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Written By: Ultra Sonic

Chapter 4- Extreme Makeover-Power Ranger Style

“…and now let’s get you back to the music here on our Saturday morning…”

Katherine took the dishes and the pan that she used for breakfast and placed them in the sink as she listened to some music from her radio. Once she was done putting all of them in, she then turned on the faucet which fortunately didn’t spurt lead-water this time.

Thank God Hayley was able to fix it. Kat thought as she washed the dishes as quickly as she could so she could change and wait for Tommy and the others to show up. Four days ago Tommy had picked up his students after school so they could go to Kat’s apartment, take a look at it and see what they needed. Despite the fact that the apartment didn’t look like a dump, there was still a lot of work to be done…


“So how does it look?”

“Well, for an oven that hasn’t been used in three straight years it looks pretty good.” Trent said to Kat as he looked inside the oven.

“Personally I’d say this place definitely has some possibilities.” Conner said as he took a look around the living room and went back to the kitchen where the others were.

“Yeah, I know. I mean, compared to my last apartment, this one’s not so much of a disaster.” Kat agreed. “Although the only thing that’s bad is the water line in the sinks.”

Kat then turned, went to the sink and turned on the faucet, showing Tommy, Kira, Trent, Conner, Ethan, and Hayley the murky water.

“Hey, it’s minerals. Good for the liver, right?” Conner asked jokingly which caused everyone to look at him blankly.

“Well anyway, aside from Tommy (who already had a look yesterday) you guys had a look at the apartment so what do you think?” Kat asked Tommy’s students and Hayley.

“Well, I’m no expert on apartments, but in general…I’d say we’re gonna need a very big vacuum.” Conner said.

“And aside from the sinks, the walls could definitely use a paint job.” Hayley said.

“Kira? Trent? Ethan? What do you guys think?” Tommy asked.

“Yo, Conner and Hayley speak, as far I’m concerned.” Ethan said.

“I’m with them,” Trent said.

“Me too,” Kira said.

“Kat?” Tommy asked.

“Well, I know as much about apartments as you guys do, so…as far as I’m concerned, I’m with you guys too.”

Tommy then clapped his hands together. “All right, let’s go get the stuff.”

Two minutes later the group headed for Home-Depot. Tommy, Kat, and Hayley rode in Tommy’s jeep while Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Trent rode in Conner’s Mustang. Once they got there they looked for parking spaces that were close to each other, parked, and headed into the store to get the supplies they needed. Since it was Tuesday they couldn’t really start fixing the apartment once they got back but Kat knew once they had the supplies they would be ready for the weekend.

After they got the supplies (of which was mostly paint, rollers and several brushes since Hayley had tools aplenty back at her apartment.) the gang decided to leave them at Kat’s apartment so once they got there Saturday all they would have to do is open them and they could start immediately. Just before they left Hayley made some adjustments to Kat’s kitchen and bathroom sinks so Kat could use them without any trouble.


Once Kat was finished she placed the dishes on the dish rack on the left and then went to wash up and change.

As she changed clothes Kat couldn’t help but think back to that moment she and Tommy had that night. Even though it was a few days ago Kat could still picture in her mind her staring into Tommy’s deep brown eyes…and Tommy having a look of longing and desire in his eyes as he stared back at her. It had been almost as if he wanted nothing more than to just kiss her desperately but right when it seemed that he would, he stopped himself, and while Kat knew that in a way it would have been a little strange for him to have kissed her (seeing as how she had just moved to Reefside and aside from talking with him on the day of the countdown she hadn’t seen or spoken to him at all during these years) part of her, a much greater part, still wondered why he stopped himself.

It’s not like I would have stopped him. Kat thought slyly to herself as an image of her and Tommy lip-locking began to swim in her head.

As she continued to muse on this her cell phone then rang. Kat then went to her backpack’s mesh pocket, picked up the phone and answered it.


“Hi Kat.”

“Oh, hi Tommy.” Kat replied, the remaining tiredness already draining out of her just by hearing Tommy’s voice. “What’s up?”

“Oh, I just figured I’d call you to let you know that I’m on the road and as soon as I pick up Hayley I’ll head over there. I just got finished talking to Trent, Kira and the others, and they said as soon as they finish breakfast at their homes they’ll head over there too.”

