Secrets of the Chambers

Silent Secrets

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Written By: Pinkstranger

Chapter 1- Rocky’s Dream

“Hey guys! Hello? Anyone here?” Rocky called into the darkness. His foot hit something on the floor. He bent down to find out what it was. A body! Rocky jumped back realizing that the person was dead and that he was now covered in someone else’s blood.

Rocky gulped as he dared to find out who the poor soul had been. He squeezed his eyes shut and grabbed the shoulder. He pulled back the body to come face to face with his best friend Adam.

“Adam! Adam! No!” Rocky cried. “What happened?”

“I can tell you.” An evil voice rose over the darkness. Rocky felt chills run up and down his spine.

“Who… Who’s there?” Rocky asked standing up.

“You already know.” A new voice called back. Rocky knew the voices sounded familiar yet he couldn’t recognize them.

“I don’t know!” Rocky hollered as he took off down the hall leaving Adam’s body laying in its place.

Rocky didn’t see another body laying in his path. He tripped and fell face first into the carpeted floor. “Oh no! Not another one!” He said as he turned back to see who this one was. He could tell it had been a female. His hands found long braids. “Aisha!” Rocky cried. “No! Not Aisha! I never got to tell her how I feel!” He picked up his dead friend and held her to his chest. “I loved you with all my heart.”

“Aww isn’t that sweet. With all his heart.” The second voice chuckled. Rocky could tell now that this was a female voice now.

“Too bad you weren’t there to save her.” The fist voice added. This one was without a doubt male.

“Better run now little ape.” The female voice almost whispered. Rocky felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as if she had been leaning over to whisper in his ear.

He reluctantly let go of Aisha and ran on. He found the door and ran outside. Tears were streaming down his face. He saw the waters edge and was compelled to go to it. No sooner did he get there then did he realize why he had to come here. Another body floated in the water.

Without thinking Rocky swam out to the body and began dragging it back to shore. He pulled the body onto the beach and turned it over. Cold lifeless hazel eyes stared back at him. Rocky was more used to seeing glasses covering them and seeing the life and energy bubbling over from them.

“God Billy. Who could do this to you? Just leave you in the water among the fishes you were so scared of.” Rocky choked back tears. He had a feeling who the next people would be.

“Come out of hiding. Who are you?” Rocky called over the water knowing the voices would hear him.

“Search your fears and you will find who we are.”

“No! You couldn’t be!” Rocky screamed as he realized his fears. He stood up from Billy’s side and ran off again.

“Rocky, Rocky! Help me!” a raspy voice called. Rocky followed the voice to find his predecessor

“Jason! You’re still alive?”

“I’m hanging in there, but just barely.”

“What happened?”

“They attack us without warning. You weren’t here. They got everyone.”

“No, this can’t be happening.”

“I’m afraid it is Rocky. Without the red ranger to help out the team failed. It’s all your fault.” Jason’s raspy voice accused. Rocky held his head in his hands.

“I let them all down.”

“I should never have chosen you.” Jason’s last words fell from his lips as he gave into death.

“I’m not worthy of these powers!” Rocky screamed as he threw the red power coin into the tall grass near Jason’s body. He stood and continued on his path of death.

He walked through the park remembering how he had met the rangers. How he himself had become a ranger. His eyes spotted yet another victim laying on a picnic table. He slowly made his way over to the body. Soft brown eyes stared right past him.

Kimberly had been laid across the table with care. Her hair spread over her shoulder, her legs curled as if she had been carried, one of her arms draped over her stomach and the other lay next to her head. But it was her doe like eyes that built the rage in Rocky.

Kimberly had always been to energetic and cheerful, now she stared past him with nothing. Her eyes were blank and empty. They would never dance with life nor shed a tear ever again.

“I can’t take this anymore! Why Kimberly?! She wasn’t even a ranger anymore! Neither was Jason!” Rocky shouted at the sky.

“She had to die.” The male voice said. Rocky watched as two dark figures walked toward him.

“If she had lived then we couldn’t be together.” The female said as she took hold the other figures hand. They stepped out of the shadows together.

“Tommy! Kat!” Rocky gasped. He had feared that they were behind this but he hadn’t wanted to admit it. “You did all this? Why?”

“Of course we did it!” Tommy spat.

“We are evil through and through. We pretended to be free of Rita when she never really had us at all.” Kat hissed.

“What do you mean?” Rocky asked trying to stall what he knew would be his death.

“Rita never had to place a spell of us. We were born evil and joined her of our own free will. We pretended to be goody goodies so no one would ever know.” Tommy said.

“Now we don’t want to hide our true selves any longer. We got rid of the power rangers and now we will rule this planet together as king and queen.” Kat snapped.

“No! Tommy! Kat! You are not evil! Stop this!”

“It’s over Rocky. It’s time to die!” Tommy said pulling Saba from the inside of his cloak.

“This isn’t happening.” Rocky tired telling himself. He tried to concentrate on what happened. Where had he been when all this happened. Tommy brought the sword down onto Rocky. As the sword hit him images flashed through his mind.

“Monster…Park… Nightmare….Purple Light…. This is a dream!” Rocky shouted. The sword went right through him with out leaving a mark. Tommy and Kat backed off looking shocked. “This is all a dream and you can’t hurt me.”

“You have discovered the secret. Well done red ranger.” Kat replied before disappearing.

“Just remember this dream came from your fears. You still fear Tommy and Katherine.” Tommy said as he too disappeared.


Rocky sat straight up in the cot he had been laying in. “Rocky! Good to see you overcame your nightmare.” Zordon’s comforting voice boomed. Rocky looked up at Zordon. Tears filling his eyes.

“Zordon, I know my secret fear, and I don’t like it.” He said as he glanced around at his friends. His eyes landed on Tommy and then Kat. “I learned that deep down I don’t trust those two. While they are my friends, I have a secret fear that they will return to evil and destroy us all.”

“That fear is a logical fear Rocky. I would have been surprised to learn that you didn’t fear Tommy and Katherine. Your senses have always been keener than the others’ because you know that if Tommy should fail that you have to know what he failed at and fix that problem. You have been sensing what I know is there. Rita’s spell will forever be within Tommy and Katherine. There is a small seed of evil still buried deep within them. I felt as rangers they stood a better chance of staying in control of it . That is why I asked Kimberly to go after her dreams and to leave her coin with Katherine.”

“You asked Kimberly to leave?”

“You must understand Rocky. Kimberly had been a ranger for a long time. She had a chance to fulfill her lifetime dream and I needed to find a way to keep Katherine close. Kimberly agreed with me and went to Florida. If she had decided to stay here Alpha and I would have had to keep constant vigil over Katherine or create new powers. In a sense this was the only way everyone could win.”

“It’s like you didn’t want Kim here anymore.”

“Kimberly will always hold a special place in my heart, as will all the former rangers who have gone on to live their lives. If I had my way, all you would have powers and stay my rangers forever, however I have learned that human life is very short. Therefore I want my rangers to live their lives to the fullest and fulfill all their dreams.”

“I understand Zordon. Do you think that I should tell Tommy and Kat what I fear? Even though they might be angry with me.”

“That is something that you must decide.”

“Once again you are right. So what do we do now?”

“We wait for the others to wake up.”

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