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Cake and Confessions

“Come on bro, just one more time?”

“Tommy, that’ll be the seventh time tonight and I really don’t think I have the energy for another match.” Jason sighed as he wiped away the sweat from his forehead and purposefully refused to look Tommy in the eye. He knew the other boy would be wearing that puppy dog look and one glance at that face and he’d cave within moments, tired or not.

“Come on, it’s karate how can you be tired of karate it’s what we do!” When this didn’t seem to detour his friend from moving back towards the cabin, Tommy quickly switched tactics. “Besides you need all the sparring practice you can get considering it’s been a week without an attack right.” Once more standing in front of the soon-to-be birthday boy, Tommy tried to catch his own breath as he was again blocking Jason’s path.

He couldn’t let him in the house, it was only ten-thirty and if he didn’t keep up his end of the deal he knew he wouldn’t survive the night. Tommy dreaded to think what Kim would do to him if he let Jason in before midnight. Probably kick his ass all the way back to Angel Grove and that’d be just for starters.

“Trust me Tommy, I’ve done a lot of sports over the years and I have never trained this much or this late into the night for any of them. It’s ten-thirty and frankly I’m trashed. I just want to go curl up in bed and enjoy the fact there’s no attacks rather than practice for them bro, and honestly I’d think you’d feel the same way.”

Sighing in defeat as he did in fact not want to workout anymore in the growing colder night air Tommy was about to give up the fight when he was struck with an idea. “Look I’ll go get us some water and we can sit out here for a while and just talk.”


At Jason’s slightly doubtful look, Tommy nodded his head feverishly. “Yeah, I mean I’ve only just realized I don’t know that much about you and I want to know more.” I want to know everything, he added as a silent afterthought. Giving a smile which wasn’t entirely fake, Tommy waited on edge for his friend’s response. If he didn’t go for this not only would the surprise be ruined and Kim would be out to kill him, but he also had to admit he’d be more than a tad hurt the other didn’t share in his idea of getting to know each other better.

“Um, okay.” Jason knew when he was defeated. Part of him had to wonder why outside of all places. It was warm and cozy inside, surely they’d be better off tucked up in their room talking… or maybe he shouldn’t get onto that train of thought right now. The only reason he could think of was that the young boy valued his privacy and inside walls had ears – colour coded ears.

Wistfully he watched Tommy bound back inside as he went to sit on the veranda steps. Part of him felt bewildered as to why Tommy would actually want to know anything about him; after all he wasn’t that great or interesting. Okay so sure he was a Power Ranger but still, so was Tommy, beyond that he was pretty much as average a teenage guy as they came.

Then of course there was a part of him that was more than just a little ecstatic at the thought that Tommy cared enough to ask about his past. Tommy was actually interested in him and what he liked and did. Okay so he was rapidly turning into his best friend but still, he was actually interested!

“Just what do I tell him though”, Jason mused for a few moments. “Well we were talking about sports a second ago; I guess I could tell him about that. He’s a guy; he’ll probably be more interested in that than anything else, right? Right. And if he isn’t well than there’s always girls. Sigh, what did I get myself into.” Groaning and praying this wouldn’t actually turn into a talk about the boy wanting to date Kimberly, Jase forced that thought away for the moment. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t be happy to see his two friends get together, but to have to hear about it, no, that was definitely not at the top of his list of fun topics.

Entering the kitchen, Tommy was having problems of his own as Kim was on him in a flash.

“Tommy what on earth are you doing in here? Jase isn’t allowed in for another hour and a half!” Kim hissed the moment the half frozen boy in green stepped into the kitchen.

Rolling his eyes Tommy replied matter-of-factly, “Well encase you hadn’t noticed it’s me inside not Jase. I came in for water to keep him out there longer. I definitely got the hardest job out of all of you. Honestly, freezing my butt off out there, trying to keep Jason out there without him thinking I’m nuts or on a caffeine high wanting to spar for hours on end. And you all just sit in here toasty warm with hot chocolate and treats.”

Trini let out a laugh at Kim’s sheepish look and Tommy’s good natured grumbling. She knew he’d be bored doing any of the other tedious and monotonous tasks like blowing up balloons. Not to mention when she informed him of his desired job she hadn’t missed the small flicker of happiness in his eyes at the thought of having the Red Ranger all to himself for several hours. Yes, the moaning was clearly just for keeping up appearances.

“So you were sparing huh. In other words that means he basically kicked your ass at basketball and got bored so you moved onto the only sort you’re evenly matched at?” Zack quipped from the couch where he was currently making a mess of the wrapping paper and streamers.

“I’ll show you who’s ass is gonna be kicked.” Tommy quipped back.

