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Under Enemy Fire Part 2

Written by: Pinkstranger

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Rated PG 13 for language


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the rangers. With that said happy reading.

“How do we track down Katherine?” Rocky asked.

“I’ve already got someone on that,” Adam responded. “Justin has been busy with Andros scanning for Kat.”

“Andros and Justin! Who else did you get to help us out?” Tanya exclaimed.

“Let me think, um… not many more. Justin is really good with computers. Andros has a ship, but that means all the space rangers are helping. Ashley wouldn’t let Andros go without her, so that means Cassie has to tag along. T.J. wasn’t about to let Cassie go without him and since all of them were going, Carlos went too.”

“We might need their help later on, so it’s a good thing that all of them went.” Tommy added.

Beep! Adam’s communicator went off. “This Adam, go ahead.”

“Adam! This is Justin. We found her! Kevaris is holding her on the planet Gideon!”

“That’s great we’ll teleport to your coordinates and meet up with you guys.”

“Great! See you later then.”

Tanya went to the kitchen and made a quick phone call. Then she returned to the group. “Kimberly and Jason said they’d come watch the kids.”

“Good, then all we have to do is wait for them,” Adam said. About ten minutes later the doorbell rang. Jason and Kimberly filed into the living room hot on Tanya’s heels. Both of them stopped in their tracks when they spotted Tommy.

“ You’re here?” Kimberly choked out.

“Of coarse, I’m not mean enough to leave Kat in the trouble she’s in,” Tommy chuckled, but he was the only one laughing.

“But you’re mean enough to leave her alone forcing her to call off the wedding. Tommy you can’t say that she left you. She made it final, but you left first,” Jason scoffed.

“Hold on there for just a minute. I don’t think that it is any your business of how Kat and I broke up nor was it any of your business to lie to me about Jared!” Tommy was furious.

“You know about Jared?” Kimberly whispered.

“Yes I know and I think it was about damn time I knew about my own son! You shouldn’t have lied to me and you all know that!”

“Kat wanted to be the one to tell you, it was none of our business to tell you!” Jason shot back.

Tommy sat on the couch fuming. He wanted nothing more than to punch each and every one of the people in the room for keeping that secret.

The room was silent for nearly twenty minutes before Adam finally spoke. “We really should get going if we are going to rescue Kat before anything happens to her.” Everyone agreed but they said nothing more.

Tanya quickly filled Jason and Kimberly in about her own children’s habits. The twins would be awake in a few hours from their nap and would want to eat some fruit and then watch some cartoons. The baby would most likely be awake anytime and would want her bottle. Then Tanya informed them that Jared was in the spare bedroom and the last time she looked he was asleep, but was most likely awake at the moment.

Tanya finally finished and the zeo rangers locked in the coordinates Justin had sent to them. In a flash of red, blue, green, and yellow they disappeared from the living room.

“I hope they can save her,” Jason sighed.

“Me too,” Kimberly responded. They sat together in silence. However, it wasn’t too long before the baby started wailing for her bottle. Kimberly got up sighing as she went into the kitchen for the bottle. “Jason, we’re not having one of those!” She joked and retreated to the kitchen to retrieve the bottle.


“Tommy! Man it has been too long since I last saw your!” A dark haired man called as he spotted the rangers. Tommy didn’t recognize the man standing before him at first but after a few minutes Tommy smiled.

“Justin! You’ve grown up! You sure don’t need that height boost anymore!” The two men gave each other a high five.

“We had a lock on Kat then she just disappeared,” T.J. said from behind the group.

“What do you mean ’disappeared’?” Tanya questioned.

“Well, we’ve come to two conclusions, wither they mover her again or they…” Carlos let his sentence trail off. Everyone knew what he meant be that.

“First off, I don’t think they really try to get rid of her. If I remember right, Kevaris was in love with Katherine when she worked for Rita. He wouldn’t hurt her.” Andros said from his post. His back was to the group, but her knew everyone was now staring at him. “I called Karone about this guy.”

