Secrets of the Chambers

Under Enemy Fire Part 4

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Written By: Pinkstranger

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Author note: This chapter takes place one year after the end of chapter three.

"Daddy, can we go visit mommy today?" Jared asked as he ate his breakfast. Tommy smiled at his son. Ever since Katherine had died Jared and himself had grown very close. Jared started preschool in September, it was now summer again.

"Sure buddy, we'll go see mommy." Tommy tried very hard to keep Katherine in Jared's memory. He didn't want his son to forget her.

"Great! I want to tell her about my first sleepover!" Jared exclaimed. Tommy and Jared had moved back to Angel Grove. The battles of the Dino Thunder Rangers was over. Tommy still kept in touch with all of them, but felt it would be better be closer to everyone that Jared knew. He transferred to teach at Angel Grove High. In fact he had taken Miss Applebee's class.

Jared had become best friends with Tanya and Adam's son, Clark. Adam and Tommy had arranged for the boys to have a sleepover. Jared was going to stay over at Clark's this weekend and then next weekend Clark would come over to Jared's. The boys reminded the fathers of themselves. Tommy said that they were just like him and Jason, and Adam said that they were just like him and Rocky.

"Well, go brush your teeth and get dressed. Then we'll go see mommy." Jared was up off the chair and running up the stairs before Tommy even finished his sentence. "Oh, Kat. You should see our son. He's getting so big and he is so smart. I think he's going to a Billy or a Justin." Tommy whispered.

Jared came down the stairs fully dressed and his teeth brushed after about ten minutes. Tommy stood in the living room with keys in hand waiting for him. "Ready buddy?"

"Yeah, let's go!" The two walked outside and to Tommy's jeep. Jared climbed into the back seat and Tommy buckled the blonde boy into his seat. He started the car and drove to the cemetery.

They walked together, hand in hand, to Katherine's grave. Jared ran a small hand over the name. "I miss you mommy. I still love you. I'm going to my first sleep over tomorrow. It's just over at Clark's but still it is my first." The boy smiled. Then Tommy began to speak.

"I love you even more than ever Kat. I miss your smile and you laugh. I can't believe that you've been gone a year now. Our son is getting more and more handsome and he's so smart." Jared laughed when his father spoke about him. "I think he might actually be worth keeping now." Tommy added when he realized that Jared was listening.

"Daddy! You always wanted to keep me!" Jared shrieked. "Besides, maybe I don't want to keep you!"

"Oh yeah! Who would want to put up with you!" Tommy joked.

"Uncle Adam! He'll take me and then Clark will be my brother!"

"You'll also have Claire and Michelle."

"Yuck! Maybe I'll just stay with you. That way I don't have to have a sister and it'll keep you form being lonely."

"Good plan." Tommy picked up his son and put him on his shoulders. "Until next time Katherine."

"Bye-bye mommy. We'll come back soon." The two of them walked back to the jeep unaware of the figure watching them.


Ding Dong! Tanya answered the door. Jared bounced in the door dragging his bag behind him. "Hi Tommy. Adam's almost ready." She saw something flash in Tommy's eyes but she wasn't sure what it was. "Are you okay?"

"I'm just worried about Jared. His never been to a sleepover before."

"Don't worry he stayed here for four days last year, remember. All he had has Clark and Jason. Besides you have your cell phone and I'll call if anything goes wrong."

"Okay, thanks Tanya." Adam walked tot eh door with the boys hot on his tail.

"I'll be back later boys, behave while I'm gone!" He ordered. The boys saluted Adam.

"Yes Sir!" the said in unison.

"Bye you guys, have fun!" Tommy said as Adam closed the door behind him.

"So let's go get Rocky and Jason now." Adam suggested. The two men walked to Tommy's jeep and got in.

"Good idea. I'm sure that Jason is ready to get away from Kimberly for a while. She's so moody now that she's pregnant."

"It'll get worse, believe me. At least she's almost done. Tanya was a bad as Kim is now when she was four months! Kim's eight!"

"You're right. You had it worse."

"You mean HAVE it worse."


"Tanya's pregnant again. Two months." Adam grinned. Tommy sighed. "Something wrong Tommy."