“Here.” Handing him a bottle of water and a Hershey candy bar, Trini all but shoved him back out the door before a further protest or complaint could be had.

Standing on the back porch in stunned silence for a moment, it didn’t take long for Tommy to realize what she’d done and go to let himself back in as he was not returning to Jason with only one bottle and one treat. Reaching for the door knob and finding it locked, he gapped before knocking less then gently. “Trini!”

“Go keep him busy that’s all you’re getting you two aren’t spoiling your appetite for cake now go.” Trini called back through the door.

Grumbling and muttering a range of curses under his breath Tommy turned reluctantly and walked across to Jase who seemed deep in thought. This wasn’t right, one chocolate bar between two growing boys and a bottle of water between two exhausted growing boys. Trini needed some lessons in adequate nutrition. Not to mention he had a sneaking suspicion she had decided to make them share for other reasons. Damn it! He had told her it was just between them, who knew that sharing his feelings for Jase with the girl would lead her to play with him like this.

Tossing the bar down in Jason’s lap Tommy all but collapsed into a heap next to him. ‘Better next to him than on top of him. No matter how great that would be I’d rather not explain my unwillingness to get back up’, Tommy mused silently as Jase looked down at the candy bar in his lap.

“I thought you were going to get water, not candy bars.”

“I was, but Trini…sigh well um, she was doing this girl stuff with Kim and when I walked in they sorta shoved me back out. I told her I just wanted some water for us and so she basically just shoved one bottle and one candy bar in my hand before making me leave again.” Tommy responded wearily.

Suddenly feeling a small flare of annoyance at his friends, Jason shook his head. He had told the girls not to get involved. What did they think this was cute giving them a late night snack to share? “I’ll go talk to them.”

“No! I mean, um, no they’re really scary looking, green food all over their faces, ratty bathrobes, scary, scary stuff dude; I think Zack and Billy were hiding in their room. Let’s just hang out here for a while more and talk okay?”

Sitting back down with a nod, Jason never the less made a mental note to bring this up to them later. “Okay, well um, so what would you like to talk about?”

“Oh uh…” Opening the water and taking a long drink, Tommy wracked his brain for something they might have in common, sports was clearly not it after their earlier basketball game. “I’m not sure, what are you into, I mean besides Karate?”

Taking the water from him when it was offered, Jason went with the safest topic in his mind. “Well I like sports. I’m on the football team with Zack, and in winter we usually go for the basketball team too, then there’s baseball, I did that when I was younger, and wrestling.”

“Oh.” Trying to fringe interest, Tommy nodded slowly. “So um, football huh, fun stuff.”

“Yeah. What position do you like to play? You know team try outs are going to be coming up kinda soon for this year.”

‘Position?’ Wracking his brain for what that meant exactly, Tommy swallowed before taking another drink of water. “Um…that one that you know…catches the ball?” When this clearly was not the right answer, Tommy sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Was it midnight yet?

“Oh you mean the second baseman?” Smiling when Tommy nodded at this in what was clearly relief, Jason almost felt bad for letting a small chuckle slip out. “You have no clue how to play football or baseball, do you?”

“Of course I do!” Looking at his friend in false annoyance Tommy was apparently not going to give up his charade without being busted first.

“I see, so you all use baseball terminology when playing football in LA and vise versa?” Feeling a bit bad when this made the other boy look down quickly in embarrassment, Jase nudged him playfully. “It’s cool; Billy isn’t big on sports either. I’m guessing you spent most of your time on karate when growing up huh.”

Feeling more than a bit timid now, at being caught, Tommy gave a small nod. “I was a small kid, so um; yeah sports and me didn’t work very well.” Letting the topic drop for a minute, both boys tried to find something else they thought the other might be into before Tommy spoke up once more. “So you did wrestling too?”

“Yeah, it was alright. I was only on the team for a year or two though before I just didn’t have enough time for it.”

Snickering as he recalled seeing one of the competitions at his old school, Tommy couldn’t help but feel like evening out the embarrassment score a bit. “So basically you wore spandex shorts and tried to hold the other guy on the floor, and they call this a sport?”

Smiling at this, but still feeling the need to defend his sport no matter how silly it did indeed sound, Jason shook his head. “Well yes but it’s not that simple Tommy. There are all sorts of techniques and holds and a lot of stuff comes into play.”

“Uh huh, sure.”

“I’m serious. It’s just as carefully thought out as karate at times.” When this sent the other boy off into peels of laughter, Jason found himself torn between smiling at the sight of his friend in joyous amusement or kicking his butt at him making a mockery of the sport.

“Whatever you say, Jase.” Still chuckling Tommy reached for the candy bar only to have it moved away from his hand by the looking slightly evil Jason. “Aw come on Jase I’m hungry.”