“Oh, that’s great.” Kat said.

“Yeah, so, uh-just sit tight, I’ll be there soon.” Tommy said with a slight tone of nervousness.

I hope so. Kat thought wistfully. “Okay, bye.” she said as she hung up, a tidal wave of giddiness already beginning to spiral out of control in her mind.

Katherine, come on, get a hold of yourself. It’s not going to be just Tommy helping you fix the place up, y’ know. Although…

Kat quickly shook it off before her thoughts went someplace else and stepped out of her room to take a look at the living room. Though it wouldn’t be until today that everyone would give the apartment a makeover Kat had done what she could during the week to clean the place up so it wouldn’t be so dusty. Plus Tommy would stop by to give her a hand.

As Kat looked at the living room she then saw by the wall the cans of paint, rollers and paintbrushes they were going to use. Since Kat wasn’t sure as to what specific color she was looking for they all looked at different paint colors to see what would be good. After spending an hour looking through different colors, Kat eventually chose green, blue, and peach for the colors they would use.

Next to the paint cans were stacks of old newspapers that Tommy, Conner, and Ethan had scrapped together so they could use them to catch paint drips as they painted the walls. Since nobody had shown up yet Kat decided to take them, lay them out on the floor, and get them ready as best she could.


“Okay, Conner, you do know how to get to Katherine’s apartment, right?” Ethan asked.

“Trust me Ethan; I know how to get there.” Conner replied. “Now I may not be following Dr. O’s jeep this time, but…”

“All right, whatever you say, man.” Ethan said. “But if an hour goes by and we’re still not there yet, then there’ll be some hell to pay.”

“Ethan, trust me on this.” Conner said. “Nothing short of a front-row ticket to an MLS game would stop me from getting there. Besides, seeing Dr. O and Kat ‘talk’ is good enough for me to go help out.”

“Conner, have you been nosing in on Dr. O?” Kira asked.

“What? I can’t help it if at times I’ve seen them hang out during these past few days or the times he’s gone to give her a hand with stuff.”

“Conner, I don’t mean to bug in, but I think Dr. Oliver told us, namely you not to but into his personal life.” Trent pointed out.

Conner sighed. “I know, but Dr. Oliver’s our friend as much as he is our mentor/teacher. Besides, I’d like to think the dude’s got a little bit of a life outside of Rangering and teaching.”

“Conner, have you ever heard the saying, ‘Curiosity killed the cat?’” Kira asked.

“What, and you guys aren’t?” Conner asked as he stopped at a red light. “Okay, you guys look me dead in the eye right now and tell me you’re not the least bit curious about Dr. O and Katherine, you guys tell me right now that you don’t see the way they look at each other (or the way they pretend not to look at each other however you want to look at it), come on, tell me. Now I know you two back there are more conservative than me and Ethan here, but come on…”

In fact, now that I think about it, somehow I don’t think Dr. O and Kat are the only ones giving each other long looks. Conner thought as he looked at Trent and Kira.

Trent sighed while Kira shook her head in exasperation.

“Okay, I admit, I am a little curious, but if Dr. O doesn’t want to tell us, then that’s fine. I’m not going to breathe down his neck about it.” Trent admitted.

“Kira?” Conner asked.

Kira just sighed. “All I’m going to say is that Trent put it best; if Dr. Oliver doesn’t want to divulge his love life, then it really isn’t any of our business to want to get it out of him.”

Subtext: she’s curious too. Conner thought.

“Speaking of Dr. Oliver, you think he’s already there at the apartment?” Ethan asked.

A sly smile crossed Conner’s face as he made a right turn on Riverside road. “If we know our doc, he probably already is.”


Kat had just finished putting the last of the newspapers on the floor when she heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“It’s me, Tommy.”

As soon as she heard Tommy’s voice Kat didn’t know whether to scream or quickly run to the mirror.

Her hand trembled as she unlocked the door and saw Tommy standing in a white sleeveless T-shirt and casual khakis pants carrying two bags with what looked like tools and some other things.

Breathe, Kat. Breathe. she thought as she unconsciously scoped him out from foot to head.

