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Bonds of Pink

written By: Pinkstranger

Part 9


Kimberly yawned as the sunlight hit her eyes. She felt Tommy still breathing heavily and she knew he was still asleep. She smiled as she kissed his cheek before climbing out of bed. She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She climbed in and began washing her hair.

“Mind if I join you beautiful?” Tommy’s voice filled her ears. She smiled as she saw him standing just outside the shower.

“Jump in, the water’s great.” She laughed. Tommy stepped into the shower. He bent down and kissed her lips.

“I could really get used to this everyday.”

“Tommy, we do this almost everyday.” Kim teased.

“I know, but once we are married it will be very different.” He stated. She nodded as she rinsed her hair.


“Kitty-Kat, it’s time to wake up.” Jason whispered in her ear. Kat moaned and moved to her side. “Come on baby, time to get up.”

“I don’t wanna.” She mumbled. Jason smiled. She was so cute when she was sleeping. He hated waking her, but he knew she would be mad if he let her sleep in.

“Kitty, it’s almost nine. Time to get up.”

“Nine!” Kat sat straight up smacking her head on Jason’s nose. He fell backwards off the bed with a cry of pain. “Jase, I’m so sorry.”

“No it’s okay, I shouldn’t have woke you up like that.” He said with his hand over his nose. “Not exactly what I had in mind for waking you up.” He laughed.

“God, honey, I am so sorry.” Kat said climbing off the bed and kneeling beside Jason.

“Well I know not to get that close to you if I am going to tell you the time.” Kat blushed.

“Well, I’m gonna go shower real quick. You going to lay here all day?”

“I might.”

“Whatever.” Kat teased as she made her way to the bathroom.

“Hey Kat.” She pasued and turned around to him. “I just want to say thank you for last night. That was the most amazing night of my life.”

“No, thank you Jason.” She replied before closing the door to the bathroom. His mind drifted back to the night before. He couldn’t believe that he and Kat had finally made love. He hadn’t even asked, they had been kissing and the next thing he knew he was on top of her. She didn’t object when he asked if she wanted to stop.

He heard the shower turn on, then Kat released a scream. Jason instinctively ran into the bathroom to protect her. She laughed as he ran into the bathroom and nearly tripped over her discarded nightgown. Jason blushed as he realized she had screamed cause the water was too hot for her.

“Well, Mr. Knight-in-Shining-Armor, do you want to join me since your not laying on the floor?”

“Hmmm… That might be a tough choice… Scoot over Kitty-Kat.” He said as he discarded his shorts. He stepped into the shower with her. She smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck as the hot water sprayed over them.

“I love you Jason.”

“I love you too Katherine.” He said as he finally kissed her lips.

An Hour Later…

Tommy, Jason, Kim, and Kat were enjoying a nice breakfast when they spotted Kendrix, Leo, Maya, and Jessica walk in. Tommy stood and waved to his fellow red ranger.

“Good morning everyone.” Kendrix said as her small family made their way to the table.

“Hi everyone.” Jessica said as she hugged onto Jason first. Then made sure everyone got a hug before returning to Jason’s side.

“I was hoping to steal Kim and Kat away from you men for a while. I need to talk to them privately. Could you watch Jessica for a moment?” Kendrix asked.

“Sure thing, you know we don’t mind watching short stuff here.” Tommy spoke for both him and Jason. Jason just nodded.

“Thank you. Can we go to your room girls?”

“Yeah.” Kat said. She was glad that she remembered to clean up the room a little bit before coming to breakfast. Kat and Kim excused themselves from the table and lead Leo, Maya, and Kendrix up to Kat and Jason’s room.

As they walked in the door to the room, Kendrix noticed Jason’s suitcase was in there with Katherine’s instead of Kimberly’s. “So you did some room switching.” Kendrix stated more then asked. Both women just shrugged.

“So what was so important?” Kim asked trying to change the subject.

“Well, first off. Leo and I are getting married this weekend.” Kendrix said showing them the diamond ring. They smiled warmly at Leo, knowing that he loved Kendrix with all his heart.

“Congrats to both of you!” Kat and Kim said together.