“Wrestle me for it.” Standing and moving into the clearing by the steps where they had spent the previous hour sparing, Jason made a ‘come on’ gesture.

“You can’t be serious.” Looking at the Red Ranger in disbelief, Tommy couldn’t believe he actually wanted to wrestle now to prove his point. “Jase I’d kick yer butt. You said yourself you’re worn out from sparing. Now come on share the candy bar and sit back down.”

“Nope, you have insulted my honor, I demand satisfaction.” Voice dripping with a lame southern accent as he quoted the line from the ‘Simpsons’ Jase was clearly set on showing his friend just what wrestling was all about.

Nearly falling over as laughter once more erupted from him; Tommy took a good minute to get himself back together before finally standing up and moving towards the other boy. “You’ve lost your mind. Fine I’ll pin ya to the ground and then call the nice people in white coats to come take you away.”

“If you pin me, be my guest. Now you have to pin me for ten seconds that’s how points are scored it’s not just a swift strike like in karate. So no kicking, hitting, and you can’t go outside this area right here or it’s a foul.”

Making a dismissive gesture, Tommy took a breath and centered himself before crouching down as Jason was doing, recalling this was in fact how the match started that one time he’d watched it. “Ready, set…go.”

Since this was more or less a game to the Green Ranger who was more set on his candy bar than the actual match Tommy wasn’t prepared in the least for the lunge Jason made towards him. Of course as much of a surprise as that was he nearly lost coherent thought as a rather intrusive hand grabbed him between his legs before he could even blink as Jason seemed to be trying to flip him.

Acting on instinct he quickly bought his arms up and around the Red Ranger in a vein attempt to break free, unfortunately too much of his focus was still on Jason’s hands and he knew he couldn’t last.

They struggled a bit more however, pushing against each other in a vain attempt to pin their opponent. Had he not be so set on pinning Jason, Tommy was sure he would’ve been on the ground long before now, not only due to Jason’s larger size, but also due partly in fact to the reactions Jason’s grabbing and groping were having on him. It was only just dawning on him that wrestlers wore certain protective gear for a reason. A reason he should have considered before allowing this to begin.

As Jason shifted slightly causing his hand to move slightly as well Tommy knew he was beaten. There was no way he could carry on a moment longer with Jason touching him like that, innocent or not it just wasn’t going to happen. He was supposed to be wrestling his friend not getting off on him copping a feel in the middle of the woods with their other friends barely ten yards away.

It was at that thought Tommy slapped himself mentally. His focus had been taken away for just a nanosecond too long and as a result he soon found himself pinned to the hard ground by an equally hard body.

Tommy could feel the slight tickle of Jason’s breath as the young man breathed heavily, his face just mere inches above his. His heart was hammering but he couldn’t be sure whether it was caused by the exertion or by Jason. Either way he could tell from Jason’s face that he was in a similar state. Although he didn’t have Tommy’s hands close to a rather vital part of his anatomy. “Um, okay you got me.”

Raising his eyebrow wickedly Jason wasn’t moving. “So what was that you were saying before we started this, eh Tommy?”

“Um…I want the candy bar?”

“After that,” Jason answered, a smug smile now gracing his face.

Swallowing and trying to move discreetly enough to adjust himself and not be found out, Tommy gave a small laugh. “Oh you mean that whole I’d pin you, win the candy bar and call those nice people in white coats to come and take you away thing?”

“Yeah that thing. Now let’s just take a look at what position we’re in here.” It was at this remark that Tommy blushed nearly the same color as his friend’s shirt. Not because he’d been wrong exactly, more because he was pinned by Jason with Jason’s hand still way to close to his crotch. “It seems to me you’re the one pinned and I’m the one still holding the candy bar.”

“Yeah well it seems to me that I can barely breathe down here, Jase,” Tommy quipped. “Seriously dude, you got to lose some of that weight before we ever do this again.” Even though it was meant as a playful jab Tommy suddenly realized perhaps Jason hadn’t taken it so innocently.

Cocking his eyebrow once more Jason just stared at the boy pinned beneath his greater weight. He wasn’t huge by any means, but compared to Tommy’s lanky frame he was well-built. Still though the boy in green had to learn you never call or refer to anyone as fat.

“Hmm, Tommy I’ll tell you again to look at the position we’re in,” he pressed down a little harder, “Now, do you want to re-phrase what you just said before or after my fat ass crushes you?”

Squirming as Jason’s hands and body pressed tighter against him Tommy instantly regretted the words said in jest. He really didn’t need this right now.

“Okay, okay. If I could move my hands I’d put them up in surrender. I’m sorry, okay?” At Jason’s slight nod Tommy noted that his friend had still yet to get off of him. “Erm, now could you please let me up off the hard ground?”

