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Bonds of Pink

Written By: Pinkstranger         PG-13

Part 4



Disclaimer: I do not own the power rangers. This is for entertainment purposes only. I do not make any profit and do not have permission to use. With that said enjoy!

"Mommy can I go play in the park over there?" Jessica asked as the group walked out of the restaurant. Jessica had noticed a small park across the street that the adults had missed.

"Hey great idea!" Kimberly piped up. "Tommy and Jason can take Jessica over to the park and we can go check out that store I saw a little while ago."

"Sounds good to me." Tommy agreed.

"I sure could go for a mall break." Katherine giggled. Jason rolled his eyes.

"Glad I have all the plastic." he teased. Kat lightly punched his arm.

"But I have all the cash." She grinned.

"Alright then, I think we have a plan." Kendrix said interrupting the two. She kissed Jessica's forehead, "You behave and listen to Jason and Tommy."

"Yes mommy." Jessica squealed as she latched onto Jason's hand. The two men took off with the little girl.

"She really likes Jason." Kimberly commented as the women headed off for the store.

"He really is attached to her." Katherine replied. Kendrix smiled as she glanced back at her daughter.

"I just hope that Leo can become that attached to her and her to him." She sighed.

"Don't worry Kendrix, he'll love her. Everyone loves her." Kim said.

"Yeah I mean look at those two guys, they are such big, tough men but around her they're big teddy bears." Kat laughed.

"Jason is like that around you all the time." Kim teased. Kat roller her eyes and Kendrix laughed.

Kendrix's smile suddenly disappeared. "I just thought of something."

"What?!" Both Kat and Kim exclaimed.

"when I... die, Jessica will more than likely come live here, with her father... It'll be hard for you all to see her and she won't get to see you." The other two women stopped in their tracks, they hadn't thought about that. They didn't want to think about Kendrix dying but that was inevitable now.

"Well I'm sure that we can come visit every now and then or Leo and them could bring Jessica to visit us." Kim said looking on the bright side.

"She is just so attached to all of you. I can't take her away from all that. I mean you all are like a bunch of parents to her. She has spent all her life around all of you, then to take her away from that..." Kendrix just couldn't finish. The thought of her daughter being uprooted tore her heart out.

"Well lets not think about that now, we'll cross that bridge later." Kat responded trying to change the subject. "Come on we're almost to the store." The women continued on to the store. Once inside Kimberly's face began glowing.

"Oh goody!" She rubbed her hands together evilly and gave a sly grin. Kat and Kendrix couldn't help but snicker at Kimberly's animated reaction. "Let's shop!"

"It doesn't matter what we are shopping for but Kim always has to be excited." Kat whispered to Kendrix. "She gets excited when we do our grocery shopping together." Kendrix giggled to herself. The girls looked around the little store by themselves. The store sold mostly collectable figurines and post cards. *Definitely the knick-knack shop.* Thought Katherine.

Kendrix was looking at a glass cat when someone called her name. "Kendrix?!" She turned to find the owner of the voice. To her surprise her eye met with that of Mike Corbett. "When did you get back to Merinoi?"

"Just this afternoon." Kendrix faked a smile. "What are you doing in here?"

"Tiffany asked me to pick up something for her mother on my way home from work." Mike replied as he stepped closer to her.

"Who's Tiffany?" Kendrix asked.

"My wife." He replied holding up his left hand. "I got married about two years ago. First baby is due any day now." He grinned.

"Wow, I have missed a lot. Congradulations! Anything else happen while I was gone?"

"Well a lot happens in almost six years. Lets see... well Kai got married to Hannah. They met again at, of all places, the skating rink. They started dating and now they are married. No kids yet. Maya and Damon got married about a year after you left. Maya wanted you there but we didn't even know where to send the invitation. Anyway, they have two kids a boy named Jaron and a girl named Mikayla." He paused. He didn't know if she would want to hear about Leo. He took a deep breath and decided to tell her anyway. "Of course then there's Leo. God, he is a wreak, has been ever since you left. He works all the time to keep himself busy. Doesn't even talk to any of us anymore. He says that it's he's fault that you left all of us, but won't tell us why. He sold the apartment you two shared and got himself a small one bedroom apartment. God Kendrix his whole place is decorated with pictures of you. He loves you and probably will forever." He stopped, realizing that he was rambling.