“Hi,” Tommy said with his trademark smile on his face.

“Hi,” Kat replied with a somewhat dazed tone.

“Tommy, are you just going to stand there in the doorway or are you going to go in?” Hayley asked sarcastically as she came up behind Tommy carrying a toolbox.

“Hayley, relax. I was just going to.”

Yeah, right. Hayley thought. Good grief, if you and Kat wanted to, you’d spend a whole freakin’ hour in the doorway just staring at each other.

“Hi, Hayley.”

“Oh, hi Kat.” Hayley replied.

“So what’s in the bags?” Kat asked.

Hayley shrugged. “Just some tools and some other stuff.”

“Conner and the others aren’t here yet, right?” Tommy asked as he set the two bags down by the paint cans.

“No, not yet.” Kat replied.

No sooner did Kat say that did a knock come from the door.

“Dr. O! Kat! It’s us!” Conner yelled from the door.

Looks like I spoke too soon. Kat thought as she made her way back to the door to open it.

“Hey, guys.” Kat said cheerfully.

“Hi,” said Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Trent.

“Did you guys have trouble finding the place?” Kat asked as the foursome stepped in carrying various things. Ethan and Trent were both carrying giant pieces of cloth along with a Wal-Mart bag full of household things that Trent was carrying in his left hand. Kira was also carrying a Wal-Mart bag of her own with what looked like more household supplies. Conner on the other hand was the only one who wasn’t carrying anything. Not because he didn’t want to, but Ethan, Trent, and Kira told him they had everything under control.

“Well, interestingly enough we didn’t have any problems getting here, which considering the fact that Conner was the one driving, that’s an amazing feat.” Ethan said as he placed the giant cloth down on the floor. Trent did the same with his stuff as well as Kira.

“Ah-ha, ah-ha, very funny.” Conner said.

“Well, on the apartment front the place doesn’t look as dusty anymore compared to the last time we were here.” Kira remarked as she looked around the apartment.

“Yeah, during the week I tried to spruce the apartment up as much as I could.” Kat said nonchalantly. “Well, with a little help, of course.” she said as she smiled at Tommy.

Hmmm. Interesting. Conner thought. And I wonder just what other things our good ole doc assisted our new ex-Ranger friend with.

Trent then clapped his hands together. “All right, we’re all here, so, what’s the plan?”

“Well, I’d say we get started on the walls first since that’s the major thing that needs to be done.” Kat said.

“All right.” Hayley said. “And while you guys do that I’ll get to work on the utility/bathroom stuff.”

“Wait, didn’t you fix the sinks last time?” Kat asked.

“Well, I did, but since I didn’t have my tools at the time I was only able to adjust them to where they would work all right, but only for a while. So hopefully with these-” Hayley then lifted up her toolbox. “-they won’t spit out any lead ever again.”

“Then hey, do what you have to do.” Kat said. “So what’s with the stuff you guys brought?”

“Well, we figured just in case we run out of newspaper while we’re painting the walls, we could use these.” Trent said as he pointed to the two drop cloths he and Ethan had lugged over to the apartment.

“And the stuff in the bags is mostly things for the rooms and whatnot.” Kira said.

Kat nodded and then looked from Kira, to Trent, Ethan, Hayley, Conner, and lastly, Tommy. As she looked at him she saw him smiling at her which caused her heart to skip a few beats. Kat inwardly fought to control herself as she merely smiled back at him, then at everyone else. “Well, then what are we waiting for? Let’s do it.”


For the next 2 ˝ hours Katherine, Tommy, Conner, Trent, Kira, and Ethan got started on painting the walls of Kat’s apartment while Hayley worked on giving the sinks and the other utilities a massive overhaul. Surprisingly the repairs didn’t take as long as Hayley thought, for after 45 minutes she was done with them completely. Once she put her tools back in her toolbox Hayley then grabbed a roller and a paintbrush and joined the others.

The idea was that the main walls (namely the living room and the kitchen) would be painted green, the one bedroom blue and the bathroom a sort of creamy peach color, which was what the group of seven followed. Since the living room had the largest space in the apartment, Tommy and Kat took one side, Trent and Kira took another, and Ethan and Conner took another just before Hayley joined them.

