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Written by: Pinkstranger

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, never have never will. There I said it.

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The lightspeed rangers were loosing the battle. The demon was too strong for them. "We’ve got to pull back." Kelsey suggested.

"We can’t back out, he’ll destroy the city!" Carter replied. Chad nodded his head in agreement.

"Well what can we do? We’re not enough." Joel added.

"Joel’s right, we’re not strong enough." Ryan agreed. Dana however remained silent.

"We could get killed if we stay, but if we leave the city is toast." Carter said.

"Look at the little rangers. Am I too much for the lightspeed rangers?" the demon laughed. He enjoyed watching the rangers struggle to stand. They were using each other to remain standing.

"We can still take you!" Ryan yelled. He staggered forward and drew his blaster. The demon had known this would happen and took his shot first.

"Ryan!" the other rangers yelled as he fell. Dana was the first to struggle her way to him.

She wanted to ask him if he was okay, but she knew that he wasn’t. "Ryan, can you hear me?"

"Yeah," He managed to get out. His body hurt all over and he could barely move.

"You’ll pay for that one!" Dana called to the demon as she got to her feet. She had more strength than the others being as how the demon focused more on the guys and Kelsey. He didn’t really see Dana as a threat. "Get Ryan out of here!" she said to the other rangers.

"Oh, the little pink thing wants to challenge me." The demon laughed.

"No one hurts my family and gets away with it!" Dana exclaimed. "V-lancer online!" Her v-lancer appeared in her hands and she moved toward the demon. Their weapons met and sparks flew. Dana sent a swift kick into the demons side, but she was not ready for the punch he would send back at her. She fell backwards, but managed to regain her balance.

Dana swung her v-lancer at the demon once again but he blocked it with his sword. Dana struggled to hold his sword down with her v-lancer, but the demon shot at her with his free hand. Dana took a blast in her side. She let go of the v-lancer and gripped her side as a screamed ripped from her lungs.

Carters blood ran cold at the sound of her scream. He looked up to see Dana fall to the ground unmorphed. The Demon laughed and disappeared. Carter struggled to his feet and got to Dana. He knelt down and turned her over. He could see she was seriously injured. The blast had made a deep wound in her side. Blood was everywhere. "Dana, stay with me."

"I sho… should have… had him." Dana gasped. It was hard for her to breath.

"No Dana you did good. Just stay with me till help can get here."

"I ca… can’t. So… tired."

"Dana stay awake, keep talking to me."

"I lo… love you Car…Carter." Dana choked out. Carter reached up and pulled of his helmet and looked into Dana’s eyes.

"I love you too Dana. Please stay with me." Carter pleaded with his wife. "Dana just think about the children we’ll have. Please just keep talking to me!"

"You… rea…really want… chil… children?"

"Yes Dana, we can have ten of ‘em if you want. Just stay with me."

"Car…" Her voice trailed off as she began coughing. Carter noticed the blood at the corners of her mouth.

"Where is that damn ambulance?!" Carter screamed. He noticed Kelsey was helping Ryan and the other two were helping a few civilians. He looked back down at Dana. Their eyes locked and he knew she couldn’t hold on any longer. "Dana no." She struggled to breath as her eyes began to dim. "Dana, No!" Her body went limp and her eyes glazed over. "Dana!"

"No!" Carter screamed as he sat up with a start. *It was all just a dream*

"Carter what’s wrong?" a soft voice questioned. Carter looked over at his wife. Her hazel eyes were full of concern.

"Just a bad dream Dana." Carter replied. She put and hand on his shoulder.

"Want to talk about it. Sometimes it’s best to tell someone about you dreams."

"No, I don’t really want to discuss my dream." He glanced over at the clock, 5:25. The alarm would be going off in five minutes. "I’m up for the day, do you want to sleep some more? I’ll turn the alarm off."

"No, father wants us to be at the base by seven so I’ll get up."

"Oh yeah I forgot about that."

"That’s why I’m here, I don’t forget." Dana grinned as she climbed out of bed. Carter smiled as she walked into the bathroom to climb into the shower. The image of her dying in his arms haunted him.

*That can’t happen, we’re not rangers anymore.* He began thinking about his dream. *Why wouldn’t the others rush to get an ambulance in my dream? They all care about Dana too.*

"Carter are you going to join me in here or what?" Dana called from the bathroom. Carter smiled and got up from the bed and went into the bathroom.

"I think I’ll join you." he said as he walked into the bathroom. Thirty minutes later they were in their room getting dressed to go met with Captain Mitchell. Dana dressed in a pair of dark blue flare jeans and a baby pink button up blouse. Carter was dressed in a pair of khakis and a red t-shirt.

They went to the garage to get into their car. Carter was unlocking his red chevy cobalt when he heard the beeping from Dana’s car. She stood grinning dangling the keys to her car. "I thought maybe we could go in style. Please Carter. I never get to take her out when we go places together." Dana pleaded. She loved her car, a silver mustang convertible. Carter liked the car but it was Dana’s car. She had bought it before they got married, just after she got hired as a doctor.