“Thanks. The second thing is, Maya knows a way to save my life.” Kat and Kim gasped not knowing what to say. “Maya the floor is yours.”

“Thanks. We need to get five pink rangers. Kendrix told us last night that you two were pink rangers as well. We know Cassie Chan and Dana Mitchell. Both should willing to help us. We wanted to talk to you first. Is there a chance that you both have your powers still or have a way to get them?”

Kimberly nodded. She left the room and returned shortly with a coin. “I carry my power coin with me for luck,… and I guess just in case anything ever happens.”

“That’s great!” Kendrix said. She turned to Kat who was still sitting on the bed. “What about you?”

“I um… Yeah…” She stood and flicked her wrists to reveal her zeonizers. “I never really did give them up. My fellow zeo rangers and I kept them on us at all times. We knew we might be needed again someday.”

“So Tommy has his then?” Kimberly asked. Kendrix could see the anger in her eyes.

“Yeah, Tommy does.” Katherine replied shaking her head. Before Kimberly could speak Katherine spoke again. “Does he know you still carry your coin?”

“Well, no.” She simply stated.

“Then no need to be angry.”

“Well I suggest we call Dana and Cassie.” Kendrix reminded. The girls nodded but suddenly Kat looked straight at Kendrix with a shocked look.

“Wait a second you know Cassie?”

“Yeah didn’t Maya just say that a few moments ago?”

“Yes, but it just dawned on me now. You knew my successor and didn’t tell me about that.”

“Whoa, wait a second. This is a small universe we live in.” Kimberly laughed.

“Look, I was hoping that if I didn’t tell you about knowing Cassie I wouldn’t have to explain my past. I know you too well Kat. If I told you I knew Cassie then you would have wanted to call Cassie and invite her over. Then somehow word would have gotten out about Jessica.” Kendrix explained. While she was talking Leo was shaking his head. She had really gone out of her way to make sure he hadn’t known about Jessica.

“Okay okay. I get the idea.” Kat raised her slender arms in surrendor. “Fair enough, I would have done all that.”

“Well let’s call those two women.” Leo suggested. Kat nodded and grabbed her address book out of her bag.

“I have Cassie’s number here. Did you know her and T.J. are finally getting married?”

“I didn’t know they hooked up.” Kendrix shrugged.

“Oh, right. They got together about three years ago. I got an invitation in the mail and called her up. Seems she didn’t hook up with Teej because she was caught up on, what’s his name, oh yeah Phantom Ranger. She finally admitted to herself that he wasn’t ever going to come for her. As she put it, when she finally opened her eyes she found a love that had been there from the beginning.” Kat smiled.

“Oh that’s sweet.” Kim sighed. Maya and Kendrix smiled at each other.

“Way to go T.J.” Leo commented. “Cassie is a real dish, good catch.” Kendrix shot him a death glare for that comment. “But no one compares to my catch. Isn’t that right Keni?”

“Nice save there mate.” Kat mouthed to Leo. Kendrix rolled her eyes and turned to Kat and Kim.

“Dana’s father still runs the Aquabase in Meriner Bay. He’ll know how to get a hold of Dana.”

“Hey don’t the astro rangers still have their morphers?” Kimberly asked.

“Yeah, when I talked to Cassie she said they all carried them all the time just in case.” Kat replied. “Why?”

“Well, we could easily contact Cassie, we just have to get her frequency right. You still have your Zeonizers. There’s a communication system in the helmet just like our older ones right?”

“I see where this is going.” Maya replied. “You want Katherine to morph and tune into Cassie’s signal right?”

“That’s right.”

“Okay, we can consider this a test of power. I haven’t morphed for a long time. Is there somewhere private I can do this. I don’t want to take a chance of someone over hearing things here.” Kat said. Maya nodded.

“We can get your guys and go out past my village. Near where the quasar sabers are. That way Kendrix and grab her saber and test her powers too.”

“What about Jessica? I don’t really want her to know about this yet.”

“Mikayla is only two years younger than her. They can have some fun together. Damon is home with Jaron and Mikayla right now.”