"God I didn't think that he would be that bad. I knew there would be some problems but I figured he would get over it, I mean get over me." She silently cursed herself for not trying harder to fix things with him.

"Well I think we all did. He tried to date other women but none of them worked out for him. He kept saying that they couldn't compare to you and if he couldn't have you he would be alone for the rest of his life."

"I..." she was speechless. She wanted to cry. She had wanted to go running back but choose not to because she thought that Leo was in love with Ginger. Now that she has the chance to fix things with him her life is ending. She gave a heavy sigh.

"Kendrix, come on I see the guys." Kimberly called from the front of the store.

"Okay I'm coming." She looked at Mike. "I'm staying at the Tera Hotel just down the road. Room 223. give me a call about seven if you can. Do me a favor and don't tell the others I'm back just yet." He smiled and nodded as she hurried to catch up to the two women heading out the door. Mike watched the three women, he noticed how close the three of them seemed. *That's probably who she has been hanging with for the last six years. No wonder their close. I wonder why I can't tell the others she's back?* Mike thought as he picked up the item his wife had asked him to get.

7 pm....

"Hello?" Kendrix answered the phone.

"Kendrix?" Mikes voice floated over the phone line.

"Mike! Great I was just wondering if you would call."

"Of course I would. It's been almost six years since I last talked to you, do you think that those few little moments we talked earlier would make up for that?" Mike teased.

"Of course not! Mike I have to tell you why I am back here now. Just hear me out before you make any comments." She paused waiting to hear if Mike had anything to say. When he remained silent she took that as her cue to talk. "You see Mike. I'm back here because I don't have much longer to live. I started getting really bad headaches and then the doctors found a tumor in my brain. They can't remove it and it's too advanced to do treat it. I'm going to die Mike and I came back here to tie up a few loose ends. Starting with Leo. When I left I didn't know I was pregnant. I have a daughter by Leo and I have been hiding her on earth for a little over five years. I came back here to let everyone know about my condition and to introduce Jessica to Leo." She stopped, Mike was still silent on the other end. "Mike say something please."

"I... God Kendrix, I just don't know what to say. I mean first off, you've been hiding a daughter from Leo. She's my niece. Then you tell me that you don't have too much longer to live. I mean what can I say to that? I thought that maybe you came back because you missed all of us!"

"I did miss all of you, It's just that... I can't get into this right now." She paused. " Mike do you think that you can get everyone together somehow?"

Mike remained silent for a few seconds. "Yeah I can, when do you want to see everyone?"

"Soon, Jason and Tommy are paying for the hotel rooms and I don't really want to waste their money."

"Wait Jason and Tommy, As in Jason Scott and Tommy Oliver?"

"Yeah, how did you know them?"

"Leo met them, he went on some crazy mission with the other red rangers. He told me about the mission and the other rangers he had met. Jason is the original ranger and Tommy, according to hearsay, is the greatest ranger that ever existed." Mike seemed excited about who she was with. "Do they know about us?"

"Well apparently they know about Leo and me, but I never told them about the others and I don't know what Leo said to them." *Why didn't they tell me they knew Leo?*

"That would be great to met them, I mean from one ranger to another."

"Yeah I guess I can set that up. When can you get the others together?"

"First thing in the morning. All of us have tomorrow off, for some odd reason."

"Great! You still living at the same place?"

"No. Tiffany and I bought a house last year. 334 35th Avenue. Big blue house on the right side of the street."

"Okay, hope you don't mind a few extra people with me."

"How many you bringing? That way I can get some snacks or something."