“Okay, is anyone feeling hungry?” Conner asked as he wiped some sweat from his forehead to take a breather from painting.

“You mean besides you?” Ethan asked as he drank from his water bottle and took a look around the living room which was almost close to being done.

“Well, now that you mention it, I’m starting to feel a little hungry myself.” Trent said. “Kira, what say you?”

Before Kira could answer her stomach growled a bit. “Well, I guess that answers the question.” She said which made Ethan and Conner chuckle a bit. Trent just kept a small smile on his face and not much else.

“What about the rest of you guys? Dr. O? Hayley? Kat?” Conner asked.

“Well, I think my stomach’s feeling about the same as Kira’s, so yes.” Kat said.

“It’s been a few hours since I had breakfast, so I’m up for lunch if you are.” Hayley said.

“Well, if all of you are hungry, then so am I.” Tommy said.

“Then that settles it. Now all we have to do is figure out where to go eat.” Conner said.

“Well, how about Dairy Queen this time?” Ethan suggested.


“Y’ know Ethan, I gotta say, this is probably the best suggestion you’ve ever made.” Conner said as he bit into his Double Hamburger with cheese.

“Well, since we ate at Subway the last time, I figured why not try something different?” Ethan asked as he took his hot dog from the tray. Kira, Trent, Tommy, Kat, and Hayley also took their respective lunches from the tray as well. Kira and Kat got a Fish fillet, Trent a grilled chicken, Tommy a Single Hamburger with cheese, and Hayley got a breaded Chicken sandwich.

“Well, I have to say, you definitely had the right idea.” Kat complemented.

“Thanks Kat.” Ethan said with a smile.

“You’re welcome.” Kat replied.

“So, what else is left to do on the apartment?” Trent asked.

“Well, the living room’s almost done, so I’d say once we’re done with that we can do the bedroom, then the bathroom and…after that I’d say we’d be done.” Kat answered.

“Well, hopefully Elsa won’t decide to pop in for a quick visit.” Conner said as he drank his Sierra Mist.

“Dude, did you have to go and mention her?” Ethan asked with a semi-stern look on his face. “Great, now you may as well have just jinxed the whole day.”

“Jinxed-?” Conner asked as he didn’t know what his friend meant. Then he thought back to the week before with what happened with Elsa and her flunkies popping up whenever they thought she wouldn’t show up. “Oh, sorry.”

“Well, as surprising as this might sound I don’t think Mesogog and Elsa are going to show up anytime soon.” Tommy said as he kept his voice low.

“Why’s that?” Kat asked.

“Well, I’ve kept an eye on the scanner for the past few days and so far there hasn’t been anything Mesogog-wise popping up in the city.”

This surprised Tommy’s students a bit.

“Nothing?” Kira asked.

“Nothing,” Tommy replied. “Zero, zip, nada.”

“Well, maybe Mesogog decided to take a vacation.” Ethan said.

Tommy chuckled. “One can only hope.” He said. “But all the same, I’ll check it out one more time when I get back to my place.”

“And speaking of which, I need to check to make sure I have the list of girls that are going to perform in the show.” Kat remembered.

“Which show?” Tommy asked.

“Oh, it’s the Christmas show Cosmos is planning on doing,” Kat replied. “I don’t know all the details yet, but I know it’s going to be on the 18th at the civic center downtown.”

“Sounds pretty cool.” Tommy said.

“Yeah, it is. Since they needed some extra hands I figured I’d join in and give them a hand.”

“Cool.” Ethan said.

“Oh yeah, Hayley, isn’t the cyber café open today?” Kat asked.

“Yeah, it is. Usually I’d be there, but since my sister was in town for the weekend I was able to ask her to cover for me this morning so I could come over and help you guys out.”

“Does she know how to manage a café for a day?” Trent asked.

“Oh, don’t worry, she does. She’s an assistant manager intern over at Disneyland so it’s no biggie for her, or at least I hope it isn’t.”


A while later, the group headed back to Kat’s apartment to finish up what they had started. Kat told them that they didn’t have to but Kira insisted that they had started it, and they were sure as hell going to finish it.

