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Bonds of Pink

Written By: Pinkstranger

Part 3

Disclaimer: I do not own the power rangers. This is for entertainment purposes only. I do not make any profit and do not have permission to use. With that said enjoy!

Kimberly sat at the table picking and the end of her napkin. *What was so important that we had to met today? Tommy and I were going to go out for a picnic.* She saw Kendrix come walking in. She looked very nervous. Tommy stood up as Kendrix came to the table. As the gentleman he was, he pulled the chair out for her and pushed it back in.

Katherine and Jason followed right behind her. Kat kept glancing at Kendrix and Kendrix back at her. Jason looked confused as to what was going on, as did Kimberly and Tommy.

After the waiter took their drink orders and they were left alone Kendrix started. "Kat and I asked you all to come here because... well I have something I need to tell you all. The doctor found something at my appointment..."

"Oh my god!" Kimberly interrupted her. "Why didn't you tell up when you were at the youth center?"

"I didn't want to say anything in front of everyone. Anyway, they found a tumor." She took a deep breath. "They said that they can't do anything for me. I am going to die." She fought back the tears.

"Wow" Jason whispered. They were all speechless.

"I'm suddenly not that hungry anymore." Kimberly choked out. Tommy looked at Kendrix.

"Are you going to tell your friends on Merino?" Kendrix didn't say anything, but she nodded her head.

"That is the other reason Kendrix and I called you here. She wanted to know if we would accompany her and Jessica back to Merinoi." Katherine spoke on Kendrix's behalf.

"Count me in." Jason said. "I can go anytime, and I think the sooner the better."

"I'm in" Tommy added. "Besides I could use the vacation." He smiled.

"Well I'll go. After all I am one of your best friends." Kimberly said.

"Okay then now we just need to decide when to go." Katherine said.

"I can go next week if that is fine with everyone else." Kendrix replied. They all nodded.

"Next week it is then." Jason spoke for all of them. They ordered and ate trying to stay off the subject of Merinoi and Kendrix's health.

One Week Later...

"So this is Merinoi?" Kimberly asked as they stepped off the shuttle.

"Yeah this is home." Kendrix sighed.

"This isn't home Mommy. Home is Angle Grove." Jessica said from her spot on Jason's shoulders.

"Honey this is where is lived before you where born." Kendrix explained to her daughter.

"Wow so this is the home of the famous Galaxy Ranger." Jason commented.

"Yeah they were very impressive." Kendrix smiled. "I hear the pink one is the best." Kat and Kim giggled at her comment.

"Yeah well I hear that the red zeo ranger was the best of all time." Tommy quickly added.

"Nice try, but I think the original leader, the red mighty morphin ranger, was the best." Jason retorted.

"Well I say the pink crane ranger was the best." Kimberly remarked. Kat nodded her head knowing that the pink crane referred to both of them.

"Well we should go get our bags." Kendrix broke up to "argument". They all went to the baggage claim and quickly found their bags. Kendrix lead the way out of the shuttle terminal. She was surprised at how she remembered so much of the small city after being gone for so long.

"Do you remember where the hotel is Kendrix?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah, it's only two blocks away. We can walk there." Kimberly quietly groaned. She knew that she would regret packing so much. Tommy heard her small groan and came to her rescue, taking the heavier bag from her.

"Maybe you should pack lighter next time beautiful." Tommy teased.

"I guess so." Kim replied honestly.

"Ahh, here where we are." Kendrix said after a few minutes. The group lugged their baggage into the building.

"Hi there. We have reservations for three rooms. They are under Scott." Jason said to the receptionist. Kendrix stayed behind the others for fear of being recognized.

*Keep it together. You haven't been here for almost six years. Hopefully no one remembers you.* However, just as she thought that she remembered something Leo had told her...


"Most people want to be stars, I'm sure that Carolyn wants to be more like you." Leo replied.

"Yeah, right. I'm sure by now she has forgotten all about me." Kendrix retorted. She took a bite of her sandwich just as Damon called out.

"Hey Carolyn's on TV!" The others gathered around the TV to see what she had to say after winning an award.