"It's just that... everyone is having a baby or another baby. All I have is Jared and that's all I ever will have. I don't know what Kat's pregnancy was like nor do I know what it's like to have a baby. I got Jared when he was three."

"Hey man, you'll meet someone and have kids. Jared wants another mom and he wants a brother bad."

"How do you know?"

"He told me the other day when he was over at my place watching a movie with Clark and me."

"He doesn't tell me these things."

"He's a smart kid, he said that he didn't want to push you into anything that you didn't want to do. He knows that you still love Katherine and he doesn't want to make you try to love someone else just so he could have a mom and a brother."

"Wow! My son said that?"

"Yeah. He's not only smart he's very selfless. Reminds me of his mother more and more everyday."

"Yeah, tell me about it."

"Hey Tommy, you just pasted Rocky's house!"

"What?! Shit. Hold on Adam." Tommy turned a quick U-turn.

"Jesus Christ! Tommy, don't you ever slow down?"

"No," Tommy grinned. "Only when Jared's in the car." The two pulled up into Rocky's driveway. Aisha was standing on the porch rubbing her swollen belly. She was expecting her and Rocky's first child any day now.

"Rocky, Adam and Tommy are here!" She called into the house. Rocky appeared at the door just a few moments later. He kissed Aisha's cheek.

"Bye honey. I have my cell phone, if you need anything call me I'll be back here before you can say 'It's morphin time'."

"Have fun Rocky!" She called as he climbed into the jeep.

"Always! Remember, call me!" The three men left to go pick up Jason. They pulled up in front of Jason's house within five minutes.

Jason was sitting on the curb with a suitcase sitting next to him. "Hey bro, what's going on?" Tommy asked.

"Tommy can I stay with you and Jared for a while. Kim kicked me out."

"Sure man. Why did she kick you out?"

"I told her I was going out tonight and she told me I was being selfish. Then she went on and on about how she gave up her body to give me a child." Jason explained as he put his suitcase into the back and then climbed in next to Rocky. "I told her that I wasn't being selfish, if anything she was. She still goes out with the girls and then when I want to go out I'm not allowed. So anyway, she told me that if I walked out the door I should take a suitcase with me because I'm not allowed back in the house tonight." The others laughed. Kimberly was very moody and they all knew that she didn't mean what she said. "I know that it was just her hormones, but it's getting harder and harder to live with her."

"Tanya's ten times worse. She was like that at four months, while Kimberly made it to eight before turning moody." Adam explained. Jason sympathized by giving Adam's shoulder a tight squeeze.

"At least it's over and done with, right?" Jason replied. Tommy snickered. "What is so funny Tommy?"

"He's not done yet," Tommy laughed.

"What?" Rocky and Jason asked at the same time.

"Tanya's pregnant again," Adam beamed. He sure liked being a father.

"Incredible!" Jason exclaimed. "I thought after the last one you said that you were done."

"Well we had planned on that but these thing have a way of taking us by surprise." Jason, Rocky, and Adam chatted about what life was like with a pregnant lady. Tommy listening laughing at some of the stories that they told. Finally they reached their destination.

Tommy was locking the doors to his jeep when he got the distinct felling of someone watching him. He spun around looking for who ever it might be. He didn't see anyone so he just shrugged off the feeling. He began walking toward the door where the other three were waiting impatiently for him.

"Today's the day," a whispering voice floated on the wind. Tommy froze in his tracks. The others noticed the expression on his face and came running to where he stood.

"Tommy, you okay bro?" Jason asked.

"You... you didn't hear that?"

"Hear what?" Adam questioned.

"Aren't you going to run?" The voice whispered again. The others hear it that time and shuddered and the evil they could hear in the voice. Tommy had a sudden urge to drive to Adam's house to check on Jared.

"Jared!" Tommy whispered under his breath. He turned and ran back to his jeep his fumbled with the keys while the other came running up behind him. Before Tommy could put the key in the lock he was knocked to the ground by a black figure. "Who the hell are you?"

"You took something very precious to me Thomas. Not I will have my revenge!" The figure retrieved a dagger from his robe and held it high above his head.