Kendrix seemed a bit hesitant but finally agreed. Leo had suggested to her earlier that in order to get to know everyone on Merinoi Jessica needed to be around them. Not just Tommy and Jason. Kendrix finally saw what he meant.

“Okay, Let’s head out then.” Leo ordered. The women giggled as they followed him downstairs. Jason, Tommy and Jessica were playing the claw machine in the lobby. Jessica already had a green cat tucked under her tiny arm.

“Ahh man, I almost had that one.” Tommy groaned as the claw dropped a white tiger just before reaching the hole. He fished two quarters out of his pocket. “I am getting that tiger.”

“What is with you and tigers or dragons?” Kimberly teased as she came up behind him.

“Don’t forget the falcons or dinosaurs.” Kat reminded as she took her place beside Jason.

“Hardy har har. Let’s all have a good laugh at my expense.” Tommy joked as he grabbed the tiger out of the machine. “What is it with you and birds and teddy bears?” He teased Kim. She smiled.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” she remarked. Jason rolled his eyes. They were all in their mid twenties but they still acted like hormonal teenagers sometimes.

“Mommy, do those two always have to act like little kids like me?” Jessica whispered to Kendrix. Kednrix couldn’t contain her laughter. Everyone looked at her with confusion written on all their faces.

“Jessica… too funny… little kids…” Was all everyone could make out over her laughter.

“Whatever.” Kim rolled her eyes. “Let’s get going.”

“Where are we going?” Jason asked.

“You’ll see.” Kat replied. She had made sure to hide her zeonizers before leaving the room. Maya and Kendrix led the way. In the short time Kendrix had been back on Merinoi her and Maya had quickly moved back to being best friends. Kat and Kim understood that Maya was Kendrix’s first true female friend. So they didn’t take offense to her running off with Maya.

Maya and Kendrix led the group to her house. Damon was in the yard with two small children. “Jaron! Mikayla! Come here for a moment.” Maya called.

The children came running to their mothers calls. “Yes mommy?” they replied together.

“I’d like you to met some friends of mine. This is Kendrix.”

“The one in all those pictures?”

“Yes. And this is Jessica, her daughter.”

“Hi!” Jessica waved. She was partially hiding behind Kendrix.

“Do you like dolls?” Mikayla asked.

“Yes.” Jessica said moving out into the open.

“I have lots, come on.” Mikayla reached over and took Jessica’s hand. Before pulling her away she turned to Kendrix.

“It was nice to met you.” She said before pulling the older girl into the house.

“Well, she’s never took off like that before.” Maya said looking at the other four adults she had yet to introduce.

“Who are they?” Jaron asked. Maya snapped out of her trance remembering that her son was still standing there.

“This is Tommy and Kimberly and these two are Jason and Katherine.” Maya said.

“My name is Jaron. It’s nice to met all of you. I’m sure Mikayla would say the same.” Jaron said. All the adults smiled. He was so polite. “Mommy can I go play with Laker and Sheena?”

“Yes. But be back before dinner time.”

“Thanks mommy.” He said before running off behind the house.

“Who’s Laker and Sheena?” Kendrix asked. Maya smiled as Leo and Damon laughed.

“The condor and wolf galatabeasts.” Maya replied.

“Oh I never knew their names.”

“We named them recently. Makes it easier to talk about them without being over heard.” Leo cut in.

“Damon will watch the girls for us.” Maya said. Damon looked surprised.

“Whoa wait a sec! I get to stay here all alone with two girls?” Damon replied.

“Yes silly I have to go with them. Besides it’s out house and our daughter.”

“It’s Leo’s daughter too.”

“Fine! Leo would you stay here with the big baby?” Maya caved in.

“Yeah sure, we can work on the bike while we watch the girls.” Leo suggested. Damon smiled and nodded. The two men headed off toward the garage.

“Come on let’s get going!” Kimberly piped up.

“Man, you’d think she’s excited for something!” Tommy whispered to Jason. “You have any idea what’s going on?”

“None, Kat didn’t say one word the whole way over here.”

“I have a feeling we’re not going to like what’s going on.”

