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Bonds of Pink

Written by: Pinkstranger

Part 10



“How is she?” Leo asked as he entered the waiting room. Maya had called Damon and Leo at her house after the group had taken Kendrix to the hospital.

“We don’t know. The doctor hasn’t come out yet.” Jason replied. He was sitting on the couch holding Katherine. It was obvious that she was trying hard to not cry.

“Did you tell Jessica?” Tommy asked. Leo shook his head.

“Kendrix and I talked things over and she wanted to wait and tell Jessica later. She wants to be the one to tell her.”

“Don’t forget we still have a chance!” Maya cut in.

“It’s hard to pull this off if Kendrix is going collapse like this!” Kimberly cried. She was frustrated with the former yellow ranger.

“She’ll be able to do it. I know Kendrix!”

“We’ve been her best friends for six years, you were her best friend for what?… two years. Do you really think that you know her better than us?” Kimberly stood from her chair. While she stood much shorter than Maya, she was issuing a challenge.

“Kimberly! That’s not fair!” Kat cut in letting go of Jason long enough to grab her friend. “I’m sorry Maya, Kim’s never been good at dealing with things.”:

“I can deal with things Kat! No need to make up an excuse for my behavior.” Kimberly practically shrieked. Kat sent a pleading look to Tommy. He mumbled something Kat couldn’t hear and stood from his chair.

“Come on beautiful. Let’s go get some fresh air.” Tommy said as his arms went around Kim’s waist. The petite woman seemed to resist for a moment before finally letting her tall knight lead her away.

“I’m so sorry Maya.” Kat apologized once Kimberly was out of earshot. “She shouldn’t have said that stuff.” Kat noticed Maya was trying to hold back tears.

“You’re damn right she shouldn’t have!”: Leo snapped as he hugged his friend. “What’s her problem anyway?”

“She’s worried about Kendrix.” Jason said.

“Then why take it out on me?” Maya asked. Her voice was shaky and broken. Everyone knew she was on the verge of tears.

“I’ve known Kimberly since we were little and all I can tell you is, she’s worried that your mission is going to put Kendrix in worse danger than she already is.” Jason explained. Maya let the tears fall.

“I would never put… Kendrix in danger… She’s my.. My friend!” Maya sobbed. She buried her head in Leo’s shoulder.

“She’s our friend too Maya. That’s why Kim is so out of control. She’s always been one to worry about her friends more than herself.” Kat soothed. “She just doesn’t want anything to go wrong if we continue this mission.”

“I wish there was another way.” Maya whispered.

“We all do Maya.” Leo said. He looked up just in time to see the doctor standing there. “How is she doc?”

“Not good I’m afraid. We received copies of her first x-rays and compared them to ones we took here. The tumor is growing at an alarming rate.”

“What does that mean?” Leo asked. Everyone held their breath as the doctor gave his opinion.

“After some slight calculations, I believe Kendrix has one week. Give or take a few days.” The doctor could almost hear their hearts break. “I’m very sorry for all of you.” He finished and left the group in silence.

“A week?!” Kat burst out after a few moments had passed. She didn’t know wither to be angry or depressed. Possibly both.

“That’s not fair!” Leo said angrily. “I finally have her back and I’m loosing her!” He turned to Maya his green eyes seemed to be on fire. “How sure are you that this mission will save Kendrix?!”

“Nothing is for sure Leo, but we have a better chance than if we did nothing.” Maya admitted. Leo nodded.

“I say we take that chance.” Leo said. Determination burning in his emerald eyes. “I’m going to go get Dana and Cassie right now. I’ll take my jet jammer.” He started to walk out when Kat grabbed his arm.

“I’m going with you.” She said. “I can take Kendrix’s jet jammer.”

“Kat! You can’t go! I mean you’ve never flown one of those things.” Jason argued. Leo was about to agree with Jason when Kat spoke again.

“Jason, you know darn well I learn quickly and besides Kendrix is one of my best friends. I want to do anything I can to save her.” Kat argued.

“I think Jason is right Kat. I can get Kai or Damon to go with me.” Leo said. Kat narrowed her eyes and starred at him.

“I’m going. End of discussion.” She said in a low voice. Jason took a step back as to say he agreed. Leo’s eyes widened and he nodded his head. “Let’s get going Leo.” She lead the way out of the waiting room.

“I feel for you man. She can be scary.” Leo sympathized to Jason.