“So would Karone know what he had done with Kat?” Tommy asked.

“Most likely not.”

“Well, it might be worth a shot.” Cassie replied. “Can you contact her Andros?”

“Sure, it’s worth a shot.” He left his post and grabbed his pack off the ground. He pulled out a telecommunicator. “Karone this is Andros, Copy?”

There was only static over the line. Then suddenly Karone appeared on the little screen.

“Andros, what’s going on now?”

“I need to ask you some questions about Kevaris.”

“Go ahead, I hope I can help.”

“What would Kevaris want with Katherine in the first place?”

“I already told you that! Kevaris was in love with Kat from the first time he saw her with Rita.”

“I know you already told me, but I wanted everyone else to hear it for themselves. Now Karone, would Kevaris ever hurt Kat?”

“Heavens no! He loves her. When I worked with Kevaris when I was evil, he was obsessed with her. He used to say that he was going to marry her someday. At first I just brushed it off, but then he got to the point he was stalking her. He became very jealous when she started dating Tommy. I remember one time he had worked out a very thorough murder of Tommy.” Karone laughed, but Tommy grumbled under his breath.

“Karone did I forget to tell you that Tommy is right here?”

“I don’t recall you told me that, sorry Tommy. I can’t help but laugh at this guy though. I mean if you saw his plans you would laugh too.”

“It’s okay Karone, listening to your story kind of makes me want to laugh at this guy too.” Tommy replied.

“Okay now anyway, Karone, is there someway that he could hide Kat’s life signature?”

“Hmm… I don’t… Wait! He used to know how to make a person seem dead. Some type of potion. It would supposedly kill the thing it was given to, but three days later the person or thing would rise from the dead with no memory of anything from their life, but I warn you. This was only a myth from the underworld. I can assure you that if this potion really exists Dark Specter would have used it on anyone he could get his claws on.”

“You’re sure it was only legend though right?”

“Of course. If it really existed, I would… umm… I would have been using it on my enemies.”

“Thanks Karone you’ve helped out a lot. I’ll keep you posted on the situation. Andros out.” He pushed a button and turned off the telecommunicator. “Well, I think we can safely say Kevaris didn’t hurt Kat in anyway.”

“Then where is she?” Tommy asked to no one in particular.

“That’s the million dollar question isn’t it?” Rocky replied.


“’This is bullshit! Where can he be hiding her?!” Adam exclaimed startling all the rangers. They had been staking out Kevaris’ lair for three days now. Still they had nothing.

“Adam, we’ll find her.” Andros replied.

“Hey guys! I think I did it! I’ve locked down onto Kat’s signature!” Justin screamed. Tommy was the first one to reach the excited young man.

“She’s here?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah she’s right there.” Justin pointed to a blinking pink light on his scanner.

“How do we get in there to get her out?” Cassie questioned. The rangers fell silent. During the whole three days they had been staking out the lair they had yet to find an entrance.

“I suppose we could just charge in there and crate an entrance,” T.J. suggested. So far it was the only idea they had and the only one that made sense.


Kat woke feeling groggy and nauseous. She looked around the room and couldn’t remember where she was. The last thing I remember is… Oh my god I don’t know! Wait I don’t even know who I am! What the hell is happening to me?

Panic filled her sapphire eyes. She didn’t have a single memory in her mind. That just wasn’t natural. She hear the sudden whoosh of the door. Kevaris stepped into the room. For some reason Kat found herself drawn to the man standing before her.

“Hello Katherine. I hope your feeling alright. We don’t want to be late now do we?”

“Late for what?”

“Our wedding, silly. Don’t you remember. We were going to get married a few days ago, but you took ill and we postponed until you were okay.”

Kat was confused. She didn’t remember a wedding or getting sick, but for some reason she believed him. “I must have been really sick. I don’t remember anything!”