"Tommy!" Adam yelled as he threw a kick into the figure's stomach. Tommy scrambled to his feet and took a fighting position.

"I asked you a question!" he screamed that eh figure.

"I am he who haunts your dreams, I am he who destroyed you life. I am he who wants revenge for the murder of my bride."

"Kevaris!": Tommy shrieked. No! It can't be! Not him!

"Very good Thomas." The figure pushed back the hood of his robe revealing a smirking Kevaris. "I have been watching you and Jared. You two seem so close, but now it is time to take my revenge and you will join Katherine!"

"Hey Kevaris!" a female voice called from behind. Kevaris turned just in time to a pink laser shoot him the chest. The pink astro ranger came our form behind the bushes. "Thought you boys could use some help!"

"Thanks!" Rocky replied.

Kevaris stood up. "I'll be back later!' He disappeared in a puff of black smoke."

"I guess we need to get everyone together and tell them the bad news." Tommy said. He looked at Cassie. "How did you know Kevaris was here?"

"Ever since that dreadful day last year my team has been monitoring earth for any signs of him. We knew that he would go after you do our scans were centered around the areas you were in. I was the one on shift when the scanners found him and surprise, surprise. You were in the same area. So I called T.J. and took off."

"You saved our butts, we owe you one Cassie." Jason said.

"Well, we also knew that you guys don't carry your morphers anymore so you'd need help." Cassie powered down and sent the men a flashy smile. "Let's go get everyone on board the megaship.


"So wait! He's back!" Kimberly exclaimed. "This can't be happening." She turned back to Jason and buried her head into his chest.

"Why did he wait a whole year before coming back?" Tanya asked the question that was everyone's mind.

"Because after year you all were beginning to think that he wouldn't come back. His plan was to let you all feel safe and secure, then you'd be off guard." Andros explained.

"I don't understand this guy. When he jumped Tommy in parking lot he said he was back for revenge, but he's the one who took Katherine from us."

"No, I did." Tommy whispered.

"You're not still blaming yourself are you Tommy/" Jason demanded.

"I shot her!" Tommy yelled at his best friend.

"But she was under his spell Tommy!"

"I still did it though!"

"Boys! Stop this!" Tanya exclaimed as she ran between the two men. Tommy sank back into his chair.

"It's not safe for any of us to be alone or without a morphed." T.J. started.

"That's why we have to start a check in if everyone is going to try and stay at their homes. Otherwise we have fixed up the remaining living quarters on this ship." Cassie finished.

"Tommy you don't get a choice. You and Jared will stay here." Andros commanded. "Everyone else take a few minutes to decide if you are going to stay here or what you want to do. Just for you information the astro team is all staying here."

Quiet chatter filled the room as the couples discussed what they were going to do. Finally Andros asked for their attention and began asking who was doing what.

"Rocky and Aisha?"

"We will stay here, I don't want to take a risk with Aisha and the baby."

"Good. Jason and Kimberly?"

"Stay at home, after all we weren't even there."

"We'll keep an eye on your home just in case. Adam and Tanya?"

"Here. We have children and don't want them to get caught up in this."

"Good. That's everyone."

"No!" Tommy rose from his chair.

"I want to stay at home!"

"Tommy Kevaris will target you before the others, you need..."

"That's my point, if I go into hiding he might go after other rangers or worse my family or Katherine's."

"What about Jared?"

"He'll stay here. So long as Clark is here he'll be fine."

"Okay then, if you're sure."

"I'm sure." Nobody argued with Tommy. He wasn't gong to change his mind. The former ranger left the megaship to either gather up some clothes or to go to bed.


Tommy packed a few extra clothes for Jared and then went over to Adam and Tanya's they were packing some clothes for their children. Jared saw his father before he reached the door. Tanya let Tommy in and Jared jumped into his father's arms.

"Let's go buddy." Tommy teleported with Jared and the suitcase to the megaship. He sat Jared down and tried to explain what has happening. Jared began crying when it finally sank in.

"I love you buddy, no matter how this turns our remember that. Okay?"

"I love you too daddy. Remember that too." Jared wrapped his arms around his father's neck for what he believed might be the last time.

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