"I just want to say thank you and I dedicate this award to a special friend of mine, Kendrix. She taught me the value of making a promise and keeping it. Thanks again."

"See, no one could ever forget you." Leo whispered into her ear.

----End Flashback----

"Your rooms are all ready for you sir." The receptionist handed Jason three card keys. "Rooms 221, 222, and 223 are all for you. Enjoy your stay."

"Thank you very much." Katherine added. The crew took their luggage to their rooms. Kendrix helped Jessica to unpack her bags. Then unpacked her own.

"Mommy, why did we come to your old home?" Jessica asked as she sat down on the bed.

"Honey... Well... I think that it is time you met your father." Kendrix only half lied.

"I finally get to met him?"

"Yes honey. You get to met him."

"Will he like me?"

"Sweetie, I don't know what he will do, but I know that everyone loves you." Kendrix prayed that Leo would love her. "Come on honey, I'm going to show the others around. You get to ride on Jason's shoulders again."

"Yes!" The little girl beat Kendrix to the door. "Come on Mommy!" Kendrix smiled and followed her energetic five year old.

"Hey get all unpacked?" Tommy asked as they all met in the lobby.

"We did!" Jessica exclaimed.

"We did too." Kimberly replied as her and Kat joined the group. Jason and Tommy were sharing a room. Kat and Kim in another room. Leaving Kendrix and Jessica in the last room.

"Well, should we begin the tour?" Kendrix questioned. They all nodded and walked out the door. Jason picked Jessica up and put her on his shoulders. They walked around the downtown part of the city for nearly two hours.

"I'm hungry mommy." Jessica complained.

"Okay, there is a nice little restaurant right up here. We can go get a bite to eat." Kendrix replied. Kat became excited when she saw the little restaurant.

"Oh it reminds me of a little cafe back in Australia." She remarked, The group went inside the restaurant and found a table for six.

"The colony sure has been flourishing while I have been gone." Kendrix retorted as the sat down. *Wonder if I should go check out the science center, just to see if they finished some of my projects?*

"Well it couldn’t have changed all that much, you remember where a lot of things are." Kimberly replied.

"Yeah, what has changed?" Jason asked.

"Well not a lot, but there are a lot more people here than when I left. It just seems different to me."

"Mommy, am I going to get to see power rangers?" Jessica asked deciding to make her presence known.

"I don’t know honey. They haven’t been seen here for a long time."

"Rats! I was hoping to get an autograph!" She replied. The adults laughed. She was determined to get an autograph of the power rangers somehow.

The server finally came and got their orders and then brought them their drinks right away. While they waited on their food, the adults chatted and Jessica colored.

Kendrix’s mind was else where while the others chatted about the city. She let her eyes wander about the room. Memories flooded her mind, she finally remembered that this was the place she had said good-bye to her friends.


"Hey Kendrix!" Maya said as she took her seat. "What’s up?"

"I have to tell you all something, so can we wait for the others?" Kendrix seemed upset to Maya. She didn’t notice the luggage bag sitting against the wall.

"Hey Kendrix, hey Maya." Kai said as he and Mike sat down. "Where’s Damon and Leo?"

"Last I heard they were working on Leo’s bike. You know how those two are around machines." Maya replied.

"Terra Venture to Kendrix!" Mike said waving a hand in front of her face.

"Huh?" She snapped back to reality.

"Where did you just go?" Mike asked.

"Oh, uh… Daydream." She blushed. She didn’t like people thinking that she was unfocused. She prided herself on being focused and logical.

"That isn’t like you at all Kendrix." Kai retorted.

"Hey even I am allowed to daydream every now and then!" she snapped. She regretted snapping as soon as the words left her mouth. "I’m sorry Kai. I didn’t mean to snap, it’s just that I have a lot on my mind right now."

"What like which formula will work for your next project?" Kai teased.

"Not everything I think about is science." She said.

"Oh yeah, I forgot if it’s not science it’s Leo." Kai noticed that she didn’t make an attempt to defend herself against that one. This wasn’t like his best friend. Just as he was about to ask her what was wrong Damon and Leo walked in. He let it go, knowing she had something she wanted to tell them all.