"Five besides myself, there's Jessica, Kat, Kim, Jason, and Tommy."

"Okay come over here about nine. I'll call everyone and get them over here."

"Thanks Mike. Your the best, but you already knew that." Kendrix teased.

"Yeah I know. Well I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Kendrix."

"Bye Mike." Kendrix said and she set the phone down on the receiver. She decided to go confront Tommy and Jason as to why they didn't tell her about Leo and their secret mission.

Jason was just leaving the pool area when he spotted Kendrix stepping out of the elevator. Her eyes were fierce, he knew she was pissed. "Kendrix are you okay?"

"Don't pull that on me!" She practically screamed. "Why didn't you tell me that you know Leo?!"

"Huh? How do I know Leo?" Jason lied.

"Your little rendezvous with the other reds!"

"How did you find out about that?"

"Mike told me. Leo told him about it."

"Well, um..." Jason tried to think of how to explain Tommy and his decision. "Kendrix can we go upstairs and discuss this?"

"Lead the way." She said stepping to the side. Jason lead the way back to the rooms. Kendrix waited in the hallway while Jason changed into a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt. He finally opened the door and allowed Kendrix to come in. She sat down in one of the chairs and Jason sat on one of the beds.

"First off, Tommy and I didn't tell Kat or Kim where we went so we would both appreciate if you didn't tell them what you found out. They would kill us." Kendrix just barely nodded, he knew that she wouldn't tell. "First of all, you never told us that Leo is Jessica's father. All we knew was that he was someone from Merinoi and that he doesn't know about her. When Tommy and I saw Leo for the first time we knew that he was Jessica's father. He looks just like her except for the blonde hair. We didn't tell him we knew you because we thought that it was your responsibility to tell him where you were and about Jessica. We didn't tell you about meeting Leo because we felt you shoutld decide to go see him when you were ready. We thought that if we told you we met him than you would decide to see him before you were ready."

"Well, I mean if I met a former team mate of yours I would tell you." Kendrix replied.

"Kendrix, my old team mates are all back in Angel Grove and I see them all the time, and besides I don't have a weird relationship with any of them like you do with Leo." Kendrix didn't say anything but Jason had been around her long enough to know that she understood. She just silently got up and walked toward the door, suddenly she turned around.

"By the way, Mike invited You, Tommy, Kim and Kat to his house with me in the morning. He is anxious to meet you and Tommy after what Leo had told him."

"Why would Leo tell Mike about us?"

"He was the Magna Defender and he is Leo's older brother." She replied before turning back around.

"So I'm guessing that all your old friends from here are the galaxy rangers then."

"Yup." With that Kendrix walked out the door and returned to her room to wait for Kat and Kim to bring Jessica back.

The next morning...

"Well good morning Kendrix." Mike answered the door. Kendrix led in the small group but right on her heels was the little girl. *Oh my God, she looks exactly like Leo!* "This little beauty must be Jessica." The little girl tried to hide behind Kendrix's leg. "I guess she's shy." Mike looked to the four adults with Kendrix. "Hi I'm Mike Corbett, and you all are....?"

"I'm Tommy Oliver." Tommy said stepping forward and shaking hands with Mike.

"I'm Jason Scott." Jason said shaking hands as well.

"Kimberly Hart, although everyone calls me Kim."

"Last but not least, I'm Katherine Hillard. Please call me Kat."

"It's a pleasure meeting all of you." He turned to the two men. "Leo has told me so much about you two." Mike didn't know if the two girls with them knew about them being rangers so he decided to be general. In addition, he didn't know when Tiffany would wake up form her nap and come downstairs.

"How would Leo know these two?" Kim asked. Her eyes burned into Tommy because she had a good idea how he knew Leo.

"Hmm.. Gentlemen I believe the lady asked a question." Kat glared at Jason. Tommy and Jason gave each other a look of fright.

"Why don't we discuss this later." Kendrix cut in nodding her head in Jessica's direction.