He didn’t want to say it. He didn’t want to break the contact; but he knew he had to. If they stayed like this a moment longer he wasn’t sure he’d be able to trust himself. He cared too deeply for Jason to mess anything up between them. He was his best friend and that meant more to him than a few moments of passion.

Blushing slightly Jason pushed himself up and for the first time registered exactly what part of Tommy he’d been holding. Now wonder the guy was uncomfortable. “Oh um, yeah sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Sitting up and rubbing his arm in a nervous habit, Tommy relaxed a little when a hand was offered to him and Jason pulled him back to his feet. “Well that was…fun.”

“Yeah, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun,” Jason checked his watch absently noticing it was now past eleven and they were still outside. Of course by now he’d also noticed that Tommy seemed reluctant to go back inside. Then again Kim and Trini in full face masks was a force to be reckoned with and often scarier looking that some of Rita’s monsters. Not that he’d ever tell them that. He had some self preservation.

Tommy also took a quick glance at his watch and let a silent sigh of relief escape knowing he didn’t have much longer to keep Jason outside.

“Okay so we now know that wrestling is also not one of my sports.” Tommy said with a sigh as he went to sit down on the steps again and taking a swig from the water bottle. “Do I get the candy bar now?”

Laughing Jason tossed him the bar before taking what was left of the water. “You’re like a big kid, you know that? A slightly talkative and dangerous kid at that.”

Giving Jason a bit of an indignity look Tommy shook his head. “Yeah well I could have fooled you all when I was evil. You guys never saw me coming with my oh-so-sweet and angelic personality.”

Unable to stop himself Jason let out a snort. “Yeah right bro, you angelic.”

“I am so angelic!”

“Uh huh, sure you are. This from the boy who nearly destroyed the world. Who trapped me in a dark dimension. Trashed the Command Center not once but twice. Plus you completely hog the covers in bed.”

Smiling at this and giving a shrug, Tommy had to admit he was a bit of a handful at times. Still though it’s not like that was always a bad thing, right? “And is that a bad thing?”

“Not necessarily,” Jason responded before he could stop himself. Quickly he took another swig of water before he could embarrass himself further. Tommy really didn’t need to know where his less than angelic mind was taking him. Or the mental images of un-angelic things he and Tommy could be getting up to. He had to learn to not get onto thought trains like that, especially not when he was around the star of them. This wasn’t just lust, it was something deeper than Jason just didn’t want to face. He really cared about Tommy and that meant his feelings came fist. Which in turn meant making no passes and not ruining one of the best friendships he’d ever been a part of.

He sat down heavily next to Tommy noticing the green ranger watching him intently. He had to change the conversation and quick

“So, now we know that wrestling is more my thing than yours why don’t you tell me what you actually do like?” He might as well use this opportunity to get to know the boy a little better.

“Me?” Tommy shifted uncomfortably, “Well, I guess I’m into cars and racing. I used to hang out at the track with my Uncle during the summer. Other than that it’s basically karate and I do a bit of sketching…”

“Sketching?” Jason’s eyebrow quirked of its own accord and he wished he could stop the surprised tone of his voice, especially when he saw Tommy turn an interesting shade of pink.

“Yeah, I don’t do a lot and I’m not that good but it’s one of the few things I picked up from my Mom. She was an artist…” He tailed of uncomfortably.

“Really? I guess I never pictured you as an art person but come to think on it now I guess I should have. You sort of have that quiet, reserved artistic personality. So, what do you draw?”

At Jason’s genuine interest Tommy gave a truthful, but somewhat guarded answer, “Mainly portraits and landscapes, but like I said they aren’t very good. I never like took classes for it or anything.”

“I’d still love to see them sometime…” Jason trailed off for a moment before giving Tommy a nudge in the ribs and adding teasingly, “Got any of me?”

Sputtering slightly for a moment and feeling his face heat up with a deep crimson blush, Tommy couldn’t believe he’d just asked that. Okay so it was clearly meant in simple innocent interest, but still. Damn it, Jason should just not have said it! “Erm yeah.” Suddenly realizing how that must sound, Tommy was quick to amend his statement. “I mean I’ve got some of all of you, even Alpha and Zordon.”

Jason tried not to let the slight disappointment show on his face. When Tommy had said yes he felt that there might just be some slight hope of reciprocated feelings. He knew he shouldn’t have gotten himself thinking like that but it was hard to avoid it at times. After all I guy could dream couldn’t he?

“So will we ever get to see them? I know I’d love to see some of you work.” It was true, whether they were of him or not he was still interested. Pictures were an intimate thing and if Tommy trusted him enough to show him such a meaningful side to his life then he would certainly be flattered.