"Hey Keni." Leo said kissing the top of her head. She didn’t say anything, but Maya noticed something flash across her face.

*How can he call me by my nickname and kiss me after what he did?* Kendrix thought to herself. It had been a while, but she couldn’t forgive Leo for kissing Ginger. Leo and Ginger met by chance once again in a park. They hung out and became friends. Kendrix was just fine with them being just friends. Besides she thought Leo would never do anything to hurt her.

She had been wrong. She came home from work to the apartment Leo and her shared to find Ginger pinning Leo down on the couch and his tongue down her throat. She had been sure that if she had walked in later in she would have seen a lot more than she wanted. She hadn’t told any of the others hoping that maybe Leo and her could work it out on their own. She had been wrong a second time.

"I have something I have to tell all of you." Kendrix took a deep breath. "I have decided to move back to Earth." Everyone’s jaw dropped. No one dared speak. Finally it was Damon who broke the silence.

"Why? I mean you have so much going on here. Besides, we need you Kendrix."

"I… I miss home." she lied. Leo looked down at his hands, he knew the real reason she was leaving. He had blown it with her and now he was losing the most important person in his life.

"Can’t you go visit for a while and come back?" Kai begged, He didn’t want to lose his best friend.

"I’m afraid not. I have made up my mind. I am moving back." She said clearly with hesitation. When she spoke like that the others knew it was no good to argue with her.

"When are you leaving?" Maya asked nearly in tears.

"My shuttle leaves in forty minutes. I better go." She stood and gathered her suitcases. "Good-bye guys."

"Wait, Kendrix let us see you off at least." Mike said as he stood to help carry a few bags.

"No, don’t make this harder than it already is. Please sit down and let me go. Say your good-byes here" She held her hand up to stop him. Mike sat back down, he knew better than to argue with her.

"Kendrix, I wish you would stay." Maya sobbed.

"Don’t do this Maya. I have to go. I am sorry and I will miss you dearly. I wish you all the best lives possible." She was just about to turn around when she added, "Leo, I do love you. I am sorry that it ended like this." She turned and left, leaving her friends stunned.

She hadn’t gotten but half a block when Leo came running behind her. "Kendrix you don’t have to leave just because of me. I know that you are leaving because of what I did. If you are that upset with me I will leave you alone. You don’t have to leave everything." Leo was talking a mile a minute.

"Leo, stop! I have to go. Don’t you understand? I can’t be here. I love you! You can’t just leave me alone! We have the same friends and everything! We can never be the way we were!" She cried.

"Kendrix, I love you more than anything in the world. I can’t just let you go. Please, stay. Give me a second chance." Leo begged.

"Leo I can’t. I have to go."

"Why didn’t you tell the others about me?"

"Because I don’t want anyone to know. They all think so highly of you. I didn’t want to tarnish your reputation." She said.

"Even after I hurt you, you still think care about me. You truly are a one of a kind woman Kendrix." Leo said. He understood now, that she wasn’t just leaving for her benefit she was leaving for his as well. He kissed her cheek and stepped out of the way. "Good-bye Kendrix. I hope you are happy where ever you end up."

She walked away from him without saying a word in response. She got on the shuttle and went to Angel Grove. She found out she was pregnant not too long after she starting working there. She didn’t have the courage to write to Leo and let him know. She let her life there slip into the past and left it there.

---End Flashback---

"Kendrix? Hey what are you thinking about?" Kat asked.

"I was just thinking about the last time I was here." she smiled at her friends. "It has been a long time."

"Yeah, we’ll here comes our food." Jason said as he spotted the server with a tray of hot food.

"Good I am starving." Kimberly said. Kendrix didn’t say anything she just smiled.

*Am I sure that I want to be here again? I mean I didn’t exactly leave all of them on good terms, especially Leo. What will they say when they all find out I have been hiding a daughter all these years?* Kendrix couldn’t help but think about what would happen when she came face to face with her forgotten past.