughed.

“So Kat, are you and Tommy going to have more kids?” Aisha asked changing the subject. Kat blushed. “Hey girl why are you blushing?”

“I… well…”

“Oh my God! You’re pregnant right now aren’t you?” Kimberly shrieked.

“Yeah, I just found out yesterday. Tommy doesn’t know yet.” Kat’s blush deepened.

“When are you going to tell him girl?:” Tanya asked.

“I was thinking about when we make the toast at the reception. After all I shouldn’t drink the champagne.” Kat smiled thinking about how Tommy would react.

“That sounds so fun.” Aisha said. “I’ll make sure I have my camera. I can’t wait to see Tommy’s face.” She rubbed her hands together like one the villains in an old movie. They all laughed at her imitation.

“I think you’ve been hanging out with Rocky just a little too much.” Kimberly teased.

“:Hey can’t help it. I am married to the man after all.” She laughed.

“Well what do you say we get Kat here married?” Tanya asked.

“Good idea. You ready Kat?”

“Yeah.” The girls helped Tanya to stand and then walked out into the entrance hall of the church. Adam, Rocky, Jason, and Mr. Hillard stood there. Adam took Tanya’s hand. Rocky latched onto Aisha’s arm. Jason and Kimberly smiled and took their place right in front of Kat and her father. The music began and the attendants threw open the door.

Here we go! Katherine thought to herself. Her father guided her down the aisle toward Tommy. I can’t believe that today I finally will be his! She locked eyes with him. A smile spread across both of their faces.

Mr. Hillard stopped just short of Tommy. The minister stood at the altar. “Who gives this woman into hold matrimony?”

“I do.” Mr. Hillard replied. He then slipped Katherine’s hand into Tommy’s. “Take care of her.” He said to Tommy before he went and took his seat next to Jared.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God to join in holy matrimony Thomas and Katherine. Should any one have a reason these to should not wed speak now or forever hold your peace.” The room was quite for a few moments before the minister began again. “Thomas and Katherine, marriage is a sacred vow….”:

Tommy and Katherine almost all together tuned out everything around them. They were lost in each others eyes. However when it came time for their vows they were ready. They had written their own instead of traditional vows.

Tommy went first. “My dearest Kat. I have enjoyed being around you since day one. When you came into my life I was in love with another, but your friendship was important to me. When my heart was broken, you helped to mend it. Not only did you mend it you breathed life into me again. I fell in love with you and I couldn’t wait to be with you. I however was stupid and let you go. I missed everything in out son’s life and now that is my biggest regret. I intend to be there for you and Jared until the day death takes me away. I will love, cherish, and honor everything about you.” Kat felt tears welling in her eyes. He spoke from his heart and she knew that he meant every word. She took a deep breath to steady her voice before she began.

“Tommy, you are my knight in shinning armor. When I first met you I lost my heart to you. I knew that you were involved with someone else and I tried to hide my feelings. Even after you were single again I hid my feelings because I was afraid of being rejected by you. When you finally asked me out I couldn’t have been happier. Our friendship grew into love and that is what I have always pictured as a fairy tale love. When you left me for your new line of work I was devastated. Then to learn I was pregnant was the final blow. I regret leaving here, because I missed out on everyone else’s lives. I was too concerned for my own wounds to realize that you might have been wounded too. I thank every star in the heavens that you and I are returned to one another. We have been given a second chance and I don’t intend to blow it. I will love you and cherish the little things in life. I will be there be side you forever even into death.” Katherine couldn’t control herself anymore and let a few tears drip down.

“The rings please.” The minister asked. That was Jared’s cue. He stood and came to his mother and father. He handed each of them a velvet box. They opened the boxes and took the rings out and gave the boxes back to Jared. “Now Tommy repeat after me.”

“With this ring I thee wed..”

“With this ring I thee wed..” Tommy held Kat’s hand.

“In sickness and in health…”

“In sickness and in health…”

“For richer or poorer…”

“For richer or poorer…”

“Till death to we part.”