“Maybe… one day,” Tommy answered coyly as he quickly lowered his eyes. With another glance at his watch Tommy noticed it was finally twelve on the dot. “But not right now because it’s cold and we need to head inside.”

He turned to head back into the house, water bottle dangling from his fingers as Jason watched him in a moment of stunned silence at abrupt end of their conversation. Catching a soft mutter from the Red Ranger that sounded suspiciously like ‘happy birthday to me’ Tommy once more doubted that this was a good idea. Even if Jason was five seconds from being blown away by his party, it still didn’t seem very nice to have put him through how many days of feigned ignorance to his birthday.

Dismissing the thought as Jason got up, Tommy opened the door and led the way to the living room a slight smile playing on his lips.

“Happy birthday!” The exclamation made Jason jump as party poppers went off in all directions and his friends yelled and cheered enveloping him in strong hugs. So they hadn’t forgotten after all. Quite the contrary if the contents of the living room and kitchen were anything to go by.

A large cake covered with red icing was sitting on the kitchen table while balloons and streamers seemed to hang from every surface. Then there was the living room table stacked high with presents; they’d all gotten him along with the joint present they’d bought earlier that day.

“Wow,” Jason was truly stunned, he really didn’t know what to say, “Thanks guys, I mean, I really didn’t expect this. It’s… wow.”

The others laughed at his apparent loss of words. Jason wasn’t much of a talker but he could usually articulate well. Well, a lot better than he was now.

Taking in the sight in front of him Jason paused for a moment before turning back to Tommy. “You mean we played basketball, sparred six times and wrestled just so you could keep me out of here while they set this up?”

“Erm, yeah,” Tommy answered uneasily.

“You mean you lied, actually lied to me about Kim and Trini being covered in, and I quote, ‘green food’, just to keep me out of here?”

“It was for a good cause,” Tommy offered less than certain now.

Jason laughed slightly as he was ushered into the living room and Tommy dodged the glare from Kim and the interested raised eye-brow look from Trini. He’d noticed her perk up at the mention of wrestling. Damn it. If he wasn’t sure that she’d guessed he had feelings for Jason before he was one-hundred percent positive she had now.

The next thing Jason knew he was sat on the sofa as Billy carried the large cake his way, candles flicker causing shadows as they were now the only light in the room. Around him a chorus of happy birthday went on and he looked at each of his friends in turn, his gaze lingering on Tommy just a second longer.

With an over-exaggerated blow Jason blew out all the candles and made his wish as Trini instructed him to. He wished for the courage to tell Tommy who he really was. He couldn’t keep on lying to him, couldn’t keep hiding such a big part of his life from his new and quickly becoming best friend. But for now he was content with just enjoying his birthday.

“So what did you wish for?” Bouncing up and down next to the Blue Ranger, Zack was clearly on a sugar rush.

“He can’t tell you that!” Kim exclaimed, “Or his wish won’t come true.”

Sensing the possible outbreak of an argument this late at night Trini swooped in, “Alright, time for presents I think.”

Jason finally took in the pile covering the coffee table and stared open mouthed. “Are all these for me?”

“Well no one else here shares a birthday with you Jason so I can concur that yes, they are all for you.” Billy smiled as he leant forward and passed him the largest box. “This one’s from all of us. Tommy and Kim picked it out though.”

“Well actually Tommy picked it out, I was more or less there for moral support.” Kim fessed giving her friend in green a slight nudge.

Jason smiled up at his friend who was kneeling across from him on the floor in the same place he was during their poker game. He gave the box a mandatory shake and listened to the contents move slightly inside. This was intriguing… very intriguing. Pulling the paper off and removing the lid his jaw literally dropped at the sight before him.

Within seconds he was on his feet shrugging on the waist length leather jacket with red shoulder patches and stitching. It suited him even better than they’d anticipated. It looked as if it was practically made for him.

“Aw, man, this is great. Thanks guys, but this must’ve cost you all a small fortune, I really can’t accep-”

“Nonsense! You’re having it and that’s final. We wanted to spoil you on you birthday Jason. Besides it’s perfect for you. Tommy has good taste.” Kim stated refusing to even let the Red Ranger begin to argue the matter.

Shrugging and seeming a tad embarrassed at being the center of praise for the gift, Tommy shook his head. “It wasn’t hard, when I saw it I just knew it’d be the kinda of thing that would look good on him.”

“No arguing with that. Turn around again, let me and Kim savor the view.” Trini smiled playfully at their banter. Jason was like a brother to her but it didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy the view from time to time.

Blushing Jason did a slow twirl unaware that Kim and Trini weren’t the only ones appreciating the spectacle.