Carter laughed as he shut the door to his car and went to the passenger side of Dana’s car. "Okay you win, we’ll take your car."

"Good, I was hoping you would see it my way." Dana grinned as she got into the divers seat. Carter really didn’t like to be the passenger with Dana. He thought the man should drive, but this was Dana’s car, her baby. Sometimes Carter thought that she loved the car more than him, but he knew that wasn’t true.

Twenty minutes later Dana was parking the convertible in the new parking garage to the newly redesigned aqua base. "Wow! When did you two get this car?" They heard a male voice call from behind. The voice was unmistakably Joel.

"It’s Dana’s car, she got it before we got married." Carter explained. He laughed to himself as he remembered that none of them had seen this car before. Dana kept it in the garage all the time and they always took his car.

"Well, when you’re a doc you can afford anything." Kelsey teased as she and Ryan came up to the group. Dana blushed. She really didn’t like everyone to know that she was making very good money.

"Anyone know why we had to met here so early?" Ryan asked. He still looked half asleep.

"No idea, Angela didn’t say a word to me." Joel commented. "She was up at five and left at six."

"Father didn’t say anything to me." Dana added.

"Well, I for one would like to know what is going on." Chad called as he approached the group.

"Well, we’re all here now so why don’t we go to the conference room." Carter suggested. The group nodded and headed inside. Soon they were in the conference room waiting on Captain Mitchell and Angela.

"Sorry to keep you all waiting." Captain Mitchell apologized as he walked into the room. Angela followed into the room sporting a very swollen belly.

"When’s the baby due Miss Fair… Mrs. Rawlings?" Chad corrected himself.

"Two weeks, and by the way it’s Angela." She smiled. She was very excited about her first child, as was Joel. "Have you and Kristy set the date yet?" Chad blushed.

"I haven’t asked her yet." The others gave him a confused look. Chad had showed them the ring nearly a month and half ago. "I just can’t find the right time."

"Come on man! Just ask her!" Ryan laughed.

"Easy for you to say, Kelsey told you she wanted to get married before you even bought the ring." Dana took Chad’s side.

"Okay, enough of the chit-chat. I called you all here for a very important reason today." The former rangers got serious and turned their attention to Captain Mitchell. He flipped on the screen and a map popped up. "As you can see the city looks quiet, but a scan of the underground leads us to believe that the demons may be back." He said as the screen then showed the underground. There seemed to be activity working under the city.

"You want us to come back as rangers?" Kelsey asked. The captain nodded.

"Just so we can go check this out and make sure that the demons are locked up." He replied. Carter remained silent.

*We’re getting our powers back, but what about my dream? It seemed so real. I’m afraid that Dana might really get hurt like in my dream.*

"Carter. Are you okay?" Angela asked. Carter snapped back to reality. He looked up at her.

"Yeah, I’m okay." He lied.

"Well what do you all say?" Captain Mitchell asked. Dana was the first to stand.

"You can always count on me Father." Dana said. Ryan stood next.

"Me too Dad." Kelsey and Chad both stood and nodded. They didn’t need to say anything, Carter stayed in his seat causing the others to look at him.

"I’m in." Carter said without standing. *I hope this is the right choice. If anything ever happened to Dana I wouldn’t be able to take it.*

"Alright then, let’s get back to work." He said as he handed them their morphers. Carter watched Dana handle hers. He wanted to ask her to not do this, but he knew that she would never give that morpher up. "You’ll begin training at 0900 hours." The captain smirked as he began to walk out of the room. "That’s nine am Joel, just so you are aware." The others laughed at Joel expense, even his own wife.

"Face it Joel, you never got the hang of military time." Carter reminded him.

"Yeah well how in the world did all of you guys have it down?" He defended himself.

"I grew up on it, remember. My father is the captain." Dana reminded him.

"I’m a firefighter. It’s easier to keep time in military." Carter added.

"My Dad was a marine." Chad added.

"Kels and I just caught on cause we’re not dense." Ryan teased. Kelsey just grinned and nodded.

"Whatever!" Joel threw up his hands in defeat. Angela kissed his check.

"Joel I can buy you a watch that tell military time. That way you know what time the captain is saying. Will that work?" Joel just blushed.

"I can tell military time."

"Oh really?" What time is 1500?" Dana chipped in.

"It’s…. let’s see… Five?" Everyone burst out laughing. Joel was always the comic relief of the group.

"Joel, I better get that watch for you right away." Angela said as she left the room.

"Come on I was close. Four?"

"Give it up Joel." Chad said as they all left the conference room.

"Joel, 1500 is three." Kelsey said as she patted his back.

"I knew that I was testing all of you." Joel quipped.

"Right!" The others called back all at once.

"Man I am in for one hell of a day." Joel said to himself as he jogged to catch up to the other rangers.

Rated: PG-13

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