Secrets of the Chambers

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Half Way Around the World

Written by: KendrixAmieeOliver

2. Return to the Past Part 1...


Lucas stood in Silver Hills Park.


 Taylor? No. Eric? No. Wes and Jen? Yes!” Lucas whispered to himself. He walked to the mansion Jen showed him before he, Katie, and Trip left.


He knocked on the door. Phillips answered.


“Hi Phillips,” Lucas said.


“Hello Mast...” Phillips started.


“Lucas!” Lucas found himself engulfed by a brunette woman.


“Hi Jen,” Lucas said. Jen Collins pulled back and Lucas saw Wes Collins, Taylor and Eric Myers, Cole and Alyssa Evans, and Dana and Carter Grayson. “Where are the kids?”


“I’m holding Lucas,” Wes said. Lucas took Lucas.


“Hi Buddy,” Lucas said. “Oh, he looks like me!”


“Does not!” Wes snapped.


“Does too!” Lucas said.


“Boys,” Jen said softly.


“Boys!” Taylor whistled. “Thank you. What happened, Lucas?”


“Its Katie,” Lucas started.

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