"Good idea Kendrix." Tommy sighed.

"Oh don't think you are off the hook just yet, we will talk later." Kat pointed out.

"I'm going to go get the drinks ready, why don't you all get comfortable. The others should be here any minute." Mike said motioning to the furniture. He turned and walked to the kitchen. When he left the room Jessica finally spoke.

"Mommy, how did he know who I was, and who is he?"

"Honey that is Mike. He is your uncle, your father's brother." Kendrix explained.

"So that's Uncle Mike?" The little girl asked trying out the new title and name.


"Hello everyone." A female voice said from the doorway of the living room. They turned to see a very pregnant woman standing there. Her dark blue eyes sparkled and her dark brown hair hung down to her shoulders. "I'm Tiffany, Mike's wife."

"Hi, I'm Kend..."

"So your Kendrix. My you are a pretty thing. Leo can't say enough about you." She smiled. Kendrix liked her instantly. She knew why Mike loved her so much, she was beautiful and very kind.

"Thank you."

"Who is this vision of loveliness?" She asked looking right at Jessica. The little girl blushed.

"I'm Jessica." She finally said. She had figured that if this was Mike's wife and Mike was her uncle than this was her aunt. "Your my aunt right?"

The woman was taken back a little. The only way she could be her aunt was if this was her sister's child or Leo's. Since her sister did not have a child she assumed that latter. She smiled realizing how much the child looked like Leo. "That's right Aunt Tiffany."

"Tiffany these are my friends, Tommy, Jason, Kat, and Kim." Kendrix introduced each of them as she pointed at them.

"It's nice to met all of you." She said as she made her way to the couch. "You'll have to excuse me, I can't stand for very long anymore."

"No need to apologize for that, we all understand that." Kat smiled.

"We have a TV in the other room if Jessica would like to watch some cartoons or something. I believe that Jaron and Mikayla were the last ones to watch it so you can just hit the power button. If not the remote is on the coffee table."

"I'll go help her set it up." Kim offered. Jessica and Kim disappeared into the room, within a few minutes Kimberly returned to the living room. The doorbell rang surprising them all. Mike came running from the kitchen to answer the door.

"Damon, Maya, good to see you two. I'm guessing Shandra is watching to terrible two." Mike teased.

"Yeah, giving me a break." Damon laughed.

"You! I get stuck with them all day while you play around with the machines!" Maya exclaimed. "So what was so important that we had to come over today?" Maya asked as they walked into the living room. She saw Kendrix standing there and just about fainted. "Kendrix! Oh my! When did you get back?!" Maya ran around the couch and hugged Kendrix furiously..

"Just yesterday." Kendrix said once Maya let loose of her.

"This is a nice surprise." Maya smiled. The doorbell rang again. Mike left once again to answer the door while Maya asked Kendrix question after question barely giving her time to answer. Mike returned a few moments later followed by Kai and Hannah. Kai froze in his steps when he laid eyes on Kendrix. Finally his surprise gave way to a smile.

"I knew you would be back someday." He teased.

"Now all we have to do is wait for Leo." Mike said.

"By the way this is Tommy Oliver, Kimberly Hart, Jason Scott, and Katherine Hillard. They came with me from earth." Kendrix introduced. "This is Damon and Maya Henderson, and Kai and Hannah Chen. Of course you already have met Mike and Tiffany."

The group stood talking getting to know each other while waiting for Leo. Kendrix was glad that Tiffany had suggested Jessica go watch some TV, this way she could introduce Jessica to everyone at the same time. Finally the doorbell rang. Mike went to let Leo in.

"What is so important that I had to come over Mike? Tiffany didn't have the baby yet did she?" They could hear Leo's voice coming from the entryway.

"No Tiff didn't have the baby, wouldn't I have called you from the hospital if she did?"

"Yeah that's right. You just sounded so... excited." Leo said as they walked into he living room. He didn't see Kendrix right away, instead he saw Tommy and Jason standing together.