“Yes, you were very ill. I was so worried. I hardly left your bedside. Are you feeling alright?”

“Yes, I’m still a little on the queasy side though.”

“Excellent! We shall resume the wedding today! You shall finally be my bride and I your husband!” Kevaris rejoiced. It worked! She thinks that she is in love with me and there is no more Tommy! She finally all mine!

“Yes I wouldn’t want to postpone our wedding anymore than I already have.” Kat replied. Why does this seem so wrong. I believe him, yet something doesn’t seem right here. I wish I could remember something.

“Darling, Your dress is in the closet. Sorry about how this room seems like a cave. It was the only room this place had that I could nurse you back to health. I swear once we get to our own home you’ll love your room.”

“That’s fine dear. Please leave the room so I may change.”

“Yes darling, anything for you.” Kevaris smiled and walked out of the room.

Kat got off the bed and went to the closet. There was only one piece of clothing in the closet. A long flowing white gown. Her wedding dress. Kat gently pulled the delicate item from the closet and examined it closely. Even though she had no memory of this, she still felt that it was something she would have selected.

Kat took off her silk blouse and undid her dress pants. She laid them aside and began working on putting the dress on.

Once dressed in the stunning dress, Kat left the room in search of her future husband. It didn’t take long to find him.

“Forgive me, this is going to sound stupid. What is my name?” She asked.

“Katherine Lynn, why do you ask?”

“I don’t remember a thing.”

“Oh my, I think that the fever may have messed with your brain. don’t worry darling, I’m sure that your memory will return in time.”

Kat sighed, “I guess your right.”

“Shall we become man and wife now?” Kat stared into his dark brown eyes. She didn’t know how to answer.


“We go in on my mark.” Tommy ordered. He had taken charge of this mission and no one questioned him. After all the mission was to rescue Kat. “On three ready. One… Two… Three!”

The rangers blasted open the door they had discovered. As the dust settled the rangers found themselves in a huge room decorated for some type of party.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Kevaris yelled across the room. The rangers turned to see Kevaris and Katherine standing in front of a podium. Kat was dressed in a white flowing gown.

Oh god! He’s marrying her! What have I done now! Tommy’s mind was racing. He didn’t know what to make of the scene they had stumbled onto.

“We’re here to rescue Kat! Step away from her of we will be forced to use other means!” Adam replied since their fearless leader remained silent.

“Why would you be here to rescue me?” Kat asked. This confused the rangers.

“Why wouldn’t we Kat? You’re our friend and friends don’t let friends go without a fight!” Tanya interjected.

“Friends? Who are you guys?”

“Kat, you don’t recognize us?” Tommy asked. He was stunned that Kat didn’t recognize her own team. “It’s me Tommy.”

“Tommy?” Kat mused the name, but couldn’t remember a Tommy. “Sorry I don’t know anyone by that name.”

“Kat you have to know us. We fought together for so long. We were best friends in high school. Remember?” Tanya pleaded.

“I don’t… no I don’t remember.”

“I think you rangers should leave. It’s very rude to interrupt someone’s wedding.” Kevaris said. “Dembers show the rangers the door!”

At his command a small army of zombie like creature entered the room and surrounded the rangers.

“What do you say guys, shall we crash this party?” Rocky cracked.

“Yeah!” the others all agreed. “Let’s do it!”

Ashley and Cassie stayed together to take down the group around them. Cassie sent a dember crashing back against the wall with a deadly roundhouse kick. Ashley used Andros’ spiral saber to flip a dember off it’s feet.

T.J. was working alone, but was doing just fine. He took down two dembers by knocking one dember out and then throwing it into another dember.

Carlos and Andros were using their blasters together. Carlos rocketed himself off a table and into the air. He shot down three dembers before touching the ground. Andros used the butt of his blaster to knock out a dember that got too close to him.

Tanya was on her own, but fairing nicely against the dembers. She took down an unsuspecting dember by sweeping its feet out from under it.