“Thanks for this guys, I really don’t know what to say. It’s perfect.” Jason couldn’t help the contented smile that reached all the way up to his eyes as his gaze lingered on Tommy. He had picked it out for him. Here he was just happy that they had remembered and that Tommy had willing been a part of the party and scam, but for the boy in green to know what he’d like so well…

“Just wait till you see the rest of them!” Zack bounced up and down exuberantly, forcing Jason back onto the sofa before he could say anything more about his new prize jacket.

“There’s another present from each of us persona…” Trini trailed off as she looked at Tommy who was clearly as surprised as Jason as to the amount of other boxes. Crap, she knew they had forgotten to tell their new friend something. “Oh, Tommy, we forgot to tell you I’m so sorry we were just so rushed and all.”

“Don’t worry bout it.” Clearly a tad hurt he had been forgotten about in the plans, Tommy never the less wasn’t too upset as he had thankfully covered it by pure luck the other day. “I saw something in town that I was going to surprise you all with so I’m covered.”

Gracing their new friend with a smile at this information, Jason glanced back at all the boxes once more wondering now what Tommy had gotten him. “So, whose do I open first?”

Naturally Zack jumped right in and handed Jason a messily wrapped box. Trust Zack to struggle wrapping even a box; especially one in Ranger themed paper.

Watching as Jason began slowly peeling off the paper Zack was clearly still on his sugar high. “Come on man, just rip it to shreds!” At Zack’s enthusiastic command Jason started to tear the paper off randomly and bust out laughing when he saw what was before him.

“Is my ego really big enough to warrant you giving me my own doll?” Jason was quite stunned at the Red Ranger doll in front of him. Not only was it equipped with a mini blaster and power sword but also karate chop action. He couldn’t help but blush at the chorused yes he gained in response to his question. “Thanks, Zack.”

“And it’s not a doll, dolls are for chicks, it’s an action figure, see says so right on the box.” Zack responded firmly as this earned him two pillows thrown at his head from the females in the room.

Next Billy and Kim gave their presents. From Billy he received a book on the history of martial arts and the difference between each of the various styles with some tips and techniques. Kim’s present was a set of new red plectrums and a book of guitar music he’d been lusting after for a month now. She was the only one he went to the music store with as they both often got caught up over guitars and the others had very little patience when it came to them.

Then there was Trini’s present. For a moment he just stared at the beautiful red leather bound book sitting in his lap. Slowly he started to leaf through it as everyone crowded near. There were pictures beginning from as early on as pre-school, the lot of them playing in the sandbox together right up until their teen years when they’d met Tommy. It only now registered with Jason that he’d seen Trini with her camera quite a bit recently and that his mom always had one at hand when they were round his place; she’d obviously been in on the gift.

“Trini this is just amazing. I mean it, really, this is just, wow. This must’ve taken you ages.” Jason felt them all stiffen at the next photo, it was a group one taken in Jason’s living room, no doubt by his mom. They were all there, Trini and Billy in deep discussion. Kim and Zack testing out some dance moves while Jase and Tommy sat side by side on the sofa watching their antics. It wasn’t so much the photo itself that had the group a touch uncertain of if it would go over well as it was the captured images of the Red and Green Rangers in it. It had been taken only a week after they had rescued Tommy and it was clear the boy in the picture was still rather uncomfortable around them. However Jason seemed the only to notice at that time as his arm was the one draped over the back of the couch his hand resting on Tommy’s shoulder in casual comfort.

“I’m glad you like it Jase. I know you don’t have many photos of us all and I thought that was wrong. Plus it felt like we should mark the start of a new era, one with Tommy as part of the group too.” Tommy smiled at Trini’s words as Jason hugged her before turning the page to look at the last photo which was by no means the end of the book.


“What?” She answered Tommy and Jason’s indignant cry with a sweet smile, “You mean you didn’t want that photo of you guys curled up in bed together? I can just take it back if you really don’t want it. I know plenty of people who’d love to see it. Starting with your mom, Jase.”

“No!” Jason answered quickly, “It’s fine I’ll keep it… destroy it at a later date,” he added with a slight blush as he and Tommy purposefully avoided each other’s gazes.

“Before you destroy it Jase,” Kim said softly with an evil smile, “Can I get a copy?”

Jason and Tommy just blushed deeper as the others all burst out into laughter. Finally seeing the funny side they did give a light chuckle but were both still very red-faced.

“Um, I’ll go get yer thing I picked up, it’s in our room.” Taking the opportunity to have his face to return to a normal color Tommy trotted off to their shared room before returning a moment later with a carefully wrapped box, which clearly put the others wrapping jobs to shame.

“Hmm, he’s definitely our official present wrapper from now on.” Trini said with a small smile as Tommy simply shrugged and handed over the box to Jason.