Maya quickly lead the others through her village, occasionally waving to a few people. *I can’t believe Jera wants me to lead them after he is gone.* She thought to herself.

Kendrix spotted the quasar sabers and took off ahead of the group. She reached the sacred stone and stood staring at the majestic sabers.

“You okay Kendrix?” Kat asked as she moved next to her friend.

“Yeah it’s just… I haven’t held my saber for nearly six years. I don’t know what to say.” She held back tears that threatened to fall.

“Go for it.” Jason whispered into her ear. He knew what she was going to do. She nodded silently and took a step forward. Her hand grasped the handle. She could already feel the power surging through her body. She took a deep breath and pulled. The saber slipped out of the rock with ease. Kendrix smiled as she turned back around.

“I feel so powerful again.” she remarked. “Let’s give this a go.” She raised the saber into the air much she did the first time she ever morphed. “Go Galactic!” She commanded. Pink lightening surrounded her as her jeans and shirt were replaced with pink spandex and a cat like helmet. “Wild Cat!” She said as she took her pose.

“Wow! That’s totally awesome!” Tommy commented.

“Well now, ladies care to join me?” Kendrix looked mostly at Kat. While Kim didn’t have her morpher, she did however have her coin. Kendrix knew that if she concentrated she could morph again.

“Okay, here goes nothing.” Kat said. She could feel Jason’s eyes burning into her back. She flicked her wrists and the zeonizers appeared. Raising one arm to connect with the other she called on her power. “Zeo Ranger One… Pink!” Kat was once again covered by her pink suit. She felt the power surge through her like never before.

“Katherine!” Jason nearly yelled. She flinched and turned to face him. She removed her helmet before speaking.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Jase. I just… I never knew if I needed to use them again. The Zeo powers are too powerful to let them slip away into the past.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Probably for the same reason you never told me about the mission to the moon!” She snapped. She didn’t like being angry with him, but she didn’t much care right now. She knew that he still had his morpher. She found it by accident while she was putting away some laundry for him.

“That’s not fair, I didn’t want to worry you!”

“Let’s not argue. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to think I wanted to get back in the game. So end of discussion.” Jason didn’t say anything more. He knew better than to go on when she put her foot down.

“Kim does that mean you’re in on this too?” Tommy asked wrapping his arms around his petite fiancÚ.

“I’m sorry Tommy, I am.” Tommy pulled back and met her brown eyes. “It was the only way to save Kendrix.” She said looking back the still morphed Kendrix.

“I understand, but it doesn’t mean I will like it.” He said. Jason knew at that moment he had jumped to conclusions.

“Kat, I’m sorry I didn’t know it was for Kendrix.” He said moving to her again. His arms wrapped around her in a hug. *What is it with Kat and I, we both jump to conclusions. We weren’t always like that.*

“Kim, I know that if you concentrated on your power you can morph without a morpher.” Kendrix cut in. Kim looked a little surprised. “Just concentrate on the power within.”

“Okay, here goes.” Kim let go of Tommy and closed her eyes. She thought about the sensations she used to feel when she morphed. She thought about her power and how it felt when it was gone. She thought about her beloved pterodactyl and her crane. She hadn’t noticed that while she was thinking her coin had began to glow. Without thinking about it she called for her power. “It’s morphin time!…Pterodactyl!”

Kimberly stood dressed in the original pink ranger uniform. “Now this is what a pink ranger should look like!” She teased the other girls.

“Okay, Kat try to lock onto Cassie’s signature and Kim see if you can’t do the same with the aquabase.” Maya instructed.

Kendrix watched as Maya instructed the other two on what to do. She felt the pain start to burn in her temple. She knew it was another headache from her tumor. She tried to fight the pain as it kept growing. She was glad she still had her helmet on so the others couldn’t see her face.

The pain was growing worse than it ever had for her. She struggled to stay on her feet and keep her morph. She didn’t know if the Kat and Kim had contacted the other women. She couldn’t’ concentrate on anything but the pain. She finally gave in and let her morph drop. She put her hand to her head as she felt the darkness closing in on her.

“Kendrix1” She heard Jason call before slipped into unconsciousness.

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