“Till death to we part.” Tommy finished and slipped the ring onto Kat’s finger. Katherine repeated the lines and slipped the ring onto Tommy’s finger.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” The minister said. Tommy put his hand to Kat’s check and leaned in. His lips meeting hers. They deepened the kiss.

“Ewww gross!” Jared exclaimed covering his face wish his hands. Everyone laughed even Kat and Tommy as they broke apart.

“Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Oliver.” Everyone cheered as they made their way down the aisle with Jared between them.

At the reception….

“Let’s hear from the best man.” Mr. Oliver said pointing to Jason. He stood and walked to the front of the room. He smiled to Tommy and Katherine.

“What can I say about these two, but it’s about time.” Everyone laughed. “Now seriously. Tommy has been like a brother to me for so long. It feels like we have known each other our whole lives. He can be a pain in the butt occasionally but he is still my bro. As for Katherine. She is the most sweet caring person I have ever known. She put others before herself. I was there with her and Tommy and Kimberly when the final battle happened between the astro rangers and Astronema. Kat was injured quite badly but she put her injuries aside and helped others seeking treatment last. I know that these two will live, how does that go, oh yes. Happily ever after.” He smiled before raising his glass. “To Tommy and Katherine.”

Most took a drink of champagne. Tommy hadn’t noticed Kat hadn’t taken a drink. “Now how about the matron of honor.” Mr. Hillard pointed to Kimberly. She stood and came to the front.

“Wow, I can’t believe that it took you two so long to get to here. Anyway, I just wanted to say that Tommy and Katherine deserve each other. Tommy is a knight and for some reason since I met Kat I have thought of her as the fair princess. Definitely not the damsel in distress but a princess. I wish them both the best in life and may you two be blessed with many little ones. To Tommy and Katherine.” Once again people took a sip of champagne. It was then that Tommy noticed that Kat hadn’t touched her glass.

“Kat, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong I just shouldn’t drink any alcohol.”

“Come on Kat it is our wedding.”

“I know but I really can’t.” She didn’t want to tell him straight off. She wanted him to guess what it was. Jeez I forgot what a thick head he can be at times.

“How about a few words from the love birds themselves?” Mr. Hillard walked over to them with the microphone. Tommy took it.

“Well, thanks for coming and for the lovely speeches. I just hope that every blessing you have wished for us comes true.” Tommy then handed the mic off to Kat.

Here goes nothing. “I know that one blessing will come true. Aisha get your camera ready.” She took a deep breath, the girls all knew what she was about to say. “Tommy a second ago you asked me why I wasn’t drinking my champagne. Well I can’t drink it. I’m pregnant!” Tommy’s jaw dropped. A few flashed went off the savor the look on his face forever.

His shock wore off to a smile. “Oh my God! Are you serious?”


“You hear that Jared your going to be a big brother. I’m going to be a father again. I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl. No it doesn’t matter. We’re going to have baby!” He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her deeply. The microphone fell from Katherine’s hand. Unfortunately Rocky was the one to scoop it up.

“Well looks like the honeymoon isn’t going to as bumpy as they had thought!” he joked.

“Rocky!” Everyone groaned. He just smiled as Aisha came and took the mic out of his hand.

“I ought to pop you one Rocky.” she threatened as she handed the mic back to Mr. Hillard.

“Well let’s get some music going and get our bride and groom out on the dance floor.” A slow song came over the speakers. Tommy lead Katherine out onto the dance floor and held her close as they swayed back and forth.

“I am so happy right now Tommy.” Kat whispered into his ear.

“Me too.” Tommy whispered back. They danced for a few moment silently just enjoying the moment. Kat let her eyes wander around the room. She suddenly saw Zordon standing in the back. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

I’m happy for you. I couldn’t be prouder of my rangers than I am right now. You all over came many obstacles in life. I will always love each and every one of you. Good luck in the rest of your lives and never forget how you got to where you are. May the power protect you all for the rest of your lives. Zordon’s voice echoed in all of the rangers minds. They all smiled and looked at each other.

“See kitten, everything is just fine.” Tommy whispered into her ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Tommy.” She replied. They knew that Zordon would be watching over them forever, and with his blessing they would all live happily ever after.

                                                The End