"Tommy! Jason! What are you guys doing here?" He noticed the two women standing with them gave them evil glares when he recognized them.

"We came with her." Tommy replied as he pointed in Kendrix's direction. Leo's jaw dropped when he saw her.

"Kendrix! I... I can't... I can't believe your here!" Leo said. He was unable to move.

"Hi Leo. I'm sure that you all are curious to know why I am here. I have some things I need to tell all of you and Mike was kind enough to get everyone together for me. I think everyone should find a seat." Kendrix replied. Everyone took a seat either on the couch or on the floor.

"The floor is yours Kendrix." Mike said once everyone was situated.

"I came back here to say good-bye." she started.

"You already said good-bye. Remember our little lunch meeting?" Kai interrupted.

"I do remember that, but that isn't what I meant. Please everyone let me tell you everything before you say anything." Kendrix replied. "What I meant was that I am saying good-bye for good." The group gave her confused looks, except for Mike, Tommy, Jason, Kim, and Kat. "I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. The doctors can't do anything for me, I am going to die. No one knows when but it is inevitable." The confusion gave way to shock. Maya looked like she was about to cry. No one said anything. "The other thing is that I wanted to introduce you all to someone very special to me."

*Oh no! She's introducing her husband or boyfriend!* Leo thought to himself. Kendrix took a deep breath before continuing.

"Her name Jessica, she is my daughter." She looked at the faces of her friends. Her eyes locked with Leo's. She saw confusion and hurt in them.

"Who's the father?" Leo asked meekly. He was scared that it was someone else besides him, yet he was terrified that it was him. Her soft brown eyes closed for a moment. She opened them and spoke.

"You." It was a simple answer but it turned his life upside down instantly. Everyone looked back and forth between eh two ex-lovers. They could feel the tension in the room.

"Why didn't you ever tell me about her?!" Leo exploded. "Six years Kendrix! you had six years to get hold of me! Why didn't you?!"

"Because I thought you wouldn't want anything to do with her or me. You seemed pretty cozy with Ginger when I left!" Kendrix instantly regretted saying that the second it left her mouth. She noticed the wide eyes of everyone in the room.

"That's why her leaving was your fault isn't it?" Kai asked after a few minutes of silence. Leo bowed his head in shame.

"Yes. Kendrix walked in on me and Ginger making out. She never told anyone because she was afraid of you all hating me for hurting her. She left to keep my reputation in tact." He said barely above a whisper.

"Mommy, why are you yelling?" a little girl said from the door. She looks scared. She had never heard her mother yell before and it was terrifying.

"Honey I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled." Kendrix rushed to her daughter and hugged her.

"This is Jessica?" Maya asked as she moved next to her best friend.

"Yes. Jessica this is my good friend Maya."

"Nice to meet you Maya." Jessica said. Maya smiled at her and moved out of the way so Kendrix could introduce her to everyone.

"This is Kai and his wife Hannah." Kendrix introduced. Jessica waved at them as her mother introduced them. "This guy here is Damon, he is Maya's husband."

Jessica saw Leo standing behind everyone else. She noticed how much she looked like him. Leo noticed it too. "You must be my daddy. I look just like you except I have blonde hair." Leo nodded

"That's right, I am your Dad. I'm Leo." He said before he knew what was happening the little girl had rushed to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Leo smiled at the little girl. Everyone else awed the sight. Kendrix wiped a tear off her cheek. *They look so good together. There's no way I can keep them separated now.*

Jason watched as Jessica hugged her father for the first time. He couldn't help but feel a little twinge of pain at the sight. He knew that when Kendrix did pass on that Jessica would stay with Leo. He would miss that little girl. All of them had become so attached to her, it would be hard to say good-bye to her, but he knew they must say good-bye. *I just hope that someday Kat and I have a little girl just like her, but first I have to propose to Kat.* At that moment Jason decided that he would propose to Kat before they returned to earth.

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