“She’s never pulled that before. I didn’t know she could be that scary.” Jason said. *Where did she learn that? Kim doesn’t use that. Come to think of it none of our friends use that technique.*

“Don’t argue with her in the future.” Leo warned as he left the room. Maya moved over to Jason.

“That wasn’t like her at all, was it?” Maya asked. Jason shook his head.

“I don’t know where that came from. I’ve never ever seen her like that.” Jason replied. *The look in her eyes sent chills down my spine. I have to know where she learned that look.*

Meanwhile Outside…

Kat walked out the door of the hospital with determination showing in each step. Kimberly and Tommy were just heading for the door when they noticed her.

“Kat!” Kim called as she left Tommy’s side. “What’s going on?”

“Leo and I are going to get Dana and Cassie.”

“You?!” Tommy asked surprised.

“Yes me! Do you not think I can handle this?”

“That’s not what I meant Kat. I was meaning that I thought one of the galaxy rangers would be going since they have the jet jammers.”

“I’m taking Kendrix’s.” Kat pointed out. Leo walked over to the three at that moment.

“Leo you’re letting Kat take the pink jet jammer?” Kimberly asked.

“She insisted.” Leo replied from behind Kat. She didn’t say anything more, she just held her head high.

“Are you sure Kat? I mean Kai or Damon would be a better choice.” Kimberly added.

“I can do it! For heaven’s sake, does everyone doubt my abilities?!” Kat hollered.

“No one doubts you Kat, it just…”

“What Tommy? That I’m not as good as you! As good as your precious Kim!” Kat screamed. She walked away after speaking. Tommy looked at Kimberly. Her eyes were wide and tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Does she hate me or something?” Kimberly asked. Tommy wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close.

“That’s not it beautiful. I think Kat’s inner most feelings are coming out right now.”

“I better catch up to Kat before she leaves without me.” Leo half heartedly joked. Tommy nodded and watched Leo run to catch up to the hot headed blonde.

“Tommy tell me the truth, Did you ever doubt her when she took over my powers?” Kimberly whispered against Tommy’s chest. Tommy took a sharp breath. This was the question he has been dreading for as long as he could remember. “Answer me Tommy!”

“I think we all did Kim. We tried to not let her know ever but I’m sure she knew.”

“That’s horrible Tommy! You’re lucky she hasn’t blown up at you before!”

“I know Kim, what can I say? I mean we had just lost you, and needless to say her skills weren’t quite up to par with what yours had been.”

“Are you kidding me?! Kat’s very capable!”

“She wasn’t always honey. After she received your powers she put in long hard hours to hone her skills. By the time we became zeo rangers her skills had surpassed even yours. After that we all had absolutely no doubt.”

“Still Tommy, have you ever talked to her about it?”

“No like I said, we weren’t sure if she ever picked up on our feelings.”

“Tommy! Are you that thick headed?! Kat’s one of the smartest people we know! She was the valedictorian, remember?”

“I know, it’s just… well…”

“There’s a lot about Kat that you don’t know.” Jason said as he walked over to the couple.

“What’s that mean Jason?” Tommy asked.

“Kat has a lot that she won’t tell anyone, I had to drag things out of her and I’m sure that she doesn’t tell me everything either. I know what she meant when she mentioned Kim.” Jason said as he locked eyes with Kim.

“Tommy just said…”

“It has nothing to do with the power. Kat’s angry right now and she isn’t thinking as clearly as she normally does. She’s spouting off her inner most secrets without realizing it.” Jason semi explained. Tommy and Kim stood there starring at him with blank looks. “Tommy, Kat knew for the longest time that you had never gotten over Kimberly. She tried to pretend that she didn’t know it, but she did. She always worried that maybe it was because you thought she wasn’t as good as Kim. That you only saw her as a replacement.”

“Poor girl.” Kimberly whispered. She herself knew that exact feeling being as that is how her relationship with Kevin had turned out. Kevin has been the man she left Tommy for. Once she realized that Kevin didn’t see her as more than a replacement for his ex she dumped him. By then it was too late to get Tommy back, it was as if her life ended. Getting Tommy back was like a second chance at life.

“It’s not like we.. I ever meant to do that.” Tommy replied. “I thought I was able to move on. I loved Kat but not the same way that I loved, and still love, Kim.” Tommy said.

“I think she knew that, but you can’t blame her for carrying around those feelings.” Jason remarked. “I just wish she wouldn’t bury those feelings until she can’t handle them.”