Taking the package and giving it a cautious shake, Jase gave the once evil Ranger a worried look. “Do I want to know?” he asked wearily causing Tommy to chuckle.

“Let’s just say it’s something to aid in the inflation of that ego of yours,” he retaliated. Suddenly squirming a bit and looking as if he was having a shred of doubt though, Tommy continued, “Of course I was sorta in debate about it, but then Zack did give you a doll.”

“Action figure!”

With an interested look Jason tore away the paper and burst into laughter when he saw the contents of the box in his lap. He wiped away tears that threatened to spill down his face as he calmed himself and regained some composure.

“They make these? Oh my dear lord. How much money are we missing out on from these franchises? Seriously, oh god, I don’t want to think what the sales girl said when you picked these out.”

Tommy just laughed and waited for him to show the others, “They come in sets of two. You can get yellow and pink, black and blue and red and green. Although how they managed to produce the green ones so quick is beyond me!”

Jason chuckled and held up the two pairs of boxers that had been sitting in the box. One adorned with him helmeted face, the other with Tommy’s.

“Well you know that all that’s left to do now is model the rest of your clothes for us Jase.” Picking up the papers and putting them in the trash, Kim gave a wink to Trini as both girls were drooling over the prospects.

Looking a bit lost Jason glanced around the room for a moment before turning back to his sister of sorts. “Um, but I already modeled the jacket, I didn’t have any other clothes I don’t thin- oh, haha very funny Kimberly, but that will not be happening.”

“Aw come on, what if we made it worth while, like you go model one pair and then Tommy can go model the other.”

Looking confused as he had been the only one to really pick up on all the girl in pink had said, Tommy raised a confused eyebrow. “Make it worth while? Worth while for who? I doubt me modeling a pair of Power Ranger boxers is going to convince Jase to do it too Kim.”

Suddenly blushing as she realized just what she’d said and how with Tommy present it shouldn’t have been said, Kim coughed as the others all tactfully covered their mouths to avoid laughing at the slip and making eye contact with the Green Ranger. “Um, well make it worth while for me and Trini of course. I mean just cuz it’s Jason’s birthday doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get a present right? After all you guys do still owe us from the strip poker game. Besides, if it were both of you then it wouldn’t just be Jason alone.”

Mouthing ‘nice cover’ to the Pink Ranger Zack shook his head still trying not to be caught snickering.

“No you forfeit that treat because you took our clothes and locked us in our room for the night to freeze. So no underwear modeling for you.” Jason said with a definitive shake of his head. “Besides it’s um time for cake.”

“Yeah cake,” Tommy piped in as he was having problems of his own at the thought of Jason modeling the some what of a joke gift.

“Fine, spoiled sports…oh wait though!” Ignoring the groans as Kimberly was struck with one more idea and Jason and Tommy exchanged worried glances the Pink Ranger was certain this one would go over well for at least two of her friends. “Jason let Tommy put on your jacket for a minute. Trini never did get to see him model it like I did in the store.”

Looking curiously at the girl, Jason never the less was slightly interested in seeing this for himself, as he was sure Kim knew.

Before he could respond however Zack was fast to pipe up. “Hey what’s your obsession with the new boy, am I not stunningly attractive enough to model for you?”

“No,” Both girls answered in unison as Jason slipped out of his leather prize and offered it to Tommy.

“Do I get a say in this?” Tommy questioned, sighing as the females once again gave a negative response.

“Aw come on, humor them, besides I wouldn’t mind seeing if it fits you.” Jason pressed gently, figuring there was no harm in his friend just trying it on, after all if he’d never get a chance to wrap it around the boy’s shoulders on a date at least he could have a nice one time mental image of what it might have looked like.

Unable to turn down Jason, especially on his birthday, Tommy reluctantly took the coat and slipped the heavy material on feeling more then a bit silly at being forced to model a jacket that didn’t even really fit him.

“Now turn around for us.” Scooting over towards Jason so they had the same view as him, Kim smirked as the Green Ranger sighed and turned slowly giving them a nice view of his backside.

“Okay?” Not really enjoying being the center of attention, Tommy turned back to the females giving them a bit of a pleading look.

“Mmm, turn around one more time.” Smirking as Jase swatted her in the arm, Kim gave a disappointed shrug. “What? Trini didn’t get to see for very long.”

“That’s enough Kim, Tommy come on and sit back down, she’s had her fun.” Jason reassured, barely holding back a laugh as Tommy all but jumped back onto the couch but had yet to remove the jacket.

Smiling at each other as the boy in green seemed to not even realize he hadn’t given the coat back, the two girls nearly strangled Zack as he suddenly made a point of reminding Tommy of this fact.

