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Silent Secrets

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Written By: Pinkstranger

Disclaimer: I do not own the power rangers. If I did… Well there would be a lot of changes to the show. ^__^

Author’s Note: This is more of a filler piece I have been fiddling with while I try and work out what to do with Bonds of Pink and Nightmares. It will be short chapters but there might be a lot or they might get longer as my mind starts to form a thicker plot. Yes, this fic is revolving around Kat.

One final note: I know using the rangers’ dreams against them isn’t a very original idea, however the dreams they have are my own ideas. Please please R&R! No flames, if you’re going to criticize my story please do so constructively.

Prologue- Enter the Monster of Nightmares

Katherine tossed and turned in bed. “No! No! Please Don’t!” She screamed. Her father came running into her room when he heard her screams.

“Kitty, wake up! Come on Kitty it’s just a bad dream.” Jack Hillard tried to soothe his frantic daughter. Kat opened her eyes when she felt her father’s arms wrap around her.

“Daddy!” She cried.

“It was just a dream kitty.”

“It was so real. Mum… a…aa…and the man… pain…” She cried into her father’s chest. “Mitchell.” She whispered. Her father pulled back at the last name.

“Mitchell’s gone Katherine. That’s the end of it.” He said sternly. Katherine nodded. She hadn’t realized she had said that name.

“Yes daddy.”

“Try to go back to sleep.”

“Alright.” Kat watched as her father walked out of the room. She lay back against her pillow but sleep did not find it’s way back to her. She let the tears fall. She hadn’t even thought about that night for so long. Why was she suddenly having nightmares about it now? Almost four years later.

After an hour Kat gave up trying to sleep and quietly went downstairs to the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of apple juice and sat down to think. She had only been sitting at the table for a few minutes when her communicator went off.

“This is Kat.”

“Katherine, there is a monster attacking in the park. I’m contacting the others now.” Zordon’s voice boomed over the communicator.

“I’m on my way.” Kat announced and stood up. “It’s morphin time!… Pink ranger power!” Kat called. She was covered in her protective pink suit and then teleported to the park.

“Hold it right there!” Kat called to the monster. The monster turned back and looked at her.

“Ha! You think one little ranger is going to stop me? A little girl at that!” The monster sneered. “I am the mighty Nightmare Catcher. I can bring your worst nightmares to life.”

“Well this nightmare is about end for you! Time to wake up!” Kat called back.

“Let’s just have a looksie into your dreams pink ranger.” Before Kat could respond a beam of purple light was sent in her direction.

“I don’t think so.” The red ranger blocked the beam.

“Rocky!” Kat exclaimed.

“Kat! You okay?” Tommy asked as he came by her side.

“Yeah I’m alright.” She replied. *Not that I mind being rescued, but I just wish they would let me prove that I am ass valuable as Kim was.* She thought to herself. The other rangers had yet to let her fight on her own, she believed it was because they either didn’t trust her completely or they didn’t think she could fight as well as Kim.

“Good let’s take down this freak, so I can get some more sleep!” Rocky cut in.

“Rocko’s right! Let’s get this party started!” Adam added.

“Yeah, he doesn’t stand a chance against six of us.” Aisha added. Billy nodded his agreement

“We’ll see about that!” The nightmare catcher responded. “Things are starting to look a little nightmarish for you!” He said before sending a beam of purple light at each of the rangers. They attempted to block the beams as Rocky had done before, but they failed this time. The rangers fell the ground unconscious in a deep sleep.

Zordon and Alpha had been monitoring the rangers’ battle. When they saw their rangers laying unconscious Alpha teleported them back the command center. “Zordon what do we do?”

“There is nothing we can do Alpha. We just have to wait and hope the rangers can overcome this by themselves.”

“I was afraid of that.” Alpha sighed as he watched the rangers start to toss and turn from their nightmares.


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