Hayley sadly, had to head back to the cyber café to help her sister for a food fight had broken out courtesy of Cassidy and some other teens and Hayley had to get over there quickly to do some damage-control. Kat thanked her for her help which Hayley humbly accepted before she got off Tommy’s jeep to head into the café.

After a half hour, the group finished the living room and then split off into doing the bedroom and the bathroom. Conner, Ethan, Trent and Tommy took the bedroom while Kira, and Kat took the bathroom. 45 minutes later all the rooms were done and then Trent, Kira and Tommy spent the next while fitting new blinds and curtains on to the windows of the apartment.

Once they were done Conner, Ethan, Kira, Trent, Tommy and Katherine took a look at the finished apartment.

“Wow,” Kira said. “Now this is what I call an apartment.”

“You can say that again.” Trent said.

“It’s beautiful.” Kat said as she looked around with a bright smile on her face.

Well, almost beautiful. Tommy thought as he smiled at her. “I’m glad you like it.” he said.

“Tommy…guys, thank you so much.”

“Ah, don’t mention it.” Conner said.

“You’re welcome.” Trent said.

“Anytime,” Ethan.

“You’re welcome.” Kira said.

“I’m just glad we could help out.” Tommy said as he merely smiled at Kat.

Kat smiled back as she began to go into a staring trance again. “Well, again…thanks a lot.”

Conner saw the exchange between his teacher and Katherine and was trying very hard not to say something sarcastic. “Well y’ know, seeing as how it’s only a few weeks ‘til Christmas, you can think of it as almost being a sort of early Christmas present, from all of us.” he said.

“Well thank you, Conner.” Kat said.

“Suck up,” Ethan muttered.

“What? I said ‘from all of us.’” Conner protested.

“Y’ know, speaking of Christmas, what are you guys going to be doing during the holidays?” Kat asked. “I mean, I know it’s early still, but…”

“Well, if you ask me, I’d say I’m probably going to buy some presents for my folks, get a new video game or two…other than that, just the usual.” Ethan said.

“I think we’re all pretty much doing the same thing holiday-wise. Well, minus the games, of course.” Conner said.

“Well, whatever it is you guys do, just make sure you enjoy it. After all, it’s Christmas, right?”

“Definitely,” Kira agreed.

Suddenly Conner’s pager started to ring from his pocket. He picked it up and looked to see who it was calling him. “Oh, crap.”

“Who is it?” Trent asked.

“It’s my mom.” Conner said as he looked at the small screen. “Apparently she’s out shopping at the mall (with my dad carrying her stuff I’m sure) and she’s wondering if I can pick my brother Eric up from work at Sports Authority since she might be coming home late.”

“What time does your brother get off work?” Ethan asked.

Conner then snuck a peak at his watch. “In a couple of minutes.” he said.

“Then let me go with you, I kind of have to be home myself.” Ethan said.

“Unfortunately, me too.” Kira said.

“Ditto over here.” Trent said.

“Well, if you guys have things you need to do at home, then go on ahead.” Tommy said to his students.

“Thanks, Dr. O.” Conner said.

“Well, like I said before you guys, thanks for everything.” Kat said.

“No problem.” Ethan replied nonchalantly.

The foursome bid their teacher and Katherine good-bye as they headed out the door to the parking lot downstairs. Before Conner headed out the door he called out to his teacher and gave him a wink as well as a thumbs-up which earned him a stern glare from Tommy.

“Even when we’re not trying to save the world, they can still be a handful.” Tommy said with a sigh as he turned to Kat.

“Oh, they don’t seem too bad.”

“Well, Trent and Kira aren’t, but Ethan and Conner, that’s another story. And to think, in the beginning they didn’t really get along that good.”

“But at least when push comes to shove, those two have each other’s backs, right?”

Tommy nodded. “Definitely.” he said as he smiled at Kat. “So, what do you think of the complete makeover?”

“In a nutshell, it’s great, now all it needs is just some furniture.” Kat replied. “Thanks for really helping me out today, Tommy. You and your students.”

Just hearing the tone of her voice at that moment was enough to almost entice Tommy to take his hand and gently caress her face. But as usual, he had to fight to control himself and stay on an even keel. So instead he just smiled brightly at her. “You’re welcome.” He said.

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