“Oh sorry.” Quickly shrugging out of the coat and giving it back to Jason, Tommy watched as he pulled it back on himself with a small smile.

“It’s okay, I know red isn’t your color but if you wanna wear it sometime just ask.”

“Thanks.” Looking down in a bit of embarrassment, Tommy cleared his throat before once more changing the topic. “So, who wants cake?”


(30 min. later)

“I can’t believe we ate that whole thing.” Groaning from his position on the floor, Zack nudged the half asleep Kimberly. “Your mom keep any of that pink stomach stuff here?”

“Ugh, I don’t know but if you find some come wake me up.” Pulling the throw cover from the couch over her head, Kim muttered a few more words as she was more then ready to call it a night.

“Perhaps it’s time we retired for the evening?” Billy offered as he took a look at his friends, smiling a bit as his eyes rested on the two boys on the couch. Some time in their course of pigging out on the cake Tommy had had his fill and decided to stretch out on the sofa, his head at some point coming to rest in Jason’s lap. Despite his loner behavior in social scenes it was becoming clear the Green Ranger did very much, subconsciously at least, crave contact with others.

Moaning and prying open an eye as Billy tapped her arm, Trini looked in the direction he pointed wishing she had her camera on her to capture the moment. It was clear that despite his previous insistence on not being interested in the boy in green, Jason was in reality very much so infatuated as he was currently running his fingers through their new friend’s messy hair while he slept.

Allowing Billy to pull her up to her feet, Trini ushered Zack and Kim out of the room silently as they all gave a poignant look at Jason and Tommy. The conscious one for the pair seemed totally oblivious to their movements until Trini spoke softly when only she and Billy remained.

“We’re heading to bed Jase. Happy Birthday and goodnight, well morning,” She glanced at the clock which now read two am, “Talk to him when he wakes, you won’t regret it.”

Without another word she left the room with Billy supporting her words with a nodding, knowing expression. That left Jason with a sleeping Tommy resting his head in his lap.

When the boy stirred he had to tell him. He couldn’t keep going on this way. The others had figured out by now that his supposed non-feelings for the boy had changed into something much deeper than he’d like to admit. He wouldn’t dare call it love, he believed that that was something that grew over time but he knew it was more than lust. It wasn’t just Tommy’s body he was interested in, although it was one very interesting body; he enjoyed spending time with Tommy as a person. It was… complicated.

Sighing Jason looked down and noticed Tommy shifting slightly. He was undoubtedly stirring from the small noise the others had made while leaving, why he couldn’t just be still and sleep a bit more Jason didn’t know but wished he could persuade him to do so anyways.

With a small mutter and yawn, a pair of soft brown eyes slowly opened and stared intently up at Jason whose hand was still tangled in Tommy’s hair.

“Hey you,” He whispered softly.

“Hey,” responded Tommy, somewhat dazed by his current position, but still reluctant to move.

“You okay?” Jason asked somewhat apprehensively. This was the second time tonight he’d been in an intimate position with Tommy and it made his heat race.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Tommy answered quietly, “Great actually.”

A little surprised by this, Jason was nevertheless still a bit too focused on his own internal battle to fully register just what had been meant. “Good.”

Jason wasn’t quite sure of what else to say or how to broach the subject. Somewhere in his mind, though, he registered the fact that their current position probably spoke more than words ever did.

“I… look, Tommy, I…” Absently he brushed a hand through Tommy’s hair once more still too caught up in his confession to truly give full attention to the fact Tommy had yet to move or mind the intimate touches. “I need to tell you something.”

“Go ahead, bro, you know you can tell me anything,” Tommy answered looking up into Jason’s dark eyes with a concerned expression. On some level he knew what Jason was going to say, if their present position didn’t finally clue him to it then the pure worry in his friend’s voice did. Still, on a conscious level he had to hear it to be sure.

“Look, Tommy, I haven’t… I haven’t been entirely straight with you…” Jason and Tommy both stared at each other for a long moment before laughing lightly at the remark. “Okay, so that came out badly.”

“No, no, I think it was in fact one of the best non-intended puns I’ve heard in a long time.” Smiling, Tommy gave a small sigh before giving Jason the verbal truth he was undoubtedly looking for too. “Besides, neither have I.”

“I guess we sort of both…”

“Yeah.” Nodding and knowing what was meant and realizing how silly they had been about being honest with the other, Tommy gave another sigh before relaxing once more.

“Listen there’s something else, I know that just because we’re both…well that doesn’t mean you’d… but I just, could there ever…” Jason trailed off awkwardly and stared long and hard at Tommy. This was not exactly working out as he’d planned.

Instinctively Tommy raised his head from Jason’s lap and slid up a little closer to the other’s face.

To be continued………….

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