“Maybe we should try to talk to her later.” Kimberly suggested. Jason shook his head.

“She’ll just deny having any problems.”

“Well we have to do something to keep her from bottling things up.” Tommy added. Jason and Kimberly agreed. They had to help Katherine release her emotions.

Meanwhile With Leo and Kat…

“Okay so you got all the controls down?” Leo questioned. Kat nodded and flicked her wrists.

“It’s morphin’ time!” She brought her wrists together in a brilliant flash of pink. “Zeo Rangers One! Pink!” Leo nodded following suit.

“Go galactic!” Leo commanded. Once he was covered in his protective red suit he hopped into his jet jammer. Kat did the same and both started their engines. “Here we go.” Leo muttered forgetting Kat could hear him through the headsets built into their helmets.

“What’s got you so up tight?” Kat asked already knowing what the answer was.

“Nothing, I’m just worried about Keni.”

“Oh, well me too. Let’s hurry.” Kat replied already taking off ahead of Leo. The two flew in total silence for nearly thirty minutes. Finally Leo broke the silence.

“Did you reach Cassie and Dana earlier?”

“No I hadn’t even put out the signal before Kendrix collapsed.”

“Well why don’t you try contacting them while we go. That way they’re not surprised by us just showing up.”

“Okay. I’ll start with Cassie. I don’t know Dana.” Leo didn’t reply, he just waited for Kat to start. Kat concentrated on Cassie’s frequency before speaking. “Cassie come in. I repeat Cassie come in.” Kat waited a few moments before trying again. “Cassie Chan, this is Katherine Hillard. Do you copy?”

“Kat!? What on earth are you doing?” Cassie’s voice drifted over both Kat and Leo’s headsets.

“Cassie, we have an emergency I need your help with.” Kat said. She heard Cassie gasp before she continued. “It’s Kendrix.”

“She’s surfaced finally! What’s wrong?”

“She’s sick.”

“How can I help? I’m not a doctor.”

“There something that we can try. It involves five pink rangers.” Leo cut in. “We have three on Mirinoi already. Now we need you and Dana.”


“Kimberly, Me and Kendrix.” Kat explained.

“Where are you guys at?”

“Heading straight for you. Rendezvous in about twenty minutes.” Kat said as she looked at the screen.

“I’ll be ready then you can explain more of what I have to do.”

“Okay see you in twenty.” Leo ended the communication. “Okay I’ll try for Dana.”


“Dana, this is Leo. Come in Dana.” Leo said. “I repeat, Dana Mitchell, this is Leo Corbett. Come in Dana.”

“Dana’s at the office Leo. This is Carter. Do you copy?”

“Carter! I need to talk to Dana.”

“She’s not here. We don’t carry our morphers with us anymore. Your lucky I was home and heard you.”

“Carter can you relay a message to Dana?”

“Sure I can.”

“Tell Dana to pack some clothes and be waiting for us in about thirty minutes or so. We need her help.”

“What’s going on?” carter demanded.

“We’ll inform you once we get there.” Leo replied.

“Alright I’ll call Dana right now and get her home.”

“Thanks carter. Leo out.”

“Leo we’re fifteen minutes out.” Kat reminded Leo. He glanced over at her, she was handling the jet jammer like a pro.

*She sure does catch on quickly.* Leo thought to himself. “So Kat tell me about yourself.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Well like how did you end up taking Kim’s spot?”

“That’s a long story.” Kat sighed.

“Well we got fifteen minutes.” Leo teased. He heard Kat sigh again.

“I started out on the wrong side. I met Kim while trying to destroy her. I befriended all of the rangers. In the end I stole Kim’s power coin, Tommy’s white falcon zord, and I helped capture Ninjor.”

“Sounds like you did some really bad damage to the team.” Leo replied.

“Yeah I did, Tommy and I talked one day and we both think I did more damage than he did as the green ranger.” Kat laughed. Leo was confused why she laughed this wasn’t a laughing matter. “To think I had done the most damage to the team but the green ranger is the one most people remember. That’s probably because I was an actual monster.”

“Wait a second, you were a monster?”

“Yeah I turned into Katasophe. Plus I could turn into an actual cat.” Kat said. “Anyway to cut a long story short, I broke Rita’s spell and saved Kim’s life and retrieved her power coin. When she left for the pan globals she trusted me with her powers. As a ranger I worked hard to free Ninjor and the falcon zord. By then time we became Zeo rangers I had redeemed myself in my own eyes.”