Rocky and Adam were close be each other. Rocky jumped over Adam’s head to take down a dember that Adam hadn’t seen. Adam grabbed hold of Rocky’s arm and used his momentum to kink down a few dembers.

Tommy was charging through the sea of dembers toward where Kevaris and Katherine stood. “Kevaris! Come and fight me if you dare!”

Kevaris smirked. This was going according to his plan. “I accept red ranger.” Kevaris charged Tommy and they began to fight sword to sword and hand to hand. Kat watched with wide eyes as Tommy knocked Kevaris to the ground and pulled out his blaster. Tommy took aim and pulled the trigger, but something happened Tommy didn’t expect.

Kat had run out in front of Kevaris and taken the shot herself. Tommy hadn’t seen her until it was too late. "Kat! No!"

He took off running toward where she lay on the ground unconscious and bleeding. "Oh God! What have I done?!"

Kevaris was already holding Katherine in his arms. His brown eyes were letting tears roll down his cheeks. He gently stroked Katherine’s blonde hair. He heard Tommy approach him. He glared up at Tommy rage filled his eyes. The kind of rage only Tommy and Kat would know. His look sent shivers down Tommy’s spine.

“How could you do this?! You supposedly lover her! I would have never let anything happen to her! Nothing! I love her!”

The other rangers joined Tommy noticing Kat in Kevaris’ arms. She was wounded.

“Is that why you brainwashed her?!” Tommy let his voice sound as threatening as he could go.

“She asked to be. She chose to be with me. She didn’t want to remember a life she hated.”

“What about her son? Kat would never abandon a child, especially her own!”

“She chose to leave him too. Every time she looked at him her heart broke. He only reminded her of her heartbreaking life.”

“Liar!” Tommy’s voice was full of rage at that point. Kevaris gently laid Kat down on the ground and stood up.

“Are you challenging me Thomas Oliver?”

“Yes! This ends here and now Kevaris!” Tommy drew his sword as did Kevaris. The other rangers took this chance to get to Katherine.

“She’s in bad shape, but I think Alpha will know what to do,” Justin announced.

“Right then, Cassie, Ashley, Tanya, Justin, and T.J. take Katherine back to the megaship.” Andros ordered.

“Andros, I think that I will be of better use here.” T.J. argued.

“I need you to go back T.J. Kevaris will most likely send something or someone after Kat. I need someone there who can maneuver the ship if the need arises.”

“Well, when you put it that way, I’ll go.” the five rangers took Katherine and teleported to the megaship.

“Let’s see if we can’t try to help Tommy.” Adam suggested.

“Hey guys, I have a plan.” Rocky said taking everyone by surprise. “We should take out the base while Tommy keeps Kevaris busy. That way he has no way of regrouping right away.”

“Rocky! You’re a genius!” Adam exclaimed. The four men began to think of ways to destroy the base. After about two minutes they had a plan.

“Okay, Rocky and Carlos, you know what you two have to do right?” Adam questioned. The two men nodded.

“Alright then let’s get going.” Andros ordered. I sure hope Tommy lasts as long as we need.


I can’t loose to this choke artist! I just can’t! I have to beat him! Tommy’s thoughts screamed through his mind as he took another vicious blow from Kevaris. He felt himself slipped from consciousness, but fought the urge to give in. I can’t give up! This is for Kat! I can’t give up for her!

Pain ran through his whole body as he struggled to get up. He felt himself swaying as he stood on his feet. Kevaris was definitely one of the toughest opponents he had faced yet.

“Give up Thomas?” Kevaris sneered.

“Never!” Tommy replied and then charged toward Kevaris once again. Kevaris quickly side stepped Tommy’s attack. He sent the handle of his sword into the back of Tommy’s neck. He fell to the ground unable to move. Darkness began to overtake him. I’m so sorry Kat. I love you.

Tommy gave into the darkness and slipped into unconsciousness.