“Wow that’s some story.” Leo replied. Kat remained silent.

“We’re only three minutes out.” Kat spoke after what seemed like an eternity to Leo.

“”Do you think you redeemed yourself in the eyes of everyone else?” Leo had to know.


“Yeah, honestly.”


“But Kat, you became one the legendary rangers everyone talks about. You’re the only pink zeo ranger.”

“That doesn’t make up for what I did.” She snapped. “Leo let’s drop this. I’m not in the mood to discuss my past with you.” Leo wanted to salute her and reply with ‘Yes Ma’am!’ but he kept his mouth shut.

Before long the two rangers were standing on Cassie’s front door step. “Wow long time no see.” Cassie teased as she gave Kat a hug and smiled at Leo. “Neither of you keep in contact.”

“Well the distance between Mirinoi and Earth….” “Been busy with things back home…” Both Kat and Leo gave their excuses at the same time. Cassie just laughed.

“I was only teasing. It’s not like I have been doing a good job of staying in contact either.”

“We’re going to have to change all that.” Kat replied. “So anyway Cassie. We should probably let you know what’s going on.”

“That might help.” Cassie nodded as she lead the way inside the house. Cassie handed both of them a soda before Kat started into the story, starting with how she had met Kendrix.

“… So at that point Leo and I took off to get both you and Dana.” Kat finished. Cassie was staring at the ground.

“Of course I’ll help.” She said without looking up. Both Leo and Kat knew that Cassie was trying to hide some tears. “What do we need to do?”

“Cassie, the five of you pink rangers need to retrieve the savage sword.” Leo spoke knowing that Cassie wouldn’t like that part. Cassie’s head snapped up and her eyes grew wide.

“No. We can’t go there.” Cassie spoke barely above a whisper as her head shook slowly.

“Am I missing something here?” Kat asked. Leo didn’t look surprised by Cassie’s response and she wanted to know why.

“We’ll fill you in later. I told Carter we’d be there in thirty minutes. It’s already been forty.” Leo said pretending to tap a watch that wasn’t there. Kat rolled her eyes as she followed Leo out the door. Cassie followed Kat with her bag. The three morphed and headed off to get Dana.

Dana waited impatiently at the entrance to the aqua base with Carter. “Where are they?”

“I don’t know Dana. Please sit down, you’re making me sick with all your pacing.” Carter said patting the spot next ot him on the hood of the car. Dana rolled her eyes but sat next to him anyway.

“Leo didn’t say what he wanted?”

“I told you, he said to have you pack some clothes and he would explain once he got here.”

“Look, there’s Leo now, but who are those two?” Dana asked as she pointed to the trio walking towards them.

“Dana, I’m not a mind reader. I don’t know them.” Carter teased. Dana simply stuck her tongue out at him. “Oh very mature, Mrs. Grayson.”

“Whatever.” Dana replied as she stood from the car. “Leo, what’s going on?”

“Dana, I need your help with something.” Leo replied. “First let me introduce my companions… This is Cassie Chan. Pink Astro Ranger.”

“Wow, it’s a pleasure.” Dana said as she shook the petite woman’s hand.

“And this hot headed blonde…”

“I am not hot headed1” Kat interrupted Leo as she shot him a glare. “My name is Katherine Hillard. I’m the pink zeo ranger.”

“Kat your more than just that. Don’t sell yourself short.” Cassie chided.

“Your more than the pink astro ranger, but that’s all you ever say.” Kat teased.

“Wait you’re a zeo ranger?” Dana exclaimed. “I can’t believe it! Were you one of the original rangers too?”

“No, I am the second pink ranger. I took Kimberly’s place.”

“That’s incredible. I hope to met her someday.”

“You will if you come with us.” Leo spoke up bringing himself back into the conversation.

“So what do you need my help with?” Dana asked. Kat and Leo proceeded to tell her the whole tale. Leaving both Dana and Carter wide eyed.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do?” Carter asked.

“We’re sure. The legend says pink rangers.” Leo replied. Carter nodded before hugging his wife from behind.

“Promise me you’ll stay safe?”

“I promise Carter.” Dana nodded before turning around and kissing him. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Good luck to all of you.” Carter said to the group as Dana picked up her bag and followed them. *God be with them all.